I can’t follow Instagram users anymore. How to get out of the temporary follow block

In the last period, you may have received a temporary block to your followers or your likes on the app. A block that maybe even lasted for days without you being able to do anything about it. The reason is due to the greater limits that Instagram is imposing on its users to protect the veracity of the profiles. In fact, it is now open war between Instagram and fake or bot profiles.

Example reaction of an influencer to blocking followers.

Why were the actions from my profile blocked?

To protect its users who act honestly on the social network, Instagram is developing a series of operations that impose more limits. It therefore tends to block those who perform actions from different devices and IP addresses , especially if active at the same time, or who perform an excessive amount of actions in a short period of time . Therefore, in addition to the total number of followers added per day, the pace at which these followers are added also counts. This is because there may be a suspicion that the profile in question is using a tool or app to generate auto likes or is a bot. That’s why your profile is probably getting blocked even if your intentions weren’t.

It could be that you are working on some Instagram profile that you want to grow and in this case it is possible that the algorithm of the social network identifies your IP address as a source of incorrect behavior. This could result in temporary blocks that are more frequent than other IP addresses. Another typical example of blocking likes or followers for different IPs can be the use of Instagram via desktop. If you usually use Instagram from your smartphone and one day you connect from your desktop and leave various likes or followers, Instagram could activate a temporary block.

Basically, all abnormal uses of your profile are considered by the social network as a reason to temporarily block a profile.

Limits for follow and unfollow

Instagram has set a series of limits that it is good to know to avoid being blocked, exaggerating with the follow and unfollow operations.
For new profiles, that is, those with less than 3 months , 300 to 350 follow / unfollow per day are allowed for the 1st week . An increase of 50/70 every week is expected to reach a maximum of 800 per day .
For profiles created more than 3 months ago and which have over 1,000 followers are allowed 45 follow / unfollow per hour and maximum 1080 per day .
These limits have not been officially released by the social network. It is simply data deriving from the experience made online by users. These limits are also variable, that is, Instagram can decide to change them according to its description, even for a single profile. Particularly if you’ve just got out of a temporary block, the follow / unfollow limits are much tighter.

What to do to avoid temporary blocks on Instagram?

The only solution to solve the Instagram block once it has been imposed on you is to wait and take a break from social . Often the duration is limited to 24 hours, after which the block goes away and you can freely regain possession of your followers.

However, there are some preventative measures to be taken to avoid hitting the block . The first strategy is to always perform operations from a single device or in any case from the lowest number of IP addresses possible . Another preventive tactic is precisely to reduce the number of weekly follow / unfollows by sticking to numbers much lower than those allowed. Staying well below the limits imposed by Instagram is the best way to avoid annoying blocks that happen to last even weeks.

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