Increase visibility on Instagram, here’s how

Admit it, you’ve subscribed to the hottest social network of the moment, Instagram, but you don’t know how to get followers. How to increase visibility on Instagram? You are surely wondering. Well, there are several ways and tools to do this, each of which is more or less suitable for different types of users.

Here, then, since many don’t know how increase visibility on Instagram, we have decided to create a small guide to explain it to you in detail. All you have to do is get comfortable, concentrate and try to assimilate all the information you will receive below.

But let’s not get lost in chat! Let’s see now how to increase visibility on Instagram, the social network with one of the highest potentials of the moment, not only for private entrepreneurs, but also for companies!

Aumentare la visibilità su Instagram

# 1 Focus on personalized content

Who are the users you want to reach? Every company, professional, shop or influencer has its own target to focus on.

A trivial example is the promotion of household products or kitchen utensils or appliances. Therefore, your typical customers / followers are those who love order and, precisely, cleanliness, or are housewives. By understanding who you should have on the other side of the screen, you can create personalized content.

In this case, they could be mini-tutorials or images explaining the use and functionality of the products.

If you are a fashion influencer, it is clear that your followers are people who love fashion, clothing and accessories , as well as posts about these elements.

Create customized content based on your target always pays off and allows you to increase Instagram visibility. Therefore, analyze your audience, ask yourself what your followers (or potential followers) want to know and act accordingly .

# 2 Increase visibility on instagram with description

Based on your post, you will need to write a quality caption : in this way, you will be able to attract more users and achieve many more interactions… The latter always lead to an increase in visibility and popularity on social networks. Therefore, the more you have, the better.

# 3 Hashtags are just what you need

These keywords, accompanied by the #, are fundamental for those who wish to obtain success online. In fact, they allow users to find you through search and follow you in a few taps or clicks. There are a myriad of apps on the various Stores, each of which is used to search for successful and performing hashtags.

However, it is very useful to use the same analysis as in point one: by thinking about your target, you can identify with the users interested in your posts … what words would you search with? Put yourself, then, in the minds of your potential followers, and you will see that you will use their own words .

We also advise you not to overdo the hashtags (the exaggeration does not even like Instagram!) and not to always use the same hashtags. Use them alternately and always making sure that they are closely related to what you have published, your profile and your target audience .

When necessary, also use custom tags (with your motto for example – Nike: #justdoit) and those related to the geographic location where you are (#milano , #firenze, #roma, #napoli, etc.).

# 4 If you constantly increase your followers, you can increase visibility on Instagram increasingly

Everything is connected: if you have more followers you have more visibility , if you have more visibility… continue to increase your followers. What does this mean? The faster you get fans, the faster you’ll scale for success. A little boost, in these cases, never hurts.

Instatrack is here for you: by choosing our service, you can take advantage of an increase in your followers , constant and safe. You will always have new Italian and / or international followers, real and active , day after day.

If this is a way to increase Instagram visibility faster and get good results … why shouldn’t you let us help you? We are waiting for you!

3 strategies to increase visibility on Instagram

You have already heard about how much instagram has earned some users, turning them into true digital entrepreneurs. In fact, there are many possibilities that this visual platform offers for the most deserving users .

Over the years Instagram has become a truly important social network for developing your personal branding, allowing , even, to earn big figures.

To be able to obtain an economic feedback from this social network, however, the first important thing to do is to increase visibility on Instagram, increasing the number of one’s own followers . How to do it?

come aumentare visibilità su instagram

Increase visibility on instagram integrating strategies with the use of Facebook

This method would seem, at first glance, the most trivial you can ever have heard, but it is a very effective trick to get more followers on Instagram. You have to start, however, from the assumption that almost half of the users have, in addition to an instagram profile, also a Facebook one.

When you manage to connect the two accounts together, your Facebook friends will immediately receive a notification and, probably, if they feel like it, they will also decide to follow you .

Sharing your Instagram photos also on your Facebook profile will allow you to further increase the chances of your photos being seen by your friends and shared. Of course, enter the privacy of your content as public in order to do this .

Sharing is, in fact, a very powerful weapon, since, if your photos will be able to reach a greater number of people, you will also have more chances of being able to reach more and more followers on Instagram.

So it’s really very easy to get more users than follow you thanks to this very effective method.

Currently, an Instagram account with another engagement rate is considered much more valuable than an account with thousands of followers but very few likes and comments. This is why you should start by increasing the number of interactions with your followers to increase visibility on Instagram.

To increase visibility on Instagram, moreover, you will have to assume a certain mindset, that is a certain mentality and reasoning. Imagine that you are in a competition to see who gets the best results. In this way, you will get the right boost to give your best.

On the other hand, only with constancy and continuous work can you get real followers, loyal to your page and in target with the products and services and content you offer .

How to increase visibility on instagram with copywriting

Try to imagine a newly registered user who, browsing the platform, ends up on your profile. His first question will surely be this: why should I follow him? What does it do different from the others? Is it really interesting?

So let’s ask you a question: have you ever thought about why someone would give you their follow? Well, first you should state clearly who you are, what you do and what your goal is, so that everyone can get a general idea of ​​your work.

Work, then, with creativity in order to increase Instagram visibility by playing with your attractive being. You will know, so what sets you apart from other users. There are three main elements that define the success of your Instagram bio:

  1. Your profile photo
  2. the text you will insert in the biography
  3. the link

The profile photo is the one that should create the most impact, helping you to increase visibility on instagram. Try to find a nice picture that can be in line with the style of your profile and your content.

You could, for example, think about using your company logo or an image that portrays you in the foreground, in order to have a strong impact on those who visit you .

Then move on to the biography, a very important part to increase visibility on Instagram. In two or three lines, you will need to be able to tell yourself, to capture attention, and to make others understand that your profile offers something special for your followers .

We can certainly recommend opting for a small bulleted list in which, using the keywords, you summarize everything you are and what you offer.

Putting, in the final part, a link to one of your internet pages, a Telegram or Whatsapp group, or any other relevant link, you will have bingo.

If you have an e-commerce, for For example, users could visit it and make an impulse purchase within minutes!

Increase visibility on instagram by focusing on strategy

To be able to increase visibility on Instagram you will need to have a profile that is not only interesting, but that can immediately capture the attention of users who visit you. In this sense, you will need an effective caption, which is the caption we talked about earlier.

Make it clean, straightforward and easy to read by including all the main strengths, along with a final link that will redirect users to a page of your choice. Among these, we definitely recommend your blog, your online shop or your group where you recruit affiliates for multi-level marketing activities.

Don’t use too many hashtags and prefer bulleted lists. To increase the engagement of the photos, you can ask your followers to leave feedback with their opinion or experience or to tag a friend in the comments. This will help your profile reach even more people .

Don’t forget the call to action, in order to invite your followers to take an action very precise. For example, you can add your link, asking it to visit it. It is not as difficult as it seems, then, to increase visibility on Instagram!

Increase visibility of Instagram by studying insights

If you have been following Visibility Reseller for a long time you will know that we have already talked about insights but if it is the first time you land on our site and you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll briefly explain what it is and how you can take advantage of this tool to increase visibility on Instagram.

With the term Insight we indicate the statistical data offered id from the same Instagram platform, accessible via a few intuitive commands on your profile.

To have an advanced view of this data you must have a company account and if you do not have it you can do so by accessing the settings item from the menu and clicking on the item goes to corporate account. This way you see a new item in the menu called statistical data.

What do I do with this data? Thanks to the insights you have a global view on the progress of your Instagram profile over the last week.

Indeed, it is possible to know all the accounts they have reached, as well as the number of interactions with their content, and the amount of followers obtained from a given post or tag . Again, you can see the numbers regarding the published stories .

The most important data to analyze are those of the reached coverage and impressions. In base to the total numbers you can understand which posts have done better, at what time you have reached the most views and what kind of audience. The target is analyzed by country, sex and gender.

Now you can test your insights with an editorial plan to increase your social vision

Now is the time to try to down some ideas trying to create an editorial plan for Instagram. Starting from the analysis of the statistical data, decide what to do and in detail:

  • What time to publish
  • On which days to publish
  • What to publish

Regarding the time variable you must always calculate the time zone. If your followers come for the most part from Italy you can publish at the time you have chosen but if your followers are almost all American you have to calculate their daylight saving time and not the Italian one.

As for the variable days to publish, just look at the insights and insert the peak days in your editorial plan to increase Instagram visibility.

For the type of content to post it is normal that you will post photos similar to those that have achieved the most views and reactions. Continue on that path and in the moment when you notice that the results go down change your strategy.

Test until you find the perfect strategy to increase Instagram visibility.

We talked about increasing visibility on Instagram. Check out more articles on the Visibility Reseller Blog.


Aumentare la visibilità su Instagram, ecco come

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