Instagram adds keyword search

After the interface renewal, the Instagram search functionality has also undergone an interesting update. In fact, in November 2020, the platform announced the implementation of keyword search in six different English-speaking countries (including Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States).

An important innovation, which completely revolutionizes not only user research, but also the potential of the SEO on the platform for Marketing experts.

Until now, only hashtag A hashtag is a label for words or phrases, typical of social networks. It helps others interested in a topic quickly find content on that topic … , location and account tags, which has often been limiting the visibility of a content.

But finally Instagram seems intent on optimizing such an important tool for the public. So let’s see how the new Instagram search works and what are the business opportunities it ensures for companies and industry experts.

ricerca Instagram per parola chiave

Instagram-search by keyword: how it works

As you well know, Instagram has never worked like a real image search engine. Users have always had the only possibility to search for content by hashtag and / or localization, or use the search bar to find an account whose name they already knew.

Although this system may have satisfied the public, it was still incomplete, because it was unable to search for some of the elements contained within the captions.

Keyword research, however, completely revolutionizes this system. From now on, users just type a word in the search bar to get a series of results including posts dealing with that topic , even if it is not included in the caption in the form of a hashtag. Let’s take a practical example to make everything clearer.

If we are looking for content that relates to healthy eating, Instagram allows us to find all those posts containing the hashtag #alimentazionesana, or those accounts that include these words in their bio.

This still applies to the Instagram search in Italy, where the new feature hasn’t arrived yet. But elsewhere this is not the case.

By typing the words “healthy eating”, English-speaking users can view the contents of healthy recipes even without a specific tag.

It is still unclear how the feature is able to recognize the topic of a content, although an Instagram spokesperson said the platform will rank search results based on factors such as “ type of content, captions and publication date “.

In addition, the social will rely on Machine Learning to “ find high quality content relevant to the user “.

ricerca Instagram parole chiave

There is, however, an interesting detail to consider. According to the spokesperson himself, the Instagram search “ would be limited to topics of general interest and keywords that fall within the guidelines of the community “. According to what we read on the Net, words like “vaccine” or “Trump” would not yet be included in the new search functionality. But keywords such as “pasta” or “flowers” seem to provide the results that are expected.

In any case, it’s pretty clear that this is a giant step forward for the platform. Finally, users will be able to find content that is more in line with their needs, and companies will be able to make their images clearly visible even without necessarily resorting to specific hashtags.

This opens up a whole new phase for marketers, who will be able to focus on the SEO of post captions to be able to grow their page and expand the coverage of content.

So let’s see what the future opportunities are, assuming that the function will soon arrive in Italy as well.

All-opportunities of the new Instagram-keyword search

First of all, it is quite clear that the new Instagram search feature allows you to expand the visibility of your content , especially if you use some SEO techniques in writing captions.

And, where necessary, it also allows you to find mentions of your brand , especially if users have forgotten to use the tag. And that can already help you measure your brand’s sentiment.

At the same time, this feature can help you in analysis of your target market, competitor included.

By searching for content by keyword, you can first understand what your audience’s needs are, and consequently build a content strategy that can fully satisfy them.

But you can also understand what users think of your competitors and improve your work accordingly to be able to earn their consideration and trust.

In short, while it may seem like just a change to the search mode, it’s actually much more.

It is a real revolution of the platform, which moves more and more in the perspective of the search engine, which could mean that there will be other interesting future updates in this sense.

In the meantime, we just have to wait for the functionality to arrive in Italy, but in the meantime we could already think of a strategy that includes it, why not?

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