Instagram Account Blocked for PISHING: Here’s what to do

Are you in total despair because your Instagram account has been blocked for phishing? You don’t know what happened and you think you didn’t do anything wrong?

That’s not all.

Are you trying to access the unlock procedure but have you lost the password of your e-mail linked to your profile? Where to find the six-digit code to recover the account?

Don’t panic, you’re not the only person this has happened to.

In my article dedicated to temporary Instagram blocks there are 204 spontaneous comments, at the moment in which I am writing down these words, which tell the stories of many girls and boys who have written to me in recent months because they have been faced pishing.

For this, I decided to write a super detailed article where I will help you solve the problem. We will go and see:

  • What is pishing and why are you a victim of it (even if you have not done anything);
  • How to avoid being blocked for phishing;
  • How to recover your account and not lose all your photos.

Follow me on these lines. What I will tell you comes from the collection of the experience of many boys and girls like YOU who found themselves facing this situation and managed to solve.

You need to be patient and make sure you have all the information you need to continue.

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What is pishing and why are you a victim of it (even if you haven’t done anything)

It just happened to you, you feel the despair that assails you as you think you have lost all your photos and all your memories.

You think the only solution is to start over, but you don’t want to. At least you would like to try to find a solution before giving up completely.

If you are here it is because this message appeared while trying to log into your Instagram account:

Account Instagram bloccato per pishing

But what suspicious activity ?!

And that’s how you first discovered phishing.

What is pishing?

It’s a form of online scam that hackers use to steal your passwords or any data about you that they can then reuse.

In short, there are people who enjoy logging into Instagram accounts to steal personal information.

Usually, you can be scammed if you’ve received an email that looks like Instagram official asking you to enter your username and password.

Didn’t you enter your password on any web page?

Well, it often happens that Instagram takes an oversight and even considers things that aren’t pishing; perhaps because you have knowingly entered your password somewhere on the web that you don’t even remember.

With this type of block, Instagram wants to take two precautions:

  1. Be sure that no hackers steal your personal data;
  2. Avoid using Instagram BOTs or any other type of automation to grow your followers.

What is the most common cause of a phishing block?

Actually, it’s quite difficult for your account to be hacked for phishing, although not impossible. This is because there is a need for an intentional gesture from you , that is, you have to enter your password and nickname somewhere so that they can steal it.

In most cases, in fact, Instagram simply notices that you have given access to some app outside the profile .

This category includes apps to monitor metrics or to see who has unfollowed you (such as Reports ).

All these services need your profile password to work. Instagram, in turn, thinks either that someone has entered illegally or that you are using automation.

So it blocks you!

How to recover your Instagram account blocked for Pishing

If you’re here, the only thing you want is to get your account back. Know, I’ll do my best to make this happen.

This problem has happened not only to the girls on the blog but also to friends who have found themselves in this bad situation.

Instagram has its own account recovery procedure that allows you to verify your ownership by sending you a 6-digit code to the email linked to your profile.

Once you have received the blocking message for pishing and have agreed to proceed with the recovery of the account, you will see this message:

Il tuo account è stato temporaneamente bloccato: account Instagram bloccato per pishing

Now, you need to go to your inbox and there you will find the Instagram email with the unlock code. Don’t worry, the message is official and don’t be afraid to open it.

This is the only way Instagram has to double-check and make sure someone hasn’t illegally stolen your account.

Did any of the steps above go wrong and you still have your Instagram account blocked for phishing?

Here are the most common problems that the girls in the community reported to me.

What to do if you don’t remember the password of the email linked to your Instagram account?

It may happen that you created your Instagram account a long time ago. You connected an old email and now you can’t remember the password anymore. Or even that mailbox has been deleted.

What to do in this case? How can I retrieve the unlock code?

The e-mail is a very important data of your account that must always be checked and kept super updated.

In case you can’t remember your password anymore, I suggest you… do everything to find it!

Don’t try stubbornly to think of an unlock solution without having access to the email. It’s the only way Instagram has to confirm your identity.

What to do if you do not receive the email with the six-digit code for account recovery?

This can happen. Send the code request, access your mailbox but, for some reason, the email does not arrive.

It may happen that there are delays in sending information from the servers and it may take some time for the unlock code to arrive.

Wait up to a week (yes, there are guys who have received the code even after its weeks!) , if you really don’t receive anything, try requesting a new code itself from the app.

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Instagram account blocked for Pishing: How to avoid it

If you are reading this article for someone who has had a phishing attack and the last thing you want is for this to happen to you, I recommend you do two things:

  1. NEVER ever give your password and your Instagram nickname to ANYONE. I’m not just talking about entering credentials in fraudulent emails, but also avoiding simple apps to integrate external services such as, for example, those to see who has stopped following you.
  2. Always keep your profile’s basic and recovery information up to date and follow all the procedures to secure your Instagram account (coming in the next article).

Have you ever had your Instagram account blocked for Pishing?

I really hope that your problem has been resolved and that you have recovered all your account data.

All is well when it ends well.

Share your experience in the comments.

What happened to you? Have you ever had an unusable Instagram account and how did you fix it? I will be happy to give you, with the help of the community, all the support to solve the problem and not lose any data.

If you need to read other stories and compare yourself with other people who have already dealt with phishing a few months ago, you can go to the comments of this article.

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Talk to you soon.


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