How to write a really effective Instagram bio

Knowing how to write a truly effective Instagram bio is key to having a successful profile.

The bio box can contain a maximum of 150 characters and, in this small space, you must be able to say everything you need to:

  • make people understand who you are and what you do
  • what will be talked about on your profile
  • invite users to take action

In short, if you thought you were throwing two lines of presentation like this “up and away”, well … I have an idea that you will have to review your beliefs for a moment.

But let’s get to the point and discover together how to write a bio on Instagram , which strikes at first impression and which helps you to value your profile.

How to write the Instagram biography: let’s start with the name

It may seem obvious and trivial, but the name you give your Instagram account will play an important role in your communication.

You must consider your account name as your profile headline , the place where people will identify and recognize you at first glance.

Your name must be clear, immediate and easy to write as well as to remember. If, as in my case, your business is based on your figure, you will use your name and surname as your name, perhaps associating it with some keyword that identifies your business and people could search on Instagram .

I’ll give you two examples:

biografia Instagram di Sue b
biografia Instagram di My. Cottage

If your account is linked to your company, the name will be that of your business, which however could have declensions, as in the case of Later, which added the “com”.

biografia Instagram di Later

The real Instagram bio

The second step is to write those famous 150 characters I was talking about at the beginning. Here, you have to try to be concise, incisive and possibly also add an invitation to an action , which could be downloading an e-book, reading your last blogpost or subscribe to the newsletter.

The people who will stop and read your biography on Instagram are those who, probably, have recently discovered you, perhaps through a photo you posted, and who want to learn more and understand who you are and what you do. You understand well that at the moment, having a bio that is captivating and that goes straight to the point is crucial for the acquisition of new followers and therefore potential customers, if you sell a service.

You can enrich your bio with emojis or by using special fonts, but especially in the first case, consider these three things:

  • if there are emojis suitable for your business and what you want to communicate
  • if the emojis go along with your tone of voice
  • they don’t go to take away useful spaces for further information

Don’t forget to include keywords related to your business in your bio .

Hashtag yes or hashtag no?

Great question. It was once thought that hashtags within the bio could in some way increase the visibility of the profile, but in fact this is not the case, because the only contents that are positioned through hashtags are Instagram posts and not accounts.

On the other hand, however, enter the company hashtag or the one referring to an ongoing project is really useful to do so. By inserting your brand hashtag in the bio we are giving a message and inviting our followers to use or follow that particular hashtag to interact with us.

Think about how useful it can be, for example, when launching a contest or when you are implementing a marketing strategy that includes active user participation in a particular initiative, which can be simply the repost of their content on our profile.

How to effectively choose the only link available in the bio

You can only have one link in your bio , so it must be a great link!

Of course everything depends on your ultimate goal . Do you want to enrich your newsletter subscribers list? Then you will insert the link to the registration form. If, on the other hand, you have just launched an e-book, free or not, and you want to give your Instagram followers the opportunity to buy it, you will paste the link to the content to download here.

bio instagram - Elisa Pasqualetto

I can give you yet another example. You may have foreseen as a goal to achieve, in your social media marketing strategy, the increase in traffic to your website on the contents of the blog , so every time you write a new post, share the link also in the Instagram bio.

At this point, I’d like to address two more topics with you:

  • the use or not of short-links
  • the use of Linktree

But let’s take it easy.

Shortlink yes or no, in the Instagram bio?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, shortlinks are all those links that, through a tool, are shortened and made traceable. There are several programs that allow you to customize your link, such as Google Shortner or Bitly .

Thanks to the use of these “link shorteners” you will be able to monitor clicks even towards platforms which, otherwise, you would not have the statistics available.

On the other hand, however, users are wary of this type of link, because they don’t know exactly where it will lead them. They can sense this, of course, if you customize the link with keywords, and they may not click on it immediately.

If you want my opinion, as a good marketer, the shortlink should be used . Those who do not click immediately out of distrust, will still have the opportunity to do so at a later time, after a period of knowledge and frequentation of our profile, when they have finally trusted us.

In other words, a shortlink can scare and be considered a bit “spammy”, but we can take this risk, in the face of a effective strategy and successful communication on our account.

The use of Linktree

I must say that I have not yet personally tested this tool, although I am meeting it more and more often on the profiles of other colleagues and I think I will soon adopt it too.

Linktree is a free tool that allows you to insert more than one link in your Instagram bio.

How does it work?

Linktree collects, in a landing page, a series of links of your choice and, by pasting the link to this landing page on your Instagram profile, you will direct traffic to a wider choice menu.

Biografia instagram lentree esempio

The only downside to this is the addition of a step to the natural path of the user, who clicks on a link expecting to be redirected to a place and finds himself, instead, at make another choice.

The pro of this solution , however, is that it allows you to direct your traffic from Instagram to different destinations, testing the interest in one topic or another, thanks to the statistics that Linktree offers.

I find this a very interesting aspect, especially in view of the drafting of an editorial plan for the blog or for social networks, in the phase of identifying the topics of greatest interest.


I hope I have given you some useful tips to improve your Instagram biography and if you want to share your experience, your opinion on the subject or your bio with me to give an example to all other readers, I’d be happy.

Come scrivere la Biografia Instagram

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