Influencer marketing on TikTok: 3 case studies

Since 2018, TikTok’s popularity has literally exploded all over the world. In the last two years alone, for example, the platform has reached 100 million daily users in Europe, establishing itself as one of the most used social media in the Old Continent.

And considered such a sequel, it’s no wonder that influencer marketing on TikTok .

To confirm this is a research conducted by the influencer marketing platform Linqia, which interviewed 163 experts operating in companies with a turnover of over 1 billion dollars. 68% revealed that they have planned a series of TikTok influencer marketing campaigns for 2021 .

A remarkable percentage, if we consider that at the beginning of 2020 only 16% of marketers were interested in the platform. Indeed, in the marketing strategies of 2021 TikTok even seems to be ahead of Facebook, precisely because of the potential of its short videos, which are perfectly suited to trend campaigns in any sector.

On the other hand, data provided by the influencer marketing platform Traackr reveals that, in the beauty sector, Tiktok has seen a 164% increase in sponsored posts . And, in a year in which influencer posts dropped across all platforms, TikTok proved to be the only one in which i brand have chosen to invest heavily. But that is not all.

Speaking of TikTok influencer marketing, Klear’s recent State of the Influencer Marketing report reveals that the use of hashtag #ad on social increased by 130% in 2020 .

In short, TikTok is in effect a platform on which it is worth investing to promote your brand using influencers.

So let’s see how to plan a good strategy inspired by those of the brands that have been most successful from their campaigns.

Influencer marketing TikTok: 3 case studies

1. NYX

The influencer marketing combination TikTok is incredibly evident in the social activity of NYX , a well-known American beauty brand that landed on the platform in August 2019.

In a short time, his social account has been an incredible success, thanks also to the promotion campaign of the Butter Gloss, organized in collaboration with TikTok.

To be able to reach and engage the public on the platform, the brand has launched the challenge #ButterGlossPop, with the collaboration of five well-known TikTok influencers: Avani, MohoganyLox, Brent Rivera, Louie Castro and Tanisha Coatzee.

influencer marketing TikTok

Throughout the campaign, creators invited followers to share videos of trying out different shades of NYX lip gloss while dancing or singing.

The result? Over 2 million videos shared by users and more than 10 billion views . And that’s not all. Analyzing the data relating to the challenge – which lasted six days, to be exact -, Kantar noticed a increase of 42% in the brand awareness on a sample of about 10,000 people.

But more importantly, the company itself has seen a “ positive impact on sales ” of all products that fall into the lip category.

An incredible success, from which we can draw some important lessons. First of all, when it comes to TikTok influencer marketing, it is good to study the community to choose which content to share to interact with users. In this case, the challenge proved to be a useful tool for involving people.

And then it is important to choose the right influencers not only on the basis of the target of the public, but also of the content you intend to share.

TikTok influencers aren’t like Instagram’s. Many love to sing and dance, and it’s important to take that into consideration if you want to run a successful NYX campaign.

2. EA Games

Let’s explore the TikTok influencer marketing binomial with EA Games , one of the first video game companies that chose to focus on social media in a sector where all competitor are targeting platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

As strange as it may sound, there are tons of gaming enthusiasts out there on TikTok. Just think that the hashtag #warzone, which refers to the famous Call of Duty Warzone title, has over 39 billion views.

And, above all, the App is the virtual place where the very young of Gen Z meet, a perfect target for the world of video games.

And so, anticipating industry trends, EA Games launched a TikTok influencer marketing campaign, involving high-profile creators to promote games like Apex Legends, Plants Vs. Zombie and Fifa20 .

Among these is the very young Brent Rivera , who shared with his followers a funny comic scene that portrays him struggling with his mother and Apex Legends. A short video he earned over 870K Likes and more than 3500 comments.

And in order not to be too sectorial in the choice of influencers, EA Games has Also included in the campaign is Indie Cowie , a freestyle football pro.

For the occasion, Cowie has created a personal shoutout for the promotion of Fifa20. A more than apt choice, which led to the content created in partnership with EA an incredible success.

Indeed, what really should make us think is that the company has chosen to combine influencers of varying depths in its TikTok influencer marketing campaign.

The goal, as we can imagine, was to reach large segments of the public who shared an interest in gaming, but not only that. Gamers are versatile users, and EA Games knows this well.

3. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is a platform well known all over the world for its second-hand luxury clothing and accessories trading service.

The company is very active on all social channels, but has chosen to create a TikTok influencer marketing campaign to promote a series of new services.

To achieve this goal, 8 different influencers were selected, who showed their personal style to followers, wearing clothes purchased from the Vestiaire Collective App.

The same influencers then resold these garments highlighting two strengths of the application : the ease of buying luxury goods with discounts up to 70% and the ease of reselling them.

Basically, the creators dressed up as customers, which was a great success. The TikTok influencer marketing campaign generated over 1000 organic installations . An optimal result, which Vestiaire Collective has chosen to improve by combining the campaign with a series of paid ads, which were nothing more than the same content as the influencers, but sponsored.

In this sense, the strategy proved very successful: 4000 App installations and a rate of conversion of 17.5% .

Important goals, also made possible by the right choice of influencers: the well-known TikToker Nava Rose and a series of micro-influencers specialized in the fashion sector, so as to cover a wide target audience – including niche minorities -.


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♬ Papi Chulo – Octavian & Skepta

The numbers speak clearly: 1,307,200 views across the entire TikTok influencer marketing campaign, which represents an incredible result for a brand that had never built its presence on the platform.

In addition, advertisements have reduced customer CPI by 50% compared to other channels, making TikTok more effective for Vestiaire Collective than Instagram and YouTube.

A strategy so successful, that the brand has chosen to use it to win new users even outside the United States.

The case of Vestiaire Collective therefore shows us that you don’t necessarily need to already have a stable presence on TikTok. What matters, however, is a good influencer marketing strategy, which knows how to show the public what the real strengths of your product are.

And by choosing credible influencers, the result can only be an increase in conversions.

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