Increase Youtube Subscribers, 15 Tips To Increase Them!

Do you want to increase the counter or buy Youtube subscribers to your channel and you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry! Here is a practical guide in which we will show you some little tricks to increase the effectiveness of your videos and have an increase in subscribers.

Youtube is a gigantic social network where every a day its users publish thousands and thousands of videos to share them with their subscribers. Do you think that every day more than a billion hours are viewed, and that for this reason Youtube is considered the second largest search engine after Google .

Every day it hosts more than 30 million visitors and travels at the speed of 5 billion of searches per month , more than Bing, Yahoo, Aol and Ask combined.

Such potential is hard to ignore by marketers who exploit channels for their strategies , and these must be updated continuously if you want to stay on top of the wave. On Youtube we can find millions of videos, on almost all existing topics.

How to stand out in the immense sea of ​​this content? Why should a user prefer your channel rather than another that deals with the same topic?

How increase Youtube subscribers?

Let’s see some useful tactics to increase the subscribers of your channel in an organic way, attracting people with quality content.

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15 tricks (+ 1) to increase Youtube subscribers

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Clean up your channel

Let’s start from the basics: if you already have a channel with content, you have to start by removing old content , of low quality or not related to the topics covered. Clean everything without fear, because this is where you have to start again.

Your Youtube subscribers should only enjoy new, updated and beautiful videos.

Only publish quality videos for your Youtube subscribers

We are talking about how to increase the counter or buy the Youtube subscribers to your channel.

Youtube offers thousands of videos of very poor quality; But that doesn’t mean you should follow suit hoping your content will be ‘better’. Attract new subscribers by posting only quality videos, offer the best of content relevant to your industry.

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To do this you need a careful analysis of your competitors; check their best successful videos, try to understand what people really like and enhance your videos. Learn from their mistakes (and yours) and try to excite your audience.

In all of this, content planning is very important; improvisation is not your friend, schedule content wisely, and make sure you publish regularly. Don’t let months go by before publishing 5 pieces of content all in one day.

Better to stagger the videos over several days to be able to give continuity to your publications.

Tell your story as effectively as possible , and to do that you need to test, test, test, test .

Learn the art, and put it aside. You will see that you will be able to take your content to a whole new level.

NB : to make a professional video you don’t necessarily need the latest super ultra mega technological video camera put on the market; Today, modern smartphones are a great alternative.

Instead, get a plain background, a studio light and a tripod. You certainly don’t want to have a friend hold your cell phone to be filmed, do you? Still camera, right light and a plain background are a winning weapon for your videos.

The first 10 seconds are all for social subscribers

Do you know that the visitor’s attention threshold barely reaches 10 seconds (some say 5)? It means that if your subscribers don’t find anything memorable in this very short period of time they lose interest and abandon the video, perhaps opening one of the competition .

And obviously this must not happen!

So forget introductory songs or screen savers thrown there , try to insert the most interesting things in these first 10 seconds to make your visitors understand what you are going to talk about in the video and capture their attention.

Create an exciting trailer for your Youtube subscribers

We are talking about how to increase the counter or buy the Youtube subscribers to your channel.

Youtube allows you to create a trailer of the channel ; this function is very important as it is a video that is automatically played for all Youtube subscribers of the channel .

Let’s take a trivial example: you would never go to the cinema to see a movie you haven’t seen the trailer for? Or that you saw it but it didn’t appeal to you?

The reasoning is the same. The purpose of the trailer is to explain to your visitors the topics you will cover within your channel, explain what benefits you can bring or what problems you can solve, and of course invite your audience to subscribe to receive updates and stay informed about the new content you publish.

A well-made trailer could be a great bait for attracting new subscribers. Make sure it’s short (30-60 seconds), relevant to your topics, but most importantly it’s informative, and intriguing your visitors.

If you don’t have ideas, as always, see what your competition is doing : remember that you don’t have to copy, but take a cue and improve your performance by increasing the subscribers of your Youtube channel .

Your fans don’t like long videos on social media

Generally based on complexity of the sector there are videos that can be hours long. However, it is a pity that this type of video is not suitable for Youtube. Why?

Why people’s attention threshold is very low, around two minutes.

Let’s say you are able to attract your audience with the first 10 seconds of video , as we wrote above.

And if your content is long, your fans are unlikely to get to the end of the video. They’ll get lost along the way, and that’s not because your content isn’t interesting, but simply because users’ attention span is very short.

In case of arguments therefore complex , better break them up into many small videos, short but interesting . You will see a net increase in engagement with your audience.

Insert your videos into playlist topic to clarify your social media fans

We are talking about how to increase the counter or buy Youtube subscribers to your channel .

And then, mess up your topics and create video playlists that deal with that topic ; this way your viewers will be able to easily follow all your videos on a given topic without having to manually search for them and even accidentally end up seeing competitor content.

Call To Action for your fans on social

Calls to action are very important as they guide your users to perform specific actions and if you don’t know , Youtube offers some features to add them to your videos.

The final screen, where you can encourage your viewers to subscribe, see another video or even visit a website outside of Youtube . Set your goal and choose what a user will be able to do at the end of the video.

And tips , which allow you to add more videos, links or even polls to make the video more interactive.

Create a preview with people to get Youtube subscribers

The preview is the static image that users will see before selecting your video, and of course it must be as attractive as possible.

They are of vital importance as they manage to attract Youtube views and subscribers . Together with the channel name it is the first thing your users will see, so they must be creative, unique, and informative.

When uploading a new Youtube video you allows you to choose between three, taken from the frames of the video itself ; very often, however, we do not manage to get a great nice effect.

For this reason it is better to load an external one, create a miniature, possibly representing a person, preferably smiling and looking towards the video camera.

It turns out that the images in which people are shown rather than things make visitors more empathetic who will perceive you as real people. Add the topic covered in the thumbnail and remember that you are playing with the success of the video. It must be perfect!

Publish new videos regularly, so as to attract fans to your social network

We have already mentioned this, but let’s discuss it better, we are talking about how to increase the counter or buy subscribers Youtube to your channel.

Your users won’t want to subscribe to a channel that hasn’t published anything new for months; It makes no sense to leave too much time between videos and then suddenly publish 5 new videos all at once.

If you can’t publish often, at least try to be regular . Your Youtube subscribers need to be updated gradually with new content and must not experience sudden shortcomings, or of course you will lose them, and, guess what, your competitors will always be there to welcome them.

Assign an advertising budget to get fans for your social network

advertising is obviously a very effective way of attracting new subscribers, since it is even possible to target your target audience by targeting users divided by specific interests and demographics.

Youtube offers a wide selection of advertising formats, such as banners, video ads, pop-up messages, etc. / strong>

Find the right formula for your content, choose a well-defined budget and increase your Youtube subscribers. ong>

Promote the channel in online communities to get more Youtube subscribers

If you have a Youtube channel that deals with a particular topic, nobody forbids you to talk about it or propose it to the communities online of other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram , or even blogs inherent external .

If you offer a solution to certain problems, your content can be valuable and valuable. And making yourself known to a particular community by helping to solve particular problems can bring you an advantage and attract subscribers to your Youtube channel.

Give a good reason to subscribe to your social channel

And in that regard, give their free content. People love free things!

Offer gifts , a ebook to solve a given problem, a free subscription to your service, take giveaways on Instagram . Get them to subscribe to the Youtube channel to receive a reward. Give your prospective fans a good reason to join!

Optimize your YouTube channel for more fans

Youtube is the second most used search engine after Google, and like Google, your content needs to be optimized for search (SEO).

This means that we need to improve the way your users find you if they enter certain keywords .

Include keywords in headlines , make sure they do not exceed i 50 characters .

Try to insert subtitles for each video you put, they improve indexing.

Optimize the description of the video , but don’t just insert the random keywords; rather create a fun, original and quality description.

And don’t forget the meta tags , which are another way to include keywords in your videos and make it easier for subscribers to find you.

Not sure which keywords to use? Study the competition. Try to use similar or related keywords.

Analyze your competition! To get more fans to your social network

Knowing what your competitors are doing is essential, we have already said it and we repeat.

Watch their best videos and analyze everything: the thumbnails, the video title, the description, the meta tags, take a cue .

Watch your videos, try to understand what is wrong with them or where you could improve them, as already mentioned learn from your mistakes and improve.

Head, head, head and head, until you arrive at the perfect and successful content. Nobody has a magic wand, but the difference between a good video and a video that has depopulated is all here.

Find the right influencers to attract your fans on social networks

And if you want to contact an external person with a large audience, an influencer, to promote your content and products, remember: quality is better than quantity.

No need choose a influencer which has millions of followers or Youtube subscribers if then the interactions it has with them are a few hundred.

Rather tip on those influencers who can make a difference and who even if they don’t have a large following have a great relationship with their followers and interact with them successfully. This will bring many more people to your channel as the relationship they have with the chosen influencer is much more solid.

Then choose the influencer based on the topics you deal with; it is useless to choose an influencer from the gaming world if you have a channel that talks about circular saws for cutting wood. The influencer must be in target with your sector and reference topic.

Bonus: buy your Youtube subscribers on Visibility Reseller

Buying real subscribers can be a way to increase the counter or buy Youtube subscribers to your channel. If your youtube channel has few subscribers, it is unlikely that people will trust you, even if you publish quality content.

Buying them can help you build a small solid foundation where to start to start climbing the peaks of success.

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With this little guide you know a few more little tricks to increase the counter or buy Youtube subscribers to your channel.

We just have to wish you the best of luck with your content and the work you will have to do. Remember: do, test, make mistakes, learn, repeat.

See you next article!

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