Ig stories anonymous: 5 methods to see stories anonymously

Learn 5 easy ways to view Ig stories anonymously . Whether you use iOS or Android, you can find at least one method that suits you.

Instagram Stories allow users to post short videos or photos that disappear within 24 hours of posting. Whoever uploads the stories can see who viewed them. If you want to view other people’s stories without them knowing, here are 5 ways to view IG stories anonymously.

Viewing Instagram Stories anonymously without leaving a trace is easier than what it may seem. You don’t even need to log in to your Instagram account, so you can stay completely anonymous.

Airplane mode trick

Assuming you have the Instagram app installed on your smartphone, the most direct way to see Instagram stories without getting caught is with airplane mode. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone, you have airplane mode.

ig stories anonimo
anonymous IG stories

It’s actually very simple. You just have to open Instagram and log into your account. Wait a few seconds for all available stories to load. Then turn on airplane mode and go back to Instagram to view the stories. Since all the stories are preloaded on your phone, you can view them even without an internet connection, as airplane mode is active, your view will not be counted.

If you want to increase your safety, close l ‘Instagram app after viewing the stories . Don’t even leave it running in the background.

Web browser extension

IG Stories for Instagram is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to view Instagram stories without leaving traces. Once you’ve installed it in your browser, you can easily access Instagram Stories on your desktop, and most importantly, your view doesn’t count.

If you’re using Firefox, you can use StoriesWatcher. It will allow you to see the stories without logging in and, most importantly, without being seen. Stories will continue to appear as invisible, even if you’ve seen them all.

If you don’t want to install the extension, you can also log in from their website and download as many stories as you like to your computer.

Instagram Stories Viewer online

If you don’t want to use airplane mode, you can use an online story viewer to watch IG stories anonymously without even logging into your Instagram account . There are many free tools that can do this.

One of them is StoriesIg. It allows you to see Instagram Stories anonymously. With this website, you can also download the story, whether it’s a video or a photo.

ig stories anonimo

You just have to enter the username you wish to spy on in the search bar of the site.

Right from the start you will be able to see all the published stories by this user in the last 24 hours . If you want to view stories that have been published a long time ago, there is another online tool, Instagram Stories Data.

The only downside to this method is that only works with public accounts. If you want to view the instagram stories of a private account anonymously, you have to use other methods which I will tell you about shortly in this article.

StorySaver for Android or iOS

If you need to view multiple Instagram Stories anonymously, it’s worth having a dedicated app. For Android users, there is a free application called the StorySaver application. You can download it from the Google Play Store and follow the steps below to view Instagram stories.

Within the app, you need to log into your Instagram account to get started. Once logged in, you will see a list with all the users you follow, who have active stories at the moment. If you find the person you want to spy anonymously, select them to view all their stories .

As soon as you see the stories, you will have the option to repost, save or share them. There is also an eye-shaped icon. Don’t touch it if you want your view not to be counted . Please note that, with this application, you can only see the stories of your friends who are active at that moment.

If you are using iOS, there is also a similar app that works the same way . The app is called Story Reposter . In addition to viewing others’ stories anonymously, it also allows you to repost it on your Instagram feed or save it to your device.

View Instagram Stories Siri Shortcuts

If you’re using iOS 13, you don’t need to download any apps to do this. The default app, Shortcuts, can help you view Instagram stories anonymously and do many other things. If you can’t find the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad, you can download it for free from the Appstore.

Once you have the Shortcuts app, open this link on Safari to get the link to view or download Instagram Stories.

You will then be asked to enter your username or link to profile. Shortcuts will find all the stories available for this user and give you a quick preview. You can also tap the Share button to save the Instagram story to your iPhone or iCloud Camera Roll.

ig stories anonimo

Bonus tip: create another Instagram account

In case you haven’t been convinced by any of the above, we still have one last additional option for you: open an anonymous Instagram account.

In this case, you will only have to open an additional account, obviously logged out of you. If you opt for this option, you will need to create a profile that you believe will be of interest to the person or persons you wish to spy on.

And, although the account is private, if the user allows you to follow him, you can all his stories and posts without having to follow any additional steps or download apps.


These are all 5 ways to view IG stories anonymously. Do some tests on yourself first, you will have confirmation that that view will not be counted with these methods . Now it’s your turn, which of these methods will you try first?

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