How to win a giveaway

Scrolling through the Instagram or YouTube feed, you ran into a prize contest – also called giveaway – and would you like to have some “tips” on how to increase your chances of winning? Well, being a prize contest, it is not possible to have a “method” that allows you to win with absolute certainty … fortunately!

L ” the only thing you can do, in these cases, is to get well informed about the rules of the giveaway in which you intend to participate, perform the required tasks in the best possible way and implement some small strategy that, in some cases, can actually increase the chances of winning . Finally, since it costs nothing, I would also recommend crossing your fingers when publishing the winners!

Jokes aside, if you want some guidance on how to win a giveaway , or rather, on how to avoid being excluded from the list of potential winners for distractions or trivial mistakes, let me help you in this regard and show you some practical tips that will still come in handy. Happy reading and good luck!


Giveaway : what it is and how it works


Before diving into the guide and see how to win a giveaway , it seems only right to explain to you a little better what a giveaway is and how it works .

As I already mentioned in the introduction to the guide, a giveaway is nothing more than a prize draw in which a person , a company or organization undertakes to give a prize, usually inexpensive, to one of the participants.

Since this is a real competition, the organization and participation of a giveaway requires the observance of some very specific rules. In this case, according to the Royal Decree of 25 July 1940, no. 1077 (MISE update of 9 July 2018), to organize a prize competition, a request must be sent to the Ministry of Economic Development when the value of the prize exceeds 1 euro (tax charges included) .

After sending this request, you must fill in the PREMA CO / 1 form no less than 15 days before the start of the competition, write the Official Rules of the competition and award the prize to the winner by carrying out an extraction carried out in the presence of a notary or, in his absence, in the presence of an authorized Chamber of Commerce official.

On the other hand, whoever participates in a public competition must read the regulation and not engage in improper behavior aimed at winning unfairly the same; under penalty of annulment of the prize and possibly the initiation of legal actions by the organizer of the competition against the participant who committed the impropriety.

For more information regarding the organization and participation in prize competitions, I refer you to this page of the website of the Ministry of Economic Development, where you can further investigate the matter from a legal point of view.

You, however, having to participate in the competition and not having to organize it, don’t worry too much about the organizational aspects; rather, think about verifying the reliability of whoever is proposing the giveaway and – I recommend – stay away from any contests that might involve the payment of sums of money to take part.

How to win giveaways

Is everything clear so far? Well then let’s move on. I will tell you in detail about how to try to win the contests offered on some of the most used social platforms at the moment, but you can take my advice as general tips, to be taken into consideration also for giveaways proposed elsewhere.

How to win a giveaway on Instagram

Tanti loghi Instagram

Now let’s see how to win a contest and, more specifically, how to win a giveaway on Instagram . In fact, on the popular photographic social network, prize competitions are very popular and appreciated by users.

The starting point to increase the own chance of winning a giveaway held on Instagram is analyzing the rules of the contest . It may seem trivial as advice, but if you don’t follow the rules there is no chance of winning.

Generally, giveaway rules announced on Instagram are similar to each other and are organized in bulleted or numbered lists , which facilitate understanding. For example, in some contests you may be asked to like a post or comment on it, follow an account, post content and tag certain profiles or reply to a story.

In the case of contests that require you to take and publish a photo (which is quite common on Instagram), make sure that this is in line with the rules of the contest: if, for example, you have been asked to take a photo particular subject or a particular scene, do not go “off track”. Also, if you are asked to use certain hashtags when publishing the photo, be sure to include them all.

If you don’t think you’re good enough at creating content for Instagram, don’t give up your participation in the contest and try to train yourself. Maybe you can do it by following the instructions I gave you in the guides on how to take beautiful photos for Instagram, how to edit photos for Instagram, how to take beautiful photos with your mobile phone and how to look good in photos: there you will surely find some useful “tips”.

In any case, as far as content production is concerned, try to be creative and original , in order to capture the attention of those who will have to judge your work (always making sure to respect all the guidelines of the giveaway).

Since the competitions prizes have a expiration , also check the latter very carefully: if you participate when the competition is over, your name will certainly not be drawn. As for the extraction, however, this usually takes place through a direct Instagram and is communicated by the organizer of the competition through the publication of a new post or with a story, where the winner (in general) is also tagged.

Now that you understand how to increase your chances of winning an Instagram giveaway, run to participate. I hope for you you can win!

How to win a giveaway on YouTube

Tanti loghi YouTube

Would you like to know how to win a giveaway on YouTube ? Well, in reality the things to pay attention to are practically the same as I indicated in the chapter on Instagram.

Again, in fact , the starting point is to analyze the rules of the competition. As I told you, if you ignore the giveaway rules it is impossible to win it, as you risk running into errors that invalidate your participation in the contest.

Usually, on YouTube the rules of the contest are summarized in the video in which the contest is announced, but to read the rules in their entirety, click on a link contained in the description of the video: I suggest you read it all and do not be satisfied with the explanation given by the youtuber in the video.

The most popular type of giveaway on YouTube is the one concerning the extraction of a winner based on an action performed by the latter: most of the time it is required to comment on a video or subscribe to the channel (especially if it is a “young” channel and / or with few subscribers) .

In other cases, the sending your own video in which you perform a certain action (for example you recite the channel motto or do some other action indicated by the organizer of the competition) and then, the one considered best or the one that randomly drawn wins the prize.

Again, try to create original and quality content (in this regard, you may find my tutorial on the best video editing programs useful) and pay close attention to the deadline of the contest: if you enter late, clearly you won’t be able to win anything.

As for the announcement of the winner, this could take place in a video published on the channel, a live one. In many cases, the person concerned could also be contacted directly by the creator of the contest (for example via e-mail), before its public announcement.

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