IGTV: How it can help you grow on Instagram

IGTV, a way to compete with YouTube or an attempt by Instagram to save itself?

Everyone is asking.

Just the other day I told you about the new TikTok app and how it is pulling low shots on Instagram.

Perhaps in less suspicious times Instagram understood that it had to innovate , come up with something new to stay active and on the crest of the wave in a social media market that is becoming increasingly crowded.

A new social network can arise and establish itself within a couple of years and someone else is wiped out. Facebook has managed to remain active only thanks to the acquisition of Instagram and the many integration services they invented.

Ok, what I’ve realized these days is that there are a lot of platforms battling for our time and attention.

TikTok is born and a lot of teenagers flock to it to gain popularity. Instagram responds with IGTV.

Will this really be a solution? Or is it just a huge flop?

In this article I want to explain how IGTV works, why Instagram decided to create this new platform and how you can use it in your favor to increase Instagram followers .

Let’s see what we can do!

Monica Pirozzi - Milano

How IGTV works

It’s a kind of TV, where there is content designed to entertain and entertain you can scroll through simply by swipe .

Where can you find it?

Just open the Instagram app and you will find the icon at the top right, or go to the profile of your favorite Instagrammer and find it in the first icon in the stories highlights .

IGTV nella home InstagramDove trovare IGTV

Another alternative is to download the IGTV app directly from the Play Store or Apple Store.

Create your channel

app IGTV sul cellulare

Now you can move on to creating your channel, a bit like how it works with YouTube. If you have never opened IGTV, you will not find the icon on your profile. You have to go to the home page and click on the IGTV icon and follow all the instructions to create your channel.

It really takes a few minutes, I missed it the first time and I had my channel already nice and ready.

Now you can start uploading your videos! ?

Start posting videos on IGTV

You can do it both from Instagram on your mobile, from the IGTV app, and from Instagram desktop.

carica video igtv desktop

As usual, there are limitations .

Initially it was possible to upload only vertical videos, but for a few months it has also opened up to horizontal videos.

But apart from that, there are limitations when it comes to the length of the videos.

You can upload clips from 15 seconds to 10 minutes directly from your mobile and with any type of account (you don’t need to have a minimum number of followers).

If instead you want to upload videos between 10 to 60 minutes in duration, you must have an active account (it is not clear what this means, but I think you must have at least 10k followers) and upload everything from computer with the blue button you see in the screenshot above.

These are all the operational issues that you can easily learn by fiddling for a few minutes (a bit like I did!?).

But you know that what interests me most is understanding the motivations behind these platforms and how to best use them for our purposes.

Let’s go see now! ?

What Instagram is doing with IGTV

They are trying to evolve, to amaze users even more, to add new functions.

There are people around who are already bored with these static photos , to sit there and scroll through the feed. We don’t even like to put more likes, that’s why they decided to eliminate the like count.

We are bombarded with so many stimuli, so many possibilities that if we don’t invent something new every 2 minutes, we will die of boredom and move on to another platform.

There was a very big constraint on Instagram that absolutely had to be overcome and that always made it inferior, in some way, to Youtube.

The videos were up to 1 minute long.

Instagram knows that the communication of the future will be videos, that we are pushing more and more in this direction. The success of TikTok is proof of this. The photos are gone but only videos and music.

Having the ability to upload long videos, up to an hour, was a great necessity.

This has two consequences.

First, I always talk about money, I know, but that’s what everyone cares about.

Videos give the opportunity to generate cash income by inserting advertising interludes within them . A bit like they have also been included on Facebook and have been on YouTube for centuries.

Second, they tried to copy YouTube’s way of operating which is always a giant, always there, a constant on social platforms.

The others are overflowing, they are in danger, but he resists and is still stronger than before.

It was the first social network that staked everything on videos and confirmed its success so much that it has no rivals in this sense and, indeed, paves the way for the strategies of other social networks.

All this new creativity and monetization possibilities through long videos makes room for content creators who, at this point, they can start making money directly with Instagram ads , just like YouTube once again.

This should have a double benefit, both for Instagram which has a new source of income, but also for users and content creators who will not be constantly hiding their content but will have the pleasure of stand on a platform that will promote them to a large audience.

It would lead to a situation where everyone gains money, unlike now where Instagram has an interest in showing posts to as few people as possible to get creators to pay for advertising.

On the other hand, content creators currently do not earn through the platform (Instagram does not pay them!) but only thanks to companies that make contracts to sponsor their products.

A big change of perspective that would allow Instagram to survive and avoid going into crisis like Facebook did.

Many new social platforms are appearing on the scene and more could be born.

When users no longer feel satisfaction on a platform and those who work on it have no visibility, we begin to migrate to other places , which Instagram should avoid at all costs if not wants to close.

Let’s be clear, I don’t go against Instagram and it’s a place I really love being.

But I also experienced this great reduction in visibility , this lack of satisfaction that I feel now on the platform due to the ever increasing restrictions.

People see my posts less and less and interact very little, and that’s not cool and motivating for someone who spends a lot of time producing photos and videos.

The world of creators is getting tired, you can also read the testimonials of some of them much more famous and established than me, such as @giuliacalcaterra, who in one of his latest posts said he felt a certain disgust in opening Instagram and that now it all looks the same.

Of course she works a lot with social media and the solution is to find new and alternative ways to express herself.

But who can’t?

Why they decided to launch IGTV

Someone says to compete with YouTube .

I don’t know if that’s true, and I don’t think it’s their primary purpose to compete with this behemoth. Either way, they won’t be able to.

I remember the first few months after launch everyone started uploading videos to IGTV thinking it would replace YouTube over time. The truth is that the turmoil only lasted a few weeks.

We all realized that no one was watching those videos on IGTV and went back to the old video social network that is always there to assist us.

Do you want to know the truth?

They only decided to open this extension because they know that if Instagram continues in its current direction, it will disappear.

It is not a social network that focuses on videos in a strong way, as YouTube or the new TikTok can be, and there is no possibility of earning directly thanks to videos .

IGTV opens up a new opportunity to make money, both for Instagram, which won’t be able to keep squeezing advertisers into the feed and stories for much longer, but especially for creators who can’t take it anymore. to have their contents hidden and obscured.

Below is a video from Montemagno, a digital expert, explaining what to do with this new platform.

Why jump into IGTV and how it can help you grow on Instagram

If I wrote this article it is because I started using IGTV on a regular basis and, thanks to some reports, I noticed that the social network has started to give great visibility to my videos .

If you already record videos for YouTube or other uses, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start uploading them to IGTV and testing the views you get.

How can IGTV help you?

1. Increase the visibility of your account

Sure you could start reaching a wider audience , you have a better chance that users will find your content and start following you.

Video is also content that puts you in direct contact with your followers, shows who you are and somehow creates a bond.

I’ve noticed this with a lot of people I follow. If I hear them talking in stories and watch their videos, I almost feel like their relative or an acquaintance and this bond is very important to make your followers grow fond of you.

Not only that.

You also have up to 1 hour of recording time which really allows you to express a concept and your personality to the fullest!

2. Getting onto a platform in the bud

I have already said it on other occasions, platforms in the bud are a real delicacy.

And do you know why?

They allow you to achieve great results with little effort.

I know it sounds almost like an idyllic condition, but it really is. Everyone is on the bench waiting to see what happens and in the meantime those who throw themselves can get a lot of views due to the fact that there are many users and little content.

It is also true that it could all turn out to be a real flop, but if you already have beautiful, ready-made videos that you just need to upload, then the effort involved is really minimal compared to what you could earn! ?

3. Take advantage of Instagram’s opening of visibility

I’ve noticed something wonderful over the past couple of months.

Instagram noticed that the platform was wrong at first and decided to give it a good boost.

How ?

Giving visibility to all those who decide to trust him.

If you’ve read this article right after its release, know that you are perfectly in time to take advantage of this free promotion that Instagram is giving to everyone who joins IGTV.

Hurry up, because things change fast!

4. Earn money with stream advertising

If all goes according to plan and the platform develops, Instagram will insert advertising within IGTV videos and give a percentage to everyone who uploads their videos.

What does this mean?

That if you manage to achieve a certain popularity and get tens of thousands of views to your videos, IGTV will become a great source of income that you can make money with simply by uploading videos.

Same thing right now with YouTube.

The fact remains that Instagram could decide to expand the platform even further by inserting private paid areas and encouraging creators to publish content even more.

I tried, what happened?

I’m here to talk to you about IGTV precisely because at first I thought, like everyone else, it was a flop .

Then, at some point something happened that nobody expected.

Instagram has opened the taps of visibility on IGTV, I read the news and the tests that some big accounts were doing and I immediately decided to go for it.

I’ve started recording videos and posting them on IGTV.

It all really started with the introduction of a brilliant function. The ability to publish the first minute of the IGTV video as a preview on the profile.

I have to say that the results I got were great.

Before this update and the possibility of inserting the preview in the feed, I made about 200 views, if not less, of my videos uploaded to IGTV.

Now I have peaked at 1100 views!

Really amazing!

I’m continuing to post but I’ve already noticed a drop in views, I don’t know if it’s because it’s vacation time (yes, I’m writing in the middle of August while everyone is at the beach or having fun somewhere) or if Instagram is already there cutting the visibility.

I’ll let you know, with a comment below this post, when there are any major changes.

For now, this is what I managed to grab! ?

Have you used IGTV on Instagram before?

What do you think and what content have you started publishing? I’d like to know in the comments to compare! ?

I’ve never been able to make videos. I had opened a YouTube channel just to post my fashion video montages.

Never made a spoken video until Instagram opened IGTV.

At that point I realized that videos really were the content of the future. The photos will disappear more and more and I have seen the great need to learn to speak on video.

And so I did it. At first in a somewhat clumsy way, I started posting spoken videos on both YouTube and IGTV, using this second platform to make myself known on YouTube and increase my popularity on Instagram.

As usual, we must wait and put all the energy we can to hope to be successful.

If you know someone who might like to jump into IGTV and want to know more, you can send or share this article with the social buttons below! ?

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We’ll see the next developments! ?


Firma Monica Pirozzi

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