Inflact (formerly Ingramer): how the Instagram bot of the moment works

Instagram continues to be the hottest social platform. With over a billion active users daily, it nearly ousted Facebook. In fact, those who would not like to be an influencer and earn money with their shots by promoting the products of this or the other company.

Becoming one, however, is an arduous and complex undertaking. Today we will see together how Inflact works (formerly Ingramer), a revolutionary Instagram bot that is becoming popular thanks to its Hashtag Generator technology. This BOT, in fact, allows you to easily increase the number of likes and followers, but also engagement of your profile.

Today we will get to know closely this BOT that I currently consider to be the simplest and most reliable solution to grow your Instagram profile in the best way. I say this, after having tested inflact for about a month and obtained excellent results through a minimal setting on my part.

I remind you, however, that the using a bot is very subjective. What’s right for my business may not be right for yours. Nothing will be given to you and, as we all know, these methodologies will give you a hand, but the biggest job is up to you that you will have to produce always new and captivating content and cure your audience

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Why use a bot?

If you are not an expert on social media, especially Instagram, you may be wondering what it is for a BOT and why you should use one to grow your followers.

The answer is simple. A BOT is nothing more than software that automates the most common operations that you usually perform manually on your profile. I mean looking for new followers to follow, unfollowing people to keep your profile clean, deciding the best hashtags for your photos, sending direct messages, scheduling your posts and much more.

We can define it as a valuable helper, which will allow you to carry out those decidedly boring and repetitive tasks that you would otherwise have to do manually. This allows you to have more time to focus on what really matters: your content!

Here, then, why a good marketing strategy is part certainly also the choice of a reliable BOT. At the moment there are several on the market, some of them have already been blocked by Instagram and therefore no longer work. This is why I constantly update my articles, to always provide a list of those currently working and effective.

Instagram and its limits

The positive side of using a BOT , is also to automatically respect the limits of Instagram, so as not to incur penalties. In fact, how many times have it happened to you that you can no longer insert comments under the posts of potential followers for exceeding the maximum limit allowed.

Thanks to the use of a BOT, this problem will be curbed upstream. The BOT, in fact, is limited to spreading reactions to posts throughout the day, also acting at night, while you are quietly sleeping.

In this way you will be able to keep the number of interactions high. with third party posts, without having to give up your free time and, above all, avoiding the annoying blocks imposed by the social network.

inflact: an overview

But now we come to the software that I want to introduce to you today, namely inflact. inflact, not only performs all the functions already seen with other BOTs and therefore: follow / unfollow, auto like, direct messages and post scheduling, but also allows you to obtain new followers and real likes using a targeting system. advanced .

In fact, it allows you to select the right target to show your posts to, based on hashtag, location, gender, language and much more. The selection of the target is very important, as it will allow you to select your market niche upstream avoiding to waste the engagement of your posts.

For example, if you are a personal trainer, surely you will only be interested in people looking to lose weight and improve their fitness. With inflact you will only be able to reach people who use certain hashtags such as #recipes, #diet, #gym.

This way your post will be shown to people who will actually be interested in it. This will allow you to improve the engagmnet of your post quickly. The Instagram algorithm takes into account the speed with which people interact with a given post and, as a result, you will immediately get good results.

The second really important feature of inflact is the ability to use of the technology defined hashtag generator and which, to date, is the best for growing an Instagram profile. Basically it will be the BOT that will provide you with a series of right hashtags that you can use for your photo. The BOT is able to choose them both based on the photo you post, but also through suggestions that you will provide yourself.

Hashtag Generator inflact
Hashtag Generator inflact

A real Hashtag search engine that will keep you from groping in the dark when posting new content.

The inflact reviews

Come on forward, and let’s see together what those who have already used this BOT think. Just go to TrustPilot to realize the power of inflact. The judgment, in fact, is very high in consideration of the fact that it is a BOT, therefore subject to limitations imposed by Instagram and continuous evolutions.

For example, there is Giulio who writes: “Beautiful service for save time. If you have a problem, they respond immediately in chat. I strongly recommend this service ”. Cesare, who praises the support service: “I am impressed by the quality of the customer support service. They are always ready to respond immediately. The tool works perfectly. I am not able to compare it with other BOTs, but this service is fabulous ”

In short, it is useless to go too far. The inflact reviews, at least at the moment, are very good. Therefore, I would advise you to take advantage of the software immediately because, as we know, Instagram always tries to limit the automatisms and, who knows, even inflact could abandon us sooner or later.

How much does inflact cost

quanto costa inflact

We now come to the economic aspect which, as we know, should never be overlooked. How much does inflact cost ? The price will be up to you to decide. What do you mean? The pricing offered is very modular and you can also buy single components, such as the hashtag generator, giving up all the other options of a traditional BOT.

Therefore, since there are no pre-set packages, you will be the one to choose the price range and features that best suit your needs.

I recommend that you go to the official inflact website and try to change the menu settings on the left and decide on the plan that’s right for you. A point in favor of inflact is certainly to provide mini subscriptions . You will be able to subscribe to a plan lasting only two weeks . In this way you will have the opportunity to test the BOT without excessive expense and you will be able to understand if it really suits you.

How to use inflact

But how do you use inflact ? If you have already used a BOT in your life, I don’t think you will have too much difficulty using it. I tried to set it up and managed it in about 7 minutes . With this you can understand how simple it is to fine-tune it for your profile.

The operations you will have to perform are basically three:

  • Go to the inflact site and choose a plan that suits your needs
  • Connect your Instagram profile to the service offered by inflact
  • Set your activities by entering the target you want to reach, the daily limits and enabling the filters.
  • Done Make it comfortable and the BOT will do the rest. All you have to do now is view the statistics and keep an eye on the progress of your followers.


How did you get to See, setting up a BOT is a very simple operation, which will only take you a few minutes of your time. From now on, all you have to do is think about what’s really important to your success: new content production .

Sure, because the BOT won’t help you. nothing if you are unable to produce innovative content that meets the needs of your specific target . No one will continue to follow a substantially poor profile of content.

If you know any other noteworthy Instagram BOTs, I invite you to write them to me. I will be happy to test them personally and eventually add them to my special ranking.

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