Instagram Checkout: the novelty to sell on Instagram

On Father’s Day, March 19th, Instagram gives life to a new feature that will allow users to buy directly on the platform, without necessarily having to be redirected to the site of the brand from which they want to purchase a product or service: this feature is called Checkout.

In a way, the circle comes full circle. If before, thanks to the Instagram Shopping function, we were already able to sell (and therefore buy) on Instagram, from now on it will be even easier and more immediate, since it will not be more necessary to go to the e-commerce site.

But let’s see how Instagram Checkout works.

How Instagram Checkout works

Imagine scrolling through the Instagram feed as you always do, finally finding something that catches your eye, a product you like or have always thought about buying, but still haven’t found the motivation to do so.

The product photo is marked with the handbag symbol, right there at the bottom left, and clicking on it brings up the product prices you see, which means a only thing: they can be purchased online. But this already is, what you do not know and what you will see is that clicking on the product tag, to see its details, you will also see the “Checkout on Instagram” button. What does this mean? That you can complete the purchase with just a couple of more clicks, without leaving Instagram.

You will then receive notifications from Instagram relating to your orders and you can decide to save the data entered for future purchases.

Can you perceive the ease with which we will be able to buy what we see?

Put a hand on your heart and one on your wallet, because it will be so easy that it will probably lead us to spend more than we spend today.

But this is just lucky for you who sell online, that you need to be ready to face this huge concession.

To better understand how Checkout works, in the official Instagram release you will also find a video that shows exactly what this new shopping experience on Instagram will be like.

The feature is currently in beta only in the US and will be released (at the moment) only to certain brands such as Zara, Burberry, Dior and many more.

What the advent of Instagram Checkout will bring

The considerations you will read below are my own, based on my experience and my confidence with the platform.

Instagram Checkout is a revolution in online sales, is the first ever social network that allows you to buy directly on its platform, giving the user an easy and immediate, working in absolute transparency (since you can always keep track of your order and payments).

As I anticipated, you have to be ready, you have to arm yourself with all the tools that will help us cope with this new function, which will certainly encourage and increase our sales through Instagram.

In view of this, think about how to intensify your presence on the platform, relying on someone who can monitor your Instagram account constantly or following my Easygram course to learn how to manage your profile personally , like a pro.

It also tries to better manage your customer service through the various messaging services, because more and more users will prefer to contact you via email. The immediacy of our response will greatly increase the likelihood that the user who contacts us will finalize his purchase with us.

In this period of running-in by the big names in the sector, try to prepare yourself and equip yourself with all the resources that will help you face the effects of a new way of conceiving online purchases: Social Commerce.

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