Increase Instagram engagement with stories

Every day thousands and thousands of users are wondering how to increase Instagram engagement. This is because they are aware of the fact that engagement plays a fundamental role in being able to grow organically within the platform.

The more likes, comments, saves, shares and reactions to posts, the greater the engagement on that particular profile. This is why knowing how to increase Instagram engagement is crucial: the higher it is, the more followers who will come to visit and follow you.

This means that if you have a company , your sales will increase accordingly!

So let’s see how to increase Instagram engagement!

Before starting … What is the engagement rate on Instagram?

The word “ engagement ” refers to the total interactions obtained from your profile. To be clear, a profile with many followers, likes and comments has a good engagement. One with little or nothing, unfortunately, has a very bad engagement …

In practice, with this word it indicates the engagement of the public towards a profile or page.

The engagement rate , on the other hand, usually refers to individuals post . So, while the profile has general engagement, your content each has an engagement rate to take into consideration, which is calculated based on the number of likes, saves, comments, etc.

come aumentare engagement su instagram

This data is very important especially for those who want to use Instagram to promote their products or services. Even for those who want to be an influencer and, more generally, for those who use social media marketing in the workplace.

This data is made available in the Instagram Insights of company accounts .

How do you calculate the engagement rate on Instagram to develop social data?

To increase the engagement rate on Instagram you should also know its extent. You can rely on the Insights or alternatively check the posts one by one.

However, it is also possible to calculate the engagement rate of each published content.

To do this, we recommend adding the likes and comments obtained in your last 10 posts, avoiding counting the most recent. The sum obtained will be divided first by 10 and then by the total number of your followers. In the end, you can multiply the number obtained by 100.

come aumentare l engagement instagram

That will be the percentage you will need to consider : if it is lower than 7-8 (7-8%), then you need to do something to increase the engagement rate on Instagram. If you don’t like math, you can find some free calculators online like Phlanx and Influencer Fee.

3 tips to increase the engagement rate on Instagram

As anticipated, what you need to do is not easy, but not too difficult. However, know that you will need commitment and perseverance , but also particular attention to the results obtained.

aumentare engagement su instagram

In fact, by committing yourself every day you can increase the engagement rate on Instagram faster, and with the right monitoring you can improve yourself along the way. Here are the tips to follow.

1. Quality and style – develop social data

Offer your followers quality images and videos, with interesting captions. To increase the engagement rate on Instagram do not forget that it may be important to choose your own “style” that allows users to recognize your photos as they scroll through their home page.

A style can be outlined for example by a particular filter, a personal logo or perhaps a particular way to take pictures.

2. Hashtags always make a difference to develop social data

Choose a few but good ones. Use those related to your post, your niche and / or your target audience. Choose not only the most used ones, but also the least used and least sought after ones. In this way, you can attract a good slice of the public, even if you still have little visibility.

3. Use the best social media marketing strategies to develop social data

Find out when your followers interact more and take advantage of it. Publish frequently, interact with other users and encourage them to interact with your posts thanks to questions and calls to action . Finally, don’t forget to let the experts help you

To increase the engagement rate on Instagram you can count on our services: you can increase your visibility in a short time and reap many good rewards.

Engagement rate to develop social data

The use of social media for professional purposes has forced all marketers to compete with new metrics to be able to identify where their success comes from. Among these, the most used is the engagement rate, which can be read according to different calculation methods.

So the engagement rate perfectly represents the number of interactions obtained by a content, a page or an activity. Any social platform approaches the reading of interactions in a totally different way.

In fact, someone calculates the sum of likes, comments and shares. Others, on the other hand, also add clicks about the content and the views, if we talk about video content.

There are many ways, as already mentioned, to calculate the ‘engagement rate and depend on what you intend to measure and which elements you want to calculate as interactions.

The engagement rate of a content is used to understand the engagement capacity of a post and calculates by dividing the sum of the interactions obtained by a certain content by the number of people who have seen it.

It is used to calculate how much our posts are able to engage the public. We need to have an idea of ​​the number of interactions of our fan base at another time.

Clearly this is not a precise figure as it is not certain that the contents will be seen even by those who are not subscribed to the page.

The relationship between engagement rate and influencer marketing to expand social data

Influencer marketing is based on hiring certain people, called influencers, hired to convey the values ​​of a specific brand to the public. These individuals are referred to as influencers because within one or more social networks they have managed to create a large following and gain trust.

They can, therefore, become brand ambassadors, using services and products, advertising the brand and conveying customers and their interest in it.

Influencer marketing, thanks to instagram, has now become one of the most effective methods used by companies to increase brand awareness and incentivize sales.

By giving the possibility For influencers to have early access to a product, you are able to position a certain product as something of interest, marketing it before it is even on the market.

If an influencer recommends a product or service on its channels, it can be considered as an authentic recommendation from a friend.

In influencer marketing, the engagement rate is used to measure the level of interaction that an influencer receives on published content. In this case, this refers to the percentage of the audience of that particular account who respond to its content.

The engagement rate is very important because it allows you to determine with which influencers work based on how their content is perceived in different platforms.

Below we list some applications to increase engagement …

1. UNFOLD – Developing social data

Unfold is one of the most popular apps ever when it comes to creating success stories for increase Instagra engagement. Easy and intuitive, it can be downloaded from the Store of your smartphone. You can also use the story mode to preview stories without publishing them.

This, together with Vintage Collage or Sincerely Jules represents the top of the top for content creation.

Unfold can be downloaded for free not only on Android, but also on iOS

2. CANVA – Increase Instagram engagement

Canva, available on both PC and smartphone, allows not only the creation of captivating and personalized graphics , but also to preview the stories. There are a variety of templates to use, with over 100 fonts and thousands of royalty free images.

Canva is totally free, and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android .

3. INSHOT – Increase social data

This application especially when we want to add views to our Instagram stories and increase Instagram engagement.

With Inshot video editor you can edit photos and videos and adapt them to the appropriate format for Instagram stories or any other video platform. It is also possible to add a background, which can be the video itself, a colored background or an image from your gallery .

Inshot can be downloaded for free. only on Android, but also on iOS.

4. A DESIGN KIT – Increase social data

It is a useful app for adding fun elements and increasing Instagram engagement because it contains packs of stickers, backgrounds and even brushes to draw directly on photos.

One of the app’s most annoying limitations, though, is that it’s not available for Android.

5. ADOBE SPARK POST – Boost your social data

This application is quite similar to Canva. Contains thousands of templates for Instagram stories with a free photo gallery , sources and filters to customize content and adapt it to your brand image.

The app is available for free on both Android and iOS devices.

6. MOJO – Increase Instagram engagement

Adding animations to Instagram stories is essential to create compelling content. In this sense, there is nothing better than downloading Mojo, a really intuitive app containing lots of creative effects for your own stories and to increase Instagram engagement.

This application is particularly useful as a showcase for a blog post or highlight any other posting in the feed. The app can be downloaded not only on iOS, as it once was, but also on Android.

7. VSCO – Increase social data

VSCO is probably a photo editing application and also allows you to edit content in video format.

This lesser-known feature of the application allows you to add your favorite photo filters to your videos to keep an image consistent with the content, regardless of what has been posted .

With this app you can also change different aspects such as contrast, temperature or brightness. A very simple way to create fantastic content that helps increase instagram engagement . Available on both iOS and Android

8. LIFELAPSE – Enhance Social Data

Allows you to create Stop Motion videos from your mobile device. It also contains several editing tools to increase content customization exponentially . Too bad, however, that it can only be downloaded on Apple devices.

In conclusion: there are several applications to edit stories and increase instagram engagement. Pay attention to the consistency between published content and images .

Increase engagement Instagram: the world in your hands

Engagement has now officially become the most important unit of measurement in the magical world of the Instagram platform. This popular social network has now evolved very quickly since it was born.

With the advent of ever new and more detailed functions, and above all with the introduction of instagram stories , the definition of engagement has totally changed.

This is why it is important to understand and analyze the most correct way to increase instagram engagement, so that you can think universally, for the whole account, therefore .

The real secret to increasing Instagram engagement

We talked about apps to create captivating graphic content that are certainly useful tools to have more visibility on Instagram. What you need to remember are some basic points that like the Ten Commandments must enter your head .

You need to organize your publications with an editorial calendar knowing that the engagement rate is affected by these factors:

  • N. of followers of your profile;
  • The description of the post;
  • The frequency of publication;
  • Publication time

Work on these points by trying to increase the number of followers on your Instagram profile. Try to write an empathic and engaging description when publishing a post with the help of emoticons and breaking it down into paragraphs for easier reading.

Post at least three times a day and try to always follow the same times.

As for the publication time, the general rule says that the best times to post on Instagram are 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 times that match school and work rhythms .

Try these times and if you see that the results are not so good, do some tests because maybe your target is not is in line with these time slots.

Insight data from Instagram are very useful to guess the times of publication, the origin of your followers, the busiest days . Based on these statistics you can build your Instagram publishing strategy.

Increase social engagement

Engagement, starting from 2018, in addition to corresponding to likes and saves, has expanded its range of action.

In fact, it also corresponds to views, shares by users, clicks on links and direct messages.

Most brand marketing operators, when they move in search of an influencer or a vip in order to increase the diffusion of their brand, will want to view the instagram insights .

These data will allow them to discover and know exactly both the average of the engagement of your posts, both that relating to your entire account.

You must know, however, that not all instagram profiles have instagram insights available, in fact, only those who have a business profile can take advantage of these free analyzes, which the social network in question offers.

In addition to the Insights, the Business profiles have access to some exclusive Instagram functions:

  • insert a link in Instagram Stories;
  • make shopping available on Instagram by placing price tags on products;
  • promote your paid content.

Furthermore, until a while ago, it was not possible to publish a photo on Instagram with dimensions other than those imposed. Now, however, you can adapt your content to a format other than 1: 1 and have an image in portrait or landscape format, vertical or horizontal.

Remember, in fact, that to increase Instagram engagement, your content must attract the user’s attention, and to do this it must take up as much space on the feed as possible and lengthen the time spent on the photo. The portrait format will therefore be the best to adopt in order to increase instagram engagement.

How to increase Instagram engagement in conclusion…

In conclusion we can say that to increase Instagram engagement you can follow the advice written above but that without dedication and time you’ll do a lot . Love what you do, study Instagram marketing and discover the world of opportunities behind this fantastic social network.

A free tool that allows you to reach millions of people simply by posting a video and / or photo content.

Find out more on our blog, or visit our social channels !!!


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