Instagram BOT: Now I’ll change your mind!

If you’ve always thought growing your followers using an Instagram bot is easy, I’ll make you think again.

Talking to someone about this topic I heard:

“That account has grown so much with bots!” “They are not real followers, he made them with automation!”

The problem is that the speaker doesn’t quite know what these Instagram bots are like . Few have bothered to understand how they work and fewer people have figured out how to best use them.

The truth is that using external services to automate the actions of like, follow, unfollow, story views and so on and so forth, is not easy at all.

As you know, Instagram isn’t happy with this at all and tries to battle these systems every single day. Do you think life like this can be easy?

In this article I want to explain how to use an Instagram bot in a healthy way to grow your profile (and get rid of it as soon as possible), which are the best around and of course I’ll tell you mine experience with the use of these services.

I’ve decided to tell you everything I’ve done and what the different services I’ve used are so you can get inspired. Not only to choose the best one for your needs but also to understand when it’s time to say enough !

Have you ever thought that using an Instagram bot could be dangerous?

Monica Pirozzi

How dangerous it is to use an Instagram bot: I’ll tell you my story

March 2016, Milan.

So I started my “ career ” on Instagram, the one that would soon change my life. And all this I owe to the bots.

There are those who think that Instagram bots are the absolute evil, but for me they were the fuse, the one that completely changed the course of my life and for this I am deeply grateful.

It was thanks to everything that I decided to abandon my engineering career after graduation and devote myself to web marketing as a job.

But don’t take me wrong, I don’t buy and sell bots and I don’t even use them on my profile anymore. I’ve been testing them for years though, and it all started when I was given one of the first Instagram courses on the web: Instagram on Fire by Dario Vignali.

In that damn (in a good way!) course I discovered two things.

  1. Everyone can become well-known characters, so-called VIPs.
  2. Growing up on Instagram is a science called Instagram Marketing precisely (and it’s not a joke!).

Everything I had done up to that point to grow my profile was a game but it was at that very moment that I officially became, I wanted it or not, a social media manager and web marketer and I was about to acquire very advanced knowledge in this area.

I want to tell you a hard truth.

Few know how to actually use an Instagram bot.

There are very few people around who can say they know how to use this tool professionally and lead an account to healthy growth.

The problem, and I realize it because I’ve been through it too, is that at first it all seemed like a game.

Want to know when everything changed?

When this ad appeared that made Instagram bot history.

Instagress fuori uso

Instagress was one of the first and perhaps one of the most functional Instagram bots. I still regret it for its super intuitive interface and super advanced features. A real racing car for the time.

Too bad Instagram has decided to… have it shut down! And from one day to the next!

All of us marketers and instagrammers realized this was getting serious. Now it was a real struggle between us and Instagram and that we had to somehow hide if we wanted to continue using the same strategies as before.

Not only that. We understood that we would not have had an easy life, in addition to one other important thing.

The era of generic and worthless Instagram accounts was over.

What would count from now on would be less and less the number of followers and more and more the value we could give to our followers.

In short, a healthy growth strategy is necessary in order not to be swept away overnight .

So I started studying. Seriously! I realized that all I had done up to that point were just games that wouldn’t get me anywhere if I didn’t think of a strategy.

I was at a crossroads.

I had to choose whether to let go of everything I had done up to that point, relegate Instagram to my free time and as a youth experiment or take everything to a higher level.

Use what I had done to improve myself, go even deeper and try the climb.

As you can imagine, I chose the latter and thanks to that I understood something very important.

The purpose of using an Instagram bot should be to introduce you to people interested in your profile.

And don’t just grow your followers. I made this mistake myself. And you want to know what I found myself at some point?

A huge mass of followers who didn’t interact, who didn’t care about what I posted.

And that’s what I think you want to avoid.

But above all, I want you to understand that an Instagram bot is now a super sophisticated tool, with tons of features that are essentially meant to help you avoid two dangers.

1. Reach people who don’t care about your profile.

Following someone who is not in line with the content you post or who doesn’t care about you is a waste of time.

We must go targeted and specific and only disturb people who are potentially interested.

The purpose of growing an Instagram account is not to be cool. Or at least, if that’s what you want, everything I’ve written above is completely useless XD.

We must always have a clear superior objective and a well-defined topic that allows us to bring our followers to another external channel , such as a blog, a site or a Facebook group.

Only in this way could we offer value to the people who follow us and monetize with our account. Otherwise we will remain a profile with many useless followers!

2. Get blocked by Instagram.

I hope this has never happened to you, but you should know that to combat the use of automatisms, Instagram has imposed restrictions on every action you can take on the social network. The number of likes, comments, private messages, follows and unfollows that you can do at any time and for the whole day is monitored and kept under control.

If you exceed the limit more than a few times or if you go too far, you suffer some penalty.

I remember the first time something like this happened to me. I couldn’t like any photo for 48 hours. It was a real torture! Here you can find all the reasons for Instagram’s temporary blocks and how to avoid them.

Despite everything, I don’t think it is a means to be totally excluded from your growth strategy, especially if yours is a new account. With all the changes and restrictions that are currently on the platform , I think it is very difficult to grow for free without using one of these means… the right way!

Let’s go now and see what are the tools you can use in your business to grow your Instagram followers (or any account you manage)!

Wait a minute. I have chosen to share things that are not easily found around.

Many try to hide the use of bots and do not easily share the names and features of the tools they use.

I decided to tell you all of this. Would you like to share this article on social media? Find the buttons below!

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Here are the best Instagram BOTs around

There are a lot of them and I haven’t had a chance to try them all.

Turning and turning around the forums and signing up for some free trials I gained some experience. Below I propose the Instagram bots that in my opinion are the most useful and have the best functions.

I present them to you in order, from the one for beginners (and also the cheapest) to the most professional and expensive.

The choice is yours!


First, very first bot I’ve used as a direct replacement for Instagress.

Switching from the Instagress interface with a thousand functions to this one of Stim was not very easy. IS’ all very minimal and there are two main automation functions: like and follow .

But that’s enough to guarantee you good initial growth.

There are different plans depending on the speed of growth you want, from basic to pro with a cost starting at $ 9.99 per month . Before purchasing a plan, you have 5 days of free trial . You can log in here!

I recommend using it if:

  • You are new to these tools;
  • Your account is just starting and you want to start seeing some growth without breaking the bank.

Please be very careful.

Instagram’s limits are getting tighter and tighter, so I advise you not to buy one of the more advanced plans, those that guarantee you a higher speed. You may more easily trip over some block.

Here’s a screenshot of the Stim board.

Dashboard Stim Social Instagram Bot


I have to admit, the graphics suck a little but are extremely functional. It has many functions thanks to which it is possible to choose precisely which audience we will importunare .

This tool is much more advanced than the previous one and offers many functions. However, it is a professional tool because cannot be used with the computer off .

The difference is this, let me explain.

Stim is a website to which we connect our Instagram account providing username and password and it performs all the operations automatically for us. If you close the web page and turn off your pc, everything continues to work unless you decide to disable it.

Jarvee, on the other hand, is a program that you need to download to your computer . At this point, if you miss the internet connection or turn off your pc, the tool stops working.

This is why I recommend it for professional use (if you stay 8 hours a day in front of the PC it is not a problem for you) but also for the cost and the functions it offers. A basic Jarvee plan in which you have the possibility to enter 10 accounts (not only Instagram but also Facebook, Twitter, YouTube pages are supported) costs $ 29.90 per month.

I think it’s the tool out there with the best quality / price ratio. It allows you to automate almost any function and also to choose specific criteria for the people you are going to hit.

Furthermore, it allows you to choose in a very precise way the speed with which to carry out the single operations of like, follow or anyone and decide at what times of the day to go to operate.

In this way, if your account is blocked, you can decide to reduce the speed of the action for some time, or, if you find that your followers are more active at certain times of the day, you can activate the tool only in those moments.

This allows you to optimize your actions and reduce the risk of running into Instagram blocks.

In the image below you can see what awaits you. Also, if you are interested, here you can find all the info on Jarvee and how to access.

Jarvee Instagram Bot


I’ve never used this tool but I think it’s one of the most advanced, and also the most expensive, out there.

It is designed for agencies or in any case for users who want to take Instagram and automation to a higher level.

It allows you to automate anything, even the sending of private messages and it is not necessary to always have a computer turned on to make it work. In addition, it can also be controlled by mobile.

Like the previous one, it allows you to like a predefined list of users and is used to automatically reciprocate the likes in the Instagram like exchange groups (POD).

It provides for a one-time initial payment of $ 97.99 and then a monthly fee of about $ 6. In short, it is designed for social media managers or for people who manage one or more accounts who are already monetizing or that they will shortly.

You can access FollowLiker here.

come usare bot instagram

How to use an Instagram BOT and avoid getting blocked

I have been hit by Instagram temporary blocks several times.

To avoid them and grow smoothly on Instagram it is certainly necessary to know what the limits are imposed for each action but also and above all to make good use of Instagram bots. One of the main causes of account blocking is the crazy use of these means.

That’s why I want to leave you a very important message.

Instagram bots are not taboo but must be incorporated into a coherent growth strategy.

So, before throwing yourself headlong with the use of these tools, please sit down for a moment, grab a pen and paper and start thinking about your Instagram account. Start answering these few questions.

  1. What is your account theme?
  2. What is your audience niche on Instagram?
  3. Your purpose? What do you want to achieve? (find more information here -> how to start an Instagram profile)

Then define your own action strategy.

How many posts you will publish every day, how you will produce your content, what you offer to those who follow you, if you plan to create a blog or a user acquisition channel outside Instagram and how to connect it to it, how you intend to earn, how much time you can devote a day to managing your account, how you interact with the community.

Only at this point you have to ask yourself if and how to use an Instagram bot.

Tips for use.

I recommend it to all those accounts who are just starting out and are desperate because they can’t grow. Always remember to always keep the times table of temporary Instagram blocks with you and avoid them as if they were the plague.

Try to use a tool, I recommend Jarvee, that allows you to choose very precisely the audience you are going to interact with.

The aim is to maximize the follow-back ratio , ie the percentage of people who return the follow. Only in this way will you be sure that the actions you take, which are limited by Instagram, will be well spent.

Also, keep in mind that if you want to create a quality account, sell products and collaborate on Instagram for a fee, you can’t take this technique for long. After a while you will still have to stop and find a way to continue without.

Don’t have any ideas on how to proceed without a bot?

I wrote an article where I can give you some ideas … maybe a little more. Let me introduce you to the top 20 techniques with which it is possible to grow on Instagram. In addition, to all members of my community I give a guide with the 8 techniques to increase Instagram followers (and create a following that is worth thousands of euros).

You can download it now by entering your email below!

Latest recommendations if you think you need an Instagram BOT

Don’t overdo it! Either way. Don’t think it’s an absolute bad thing to use these tools to grow your profile, because they just allow you to speed up the process.

Your account is exposed (almost) free to many other profiles who, if interested, can freely follow you.

At the same time, though, don’t get carried away. However, they are tools that do not bring you a 100% clean audience . Some may follow you not because they are really interested but because of the duty to reciprocate. Others stop following you as soon as you unfollow and your followers drop when you decide to remove all the people you have followed.

Not to mention automatic comments. They are now clear to everyone and no one thinks of the likes anymore.

You realize that it takes a good strategy to use these powerful tools in the right way.

If you need help with defining your custom Instagram strategy and you don’t know how to use bots, you can find my contacts on this page.

Write me below if you have any other questions or to deepen some aspect. I’ll be happy to answer you.

You can introduce the harsh reality of Instagram bots to some friends who might be interested by sharing this article with the buttons below!

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Well, that’s all for today. See you next time!


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