Instagram Analytics: 6 tools to monitor your performance

Have a summary of the best data available thanks to the work of Instagram Analytics matters. Because only in this way can you better face the challenges of social media marketing through a tool based on photos and videos. You don’t create a good editorial calendar without values.

This applies to everyone, even for the publication of images. This is why it is important to have the data of publications on this social .

The solution? Here is a series of tools to do Instagram Marketing starting from what is most sacred in the world: the numbers related to KPI .

Instagram Insight: the base for everyone

Or at least for those with a corporate account . If you switch from a personal to a business profile (free and simple) you can get a number of benefits. Among these is the activation of statistics.

They are an excellent starting point for measuring a series of parameters such as those related to content (statistical data to deepen posts and sponsored stories), interactions with the profile and audience development in terms of follower growth every single day and per week.

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Onlypult: publish and monitor

Many see Onlypult only as a tool to put and program desktop photos. It’s actually a great idea to record valuable data and organize publications thanks to a timely and valuable Instagram Analytics work. What are the functions?


As you can read on the official page, thanks to the tools in place in the Analytics section you can retrieve data relating to the effectiveness and performance of your posts , the number of followers who decide to follow you, the hashtag most popular and the best time to post.

Talkwalker: in-depth, complete

This is not the usual tool for enclosing data from engagement and an increase in followers. Talkwalker, in fact, is a professional platform designed to collect information in terms of social media listening. In other words, listening to everything that happens in a particular reality on.

We are talking about social data intellingence, a different approach to the idea of ​​being able to collect useful numbers to be included in a monthly report .

It’s certainly not for everyone because Talkwalker accounts are designed for those with specific needs in terms of analytics, numbers and resources to invest. But the results you can get from this reality are unique.

For example you have global coverage in over 150 languages, recognition of brand only through images, possibility to analyze multiple social platforms at the same time (including Instagram of course) together with radio and TV. In addition, you have the virality map which suggests how to replicate social media campaigns that have achieved particular results.

Iconsquare: Facebook and Instagram

A reference point for in-depth information. Iconsquare has specialized in an aspect requested by most professionals in the sector and social media managers: analytical data for Instagram and Facebook. Why is Iconsquare so useful? The reason for this need?

calendar instagram analytics

Certainly not the lack of official numbers, in both cases you have in-depth and curated insight sections. On the other hand, Iconsquare promises something more: you can optimize the performance of your personal and corporate social accounts by making decisions based on data and metrics that are important to you.

Among the most interesting functions you will find the analysis dedicated to the optimization of publication times, the engagement received by the best contents and the analysis benchmark to better monitor the competitor main.

Hootsuite: share your results

You certainly know Hootsuite as a good combination for updating social profiles, and for planning posts on Instagram (and more).

In addition to being a brand monitoring tool , this reality is characterized by an excellent social media analytics utility dedicated to Instagram. And not only that, because the data also concerns and integrates Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to the clarity of the results, you focus on your reality in a synthetic way, monitoring the best numbers and making decisions appropriate to the situation. You can do a lot and in the best possible way thanks to the computing power and functions offered by Hootsuite Analytics.

Later: your ideal-social analytics

This is a platform created and designed for scheduling posts on Instagram, more generally on content management with regard to the publication of videos and IG stories . There is more to consider: here you can record a really interesting amount of information.


The target main is defined on the home page of the section dedicated to data: exploit numbers to increase your social engagement, optimize the contents published on the stories, convey traffic where it is needed. With Later Instagram Analytics you can optimize engagement, manage posting times, attract followers and more.

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Tools for Instagram Analytics

This is my ideal selection of tools and utilities for logging data and doing structured work of Instagram Analytics . These numbers help you make decisions on what and how to publish, but they suggest the good performance of the campaigns by observing the KPIs of the social strategy.

Can you do something more? Do you have the opportunity to increase and improve the available metrics? Leave in the comments your solutions and ideas put in place to monitor interactions and engagement of photos on Instagram. In order to record concrete results on this social network.

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