IGTV: what the new Instagram function is and how it works

IGTV is born, the Instagram TV , a space that intends to compete ruthlessly with the video platform par excellence: Youtube.

The news came out yesterday, June 20, 2018, with a live Instagram announcement on your account, which you can also see already on IGTV, where it announced the platform’s achievement of 1 billion active users.

A big milestone for Facebook’s little brother, who then introduced the real news: the videos will last longer, in some cases up to 60 minutes.

But why was IGTV born and what exactly is it?

IGTV was born from the enormous success of the platforms in relation to video content. Back in 2016, when Instanstories were born, Instagram had made it clear in which direction its implementations would go.

The users who watch Insta Stories every day are 250 million, much more than those on Snapchat (the real inventor of this type of content), we certainly could not ignore this data … and here is IGTV comes to life.

IGTV is an app, already available on Android and iOS , where only vertical videos will be uploaded , which you can also find directly on Instagram, thanks to a small button in the shape of a TV that will appear next to the Direct Messages icon.

In this video from TechCrunch , you can see what it will look like.

As I anticipated, the real novelty is the duration of these videos, because they can last up to 60 minutes for accounts with a large number of followers and up to 10-15 minutes for regular accounts.

In the future, however, it seems there will be no time limit.

4 other curiosities about IGTV

That’s not all, because IGTV has some more news in store for us.

The videos will only be in vertical format: Instagram has been designed to be used by the smartphone and by each of us, so the exclusive video format of this new platform is the true one.

No advertising … for the moment: if Instagram Stories have started hosting sponsored content, IGTV remains a clean platform for now. Do not be surprised though, if it will end up like our television or any channel on Youtube. In my opinion, advertising will come, we just need to test how people will use this new feature.

You won’t be able to search for specific videos: the search bar exists on IGTV, but it doesn’t have the same function as the one you find on Youtube. You will be able to search for people you want to follow, but not by subject.

The videos will be divided by categories: we will not be able to search for videos by topic, but we can consult different categories. These categories are: “for you” (videos for you, based on your preferences and interactions), Videos from people you follow and Popular Videos.

Also, if you want to stay up to date on a particular person’s videos, IGTV will notify you every time this person posts a video on this platform.

Why will it be important to start using IGTV for your brand?

It’s not hard to imagine how many things could be done with this platform.

If we see it this way, each of us will have the opportunity to create a real television program related to their service or business, exponentially increasing the possibility of reaching users always new and retain those already acquired.

Think of a TV program, which however allows interaction … it will be curious to see how this project will evolve!


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