In the beginning there was a dog: the Instagram story

It is one of the most famous social networks in the world and is the platform that allows millions of people to tell their story every day. It is therefore a duty to also tell his story. After all how much has our life changed since Instagram ?

It seems hard to believe, but before the advent of social media we weren’t so dedicated to sharing. If at the restaurant we happened to eat a delicious dish, the first thing that came to mind was certainly not photographing it, but rather admiring it and then tasting it. Instagram has changed our habits, educated us a little more about beauty and made us want to share all the small and pleasant moments of our life. The idea of ​​its creation was born just like that, from the realization of the need to share and show what is beautiful and with which we come into contact every day .


How Instagram was born

It was 2010 and we had just begun to become familiar with the only real Social Network in existence, Facebook . There were already the first timid signs of a need for sharing, but to do so, almost always, you needed to have a PC close at hand. On Facebook, the images were confused with thoughts, with moods, with discussions between friends. There was still a lack of immediacy, but one thing was starting to become clear, people loved sharing , especially photos. Show everyone a dinner with friends, a vacation, a day at the beach, your life, this allowed social media, show people your life.

The birth of Instagram comes from the intuition that the need to share would grow more and more. The story of him goes through a prototype created by an engineer, a former Stanford student, who develops a great passion for coding, while working in a Start Up that deals with travel reviews. This is where Kevin Systrom studies, in his spare time, to become a developer. The first application of him will be called Burbn , and he dedicates it to his passion for bourbon.

Burnb was a social where users could check in, post their agenda and share photos . This last aspect was the most successful. Following this finding, the old Burbn was dismantled to give more space to the images. This is how the idea of ​​a social network completely dedicated to photos was born, in which to post your shots.

The application is still only a prototype, but intuition seems to work and this is the moment that marks the turning point. Kevin Systrom decides to dedicate himself soul and body to this project of his and forms a team to develop it. The first person to join him will be Mike Krieger , who from then on will be known as the co-founder of Instagram. Together they study the market for photographic applications and decide what the fate of this application will be, a program that allows you to take photos directly from your mobile phone, edit and embellish them with filters, and then share them with friends. The idea is to create something easy to use, with the ability to like photos and comment. It will take eight weeks to develop the new application, whose name will be a combination of the two words instant and telegram . Instagram was born.

Instagram, the birth of a success

Now you are all wondering what was the first photo posted on Instagram. This is a image of Dolly, Kevin Systrom’s dog, in front of a taco stand. The caption could only be, of course, a test. The photo was published some time before the application was released. It is still visible in his profile, you just have to have the patience to get very far. There are actually two more photos before Dolly, although this is the first one published, but this is a mystery that only Systrom could solve .


After various tests and improvements, the application is launched on October 6, 2010 . Its first day of presence on the Apple store is downloaded by 25 thousand people, which reaches 100 thousand after only a week, in three months it reaches one million. A success was born.

Since its release, the growth of the application has never stopped , everyone used Instagram, wanted Instagram, photographed for Instagram. All this clamor begins to stimulate the curiosity and interest of many investors. Even the great giants of the social world, Twitter and Facebook, are starting to take an interest in the phenomenon.

2012 is the year in which the version for Android is finally released and it is another success, now really everyone can have access to the app. The value of the company grows and in April of the same year the company is sold to the Facebook group for the record sum of one billion dollars, a pretty good deal for a company that, if it were independent today, could be worth around a hundred billions of dollars.

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