Increase Instagram followers: 20 techniques collected in a COMPLETE GUIDE

How can I increase my followers on Instagram?

I never mentioned it explicitly because I thought people were pissed off by now.

Everywhere you can find articles, guides, videos, tips on how to increase Instagram followers.

Have you had enough, or not?

I was wrong.

Not all articles and guides out there are the same.

Some are written by accounts with tens of thousands of followers, others by people who have never opened Instagram.

Both are interesting sources but you don’t identify with.

That’s why you keep asking me this question.

You want someone like you who has built a small following to tell you her story.

Maybe my 16k, those of a girl who until recently led a very normal life between home and university, are much more interesting than the millions of followers of other influencers who live life around the world.

By the way, if you haven’t read my story yet, you can find it here.

That’s why I decided to tell you my version of how to increase followers on Instagram.

I read a lot of books, bought courses online, and even went to read all the front page articles on Google for the search “ increase Instagram followers “.

What came out of it?

A super complete guide where I tell you the 20 things that worked on my account.

This has allowed me to build a good following and collaborate with brands.

Wait a minute.

Before we get started, I wrote a little book where I tell you about 8 authentic techniques to increase Instagram followers.

I recommend that you start there. You can download it now by filling in the fields below.

Now let’s go!

20 strategies to increase your Instagram followers

Why do you want to increase your Instagram followers?

This is the first question you should ask yourself.

I’ve already explained to you in this article how important it is to find your unique identity on social media before thinking about any growth strategy.

I realized that a lot of people can’t tell me why they want to improve their Instagram account.

There are those who want to do it because it is cool, others think that the company considers it a second curriculum, others to get free products or simply as a whim.

Let me dispel some myths.

Growing an Instagram profile requires commitment and often money.

Furthermore, Instagram is not an eternal social network but a platform in constant change .

Today there is, tomorrow who knows.

You need to define your goal right away.

You may find that it only takes a few thousand followers to reach him.

I like to give you examples. Sometimes people think this is abstract.

Already when I told you about how to start your Instagram profile, I took as a case study the news site of my friend Roberta, @

Let’s consider my @monicpirozzi profile first.

My goal is not to get plenty of followers, but to increase the readership of my blog .

All the photos I post, the stories I make, the captions I write serve to make readers curious about the content I post on my blog.

Instagram for me is only a means, not the ultimate goal.

This is also very similar for @

What they want is certainly not to make thousands if not hundreds of anonymous followers, but to attract the interest of people who like news and who periodically read the articles they publish.

A good goal would be to hit 10K.

Do you know why?

You have the option to Swipe up in Stories and bring followers directly to your website.

One moment.

I was forgetting another incredible nonsense that you hear around.

Instagram today has become a second resume.


If you believe that increasing your Instagram followers and continuing to post poor quality photos about your private life is a good resume, then you better switch to your private profile.

For everything else, there is Linkedin which is a social network purely designed for job offers.

Sometimes Instagram and Facebook are used by recruiters to figure out who you are and what your life is like.

So, if you don’t have a well-defined goal to pursue with your Instagram, I recommend that you keep it private and avoid stalking by almost ignored HR professionals.

Now, would you like to know all the strategies to increase Instagram followers?

Follow me !

1. Integrate Instagram with Facebook

Trivial, it can help you especially if you are just starting out.

Connect your Instagram account to Facebook.

Your friends will be notified on social and are likely to start following you.

You have to start somewhere, or not?

Starting with our friends and acquaintances is a simple thing but we often don’t think about.

Maybe it’s because we’re ashamed of what we do on social media and we don’t want people to talk about us.

If you want to create a fantastic Instagram profile, you need to overcome your insecurities and start telling your friends everything right away.

If the profile you created is not personal, but generic, you can connect to the Facebook page and switch to the business profile.

Also, write a post on Facebook inviting everyone to follow you on Instagram.

This will start building a small following.

2. Show your personality

You have to be different, stand out from the crowd, differentiate yourself and blah blah blah…

You will have heard it a thousand times, but you hardly see it around.

You don’t have to conform to the crowd but try to create content that is as close to your personality as possible.

Find your own style of photo, both composition and coloring, write your way, talk about what you like and express your ideas. Even if others think you’ve lost a few wheels and have some shit ideas.

The purpose of social media is to find someone like you!

Sharing your ideas and your way of seeing life.

I also made this mistake.

At first I had a travel account in which I posted photos of my travels.

I was trying to copy the teal & orange colors of the many bloggers around the net.


Nobody shit on me!

When I started taking pictures that I liked, creating custom colors that reflected my unique style and writing very personal captions and blog articles that mirrored me 100%, I began to be appreciated by that circle of people who they think like me.

Let go of your shyness!

[bctt tweet = “The purpose of social media is to find someone like you.” username = ”monicpirozzi”]

3. Create a homogeneous feed

Really impactful.

Only with this technique you can double your followers in no time.

How many times have you started following a profile just because it had a neat feed with very similar tones?

To me very often! Indeed.

I think almost all the profiles I follow have a homogeneous grid.

Creating a homogeneous feed is not easy.

But it can have a tremendous impact on your followers.

If you want to know all the techniques to create a truly harmonious Instagram grid and quickly double your followers , you can download free l ‘extract from the guide to create a Homogeneous Instagram Profile by filling in the fields below.

A few seconds and you will receive it directly in your inbox!

Profilo Instagram omogeneo ebook copertina

I also talked about it recently in this article.

If you want to try your hand at DIY I’ll explain a couple of things.

Lightroom presets are great for creating images that all look the same.

Also, especially at the beginning, I recommend that you create photos with the features that I will tell you shortly because they statistically obtain between 20 and 30% more likes .

Yes but what are these characteristics?

The most “popular” photos are usually very bright and with only one dominant color . If this color is the blue of the sky or the sea, even better.

Also, people like photos with low saturation and clean enough, in the sense that they must not be full of objects or people.

When you get used to it you will be able to stand out with the style you like the most but at first, if you have no ideas, you can take inspiration from these guidelines and let me know if the statistics got it right!

4. Schedule posts

A good technique to ensure a well-curated feed is scheduling your posts .

You can think ahead not only of the photos to be published but also of the descriptions, in order to tell a story or a single topic.

There are many apps that allow you to view the Instagram grid and position photos to make them more harmonious as a whole.

I use Preview . Look for it in the app store!

5. Post at the right time

What is the right time?

When your followers are more active and ready to like you .

This will allow you to increase interactions and be naturally promoted by Instagram

You can check in the statistics provided by Instagram when your followers are most active if you have a business account, otherwise, know that the best times are around lunch break (12-14) and end of the day (20-22).

6. Write a caption that attracts attention

Monica, but who reads the photo descriptions?

Even I thought nobody , then I realized that there are a lot of people who have the brilliant idea of ​​reading all the mental blowjobs you think every time you post a photo.

So it needs to be taken care of and good too.

To get people to read it all, start with an interesting question or a catchy statement .

This will build curiosity and lead people to click more to read it all.

7. Increase the time spent on the post

The time people spend on your post is also important to Instagram.

That’s why you need to focus on more interactive content from time to time.

You can post a video or even an album which, in itself, requires people to spend a few moments on it.

The same caption, if well written, can be a great element!

8. Shown in Video

People want to know who you are, they want gossip and stories.

We hardly ever get attached to someone without ever seeing their face.

I recommend now that you start making tales, telling about yourself or saying something useful for your audience.

As soon as you can, start direct in which you learn more about the most interesting topics for the people who follow you.

You’ll have more post interactions, more story views, and ultimately more followers!

9. Leave 90 comments a day

The techniques that work best are those that involve interaction.

This is one of many, but it is also the most effective.

It consists of searching for accounts similar to yours and leaving 90 comments a day under their photos.

They must be genuine, truthful comments that really come from the bottom of your heart.

I assure you that many will come back to your profile to return the comment or to follow you!

Is 90 comments a lot?

Just divide them into 5 parts and leave 20 comments in the dead moments of the day.

At first it may have seemed like a lot of work but I assure you that when you get carried away it will take a few minutes!

10. Put 10 photos a day into your stories

Very simple, but very effective.

Don’t wait until you agree with someone to exchange a mention in stories.

Do it yourself of your own free will.

It’s free!

Share photos that you really like and tag the account in question by writing something nice.

I assure you that many will return the favor and you will get free advertising.

11. Contact people via DM

Another very powerful way to interact are private messages, still an almost untouched place on Instagram.

Every day, leave a few dozen messages in DM with a specific request.

Only use this method if you have a blog or something to offer.

You can’t contact asking to follow or leave a like, otherwise no one will shit you.

However, you can offer free material or articles you have written and ask for an opinion.

I assure you that, even if they won’t answer you, it’s a great way to get to know you.

12. Join the groups

The so-called Instagram PODs.

They are groups in which the various profiles exchange likes and comments on their photos.

You can start creating one yourself by contacting the best accounts in your niche that you find out there.

Next time you post a photo, go to the group and notify everyone!

If you want to know more and have links to join some groups, read this article:

POD Instagram: Where to find them and how to get free Instagram Likes

13. Enter the popular hashtag page

Entering the right hashtags is a fantastic technique not only to be found within minutes of posting, but also to end up on the popular hashtag page and get free exposure .

But how does one end up in popular hashtag posts?

It is not possible to check it 100% because it also depends on the other posts that are published along with yours.

A good way is to insert not only hashtags with millions of posts but also smaller ones.

Try hashtags from 100k of photos and start to see if you can position yourself.

As the difficulty increases, always remembering to maintain a certain differentiation between the hashtags.

If you want to know more, I’ve written a complete guide on how to best use hashtags. You can take a look at us right away! 😀

Instagram Hashtags: How to use them best and get thousands of views to your posts!

14. Enter the popular page of places

Places also have their own popular posts page.

Some often even forget to enter where the photo was taken, taking away a great chance.

One way to end up on the popular page of a place is to enter a very specific but well-known place .

For example, I never tag Milan, Italy in my photos because there are a lot of people doing the same.

I’d rather enter something very specific. Apart from the Duomo which is perhaps more popular than the previous one, I try to enter the exact place of the city where I shoot, if this is still known enough, or the name of a bar, a restaurant or, if none of these were adequate, the name of a neighborhood.

In places there is much less competition and it is possible to end up with a few dozen likes.

15. Try to end up on the Explore Page

The explorer page is the page that appears when you click on the Search button (the magnifying glass so to speak).

Ending there is the aspiration of anyone who wants to increase Instagram followers and achieve popularity.

Nobody knows the exact method by which Instagram places photos on this page.

They vary not only based on the time of day but also based on the person.

All posts from accounts that are closest to yours or based on previous searches are shown.

It’s a bit more complicated to finish here.

You need to make sure there are plenty of interactions within 15 minutes of publishing your post.

Only then will Instagram see it as valuable content to promote.

There are experts who try to find strategies and techniques every day. The truth is, you have to try to optimize all the tools I’ve given you here to get people to get to your post at the time of publication.

16. Follow / Unfollow

Another very effective technique, especially if your account is just born, is to follow accounts that could return the follow.

You have to focus on profiles that follow a few people, accounts of normal people or who may be interested in what you post.

If you talk about make-up, don’t expect a guy to follow you.

As you well know, you can follow up to 7500 people on Instagram.

What do you do when the limit is reached?

You will need to start removing Follow from all accounts you followed some time ago.

And the loop repeats itself.

It is one of the best techniques in any situation, but once you have grown a bit you should stop using it.

Everyone knows this now and brands tend to avoid accounts with floating following.

Consequently, your profile loses its value!

In my little guide on how to increase Instagram followers I explained to you why brands choose to pay Influencers and what requirements you need to meet.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do it right away by filling in the fields below.

17. Organize Giveaway

People love receiving gifts.

So why not organize a sweepstakes?

I tried this promotion myself and I must say that I got very satisfying results .

Thanks to the giveaway alone, I gained 100 followers within my niche with products that had been sent to me for free by brands and that were worth between 20 and 30 euros.

All in 48 hours.

The more the product increases in value, the more followers you will be able to get.

With an iPhone, you could earn thousands of followers in just a few days.

However, it remains a tool to use every now and then and with products of medium-high economic value that really interest your audience.

So you maximize results and don’t waste money!

Here I’ll explain all the details to organize an Instagram giveaway that rocks!

18. Automate

BOT Instagram.

Have you ever heard of it?

Instagram bots are robots that allow you to automate all Instagram functions and allow you, if set up correctly, to grow your account with little effort.

These tools have been around since the dawn of time.

Instagram has closed dozens of them and still continues its battle.

The truth is that these tools are gold standard for webmarketers and allow you to manage multiple accounts at the same time.

You have to use it wisely though, for two reasons:

  1. You risk accumulating followers who are not attached to your circle and who will therefore be totally inactive
  2. You can suffer an Instagram block (I refer to the blocks to the ability to like, follow and comments that you can incur if you abuse the function).

That’s why I’ll talk to you on another occasion about how to make the most of these tools!

19. Sponsor posts

Why not use the most powerful medium that Instagram has available?

Using sponsorship from posts and stories isn’t bad as long as you have the budget and do it right.

I want to tell you something.

Taking any post on your profile, with any caption and advertising it by pressing the blue button Promote next to the post will not get you great results.

The only thing you’ll earn is a few handfuls of likes.

Still the most powerful means of promotion.

If you want to take advantage of this tool and therefore invest some money, I recommend that you contact an expert.

20. Use IGTV

Hardly anyone around is talking about it, apart from the good Monty, but Instagram is pushing a lot on IGTV .

I also told you how you can use it to increase your Instagram visibility.

Here’s the video

I don’t know if it has the presumption of replacing YouTube but it certainly intends to spread it a lot more than it is currently used.

It recently added the functionality to share videos directly to your feed.

Starting to publish videos, even short-lived ones, on IGTV and post them on your profile can be a good idea to make yourself known, increase the permanence of people on your posts and end up in videos suggested by Instagram in the various slots that you are posting on the platform.

On the Explore page, the number of IGTV videos shown has increased dramatically.

Why your video might not be next?

– – –

As you can see, managing an Instagram account isn’t easy.

You have to make the best use of each tool I have proposed to you and coordinate it better with the others.

We need a lot of tests but above all the desire to constantly change, as the platform moves.

You can also take a look at the mistakes to avoid on Instagram in 2019.
Also, if you want to know all the innovative, updated and advanced strategies to have a lot of followers on Instagram, you can find everything in this article.

There is no shortcut to success, especially to create a community worth thousands of dollars.

I talked about it in the guide I give to all subscribers to my newsletter.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do it below.

I hope these tips are useful to you.

I tried to squeeze my brain 100% to remember all the strategies I tried that worked.

How about sharing this article with someone who is trying to increase Instagram followers without succeeding? You don’t know how helpful you can be.

Here are the social buttons.

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What do you think of these 20 strategies? Write me the one you didn’t know in the comments below!

See you soon.

Namasté Monica Pirozzi

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