Instagram doesn’t work: what to do

One of the most used social networks in the world is the well-known social network with the Polaroid icon. This platform, acquired by Mark Zuckerberg a few years ago, allows you to post photos and videos, share stories and much more.

Like any software application, there are downsides to the platform. We do not know when they may occur, but it is right to draw up a useful vademecum to use when Instagram isn’t working . In such a way that we are not unprepared.

It is widely used by young people, but also by not so young people, it is estimated that about one billion people use it on a daily basis. Although it has not yet reached the numbers of Facebook, it remains one of the most used applications, thanks also to the direct messages that allow you to exchange messages between users.

The 13 June , for example, one of these moments occurred. In fact, users literally panicked. Fortunately, within a few hours, everything was back to normal. Keep reading the guide and in no time you will be able to find out what to do when Instagram is down and how to fix the problem (assuming the problem is yours).

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Check the internet connection

I know, it will seem trivial, but it often happens that a user encounters a malfunction of apps and websites and then realizes not be connected to the internet . We already saw this when I told you how to check if WhatsApp is not working.

Avoid this error and, before you panic, make sure your internet connection is fully functional. Doing it from your smartphone is really very simple. Just open your browser of choice and try type an address , for example

If the website loads correctly and quickly, then you can rule out problems with your connection and move on to other hypotheses. I also recommend that you perform a speed test of your ADSL, in order to avoid problems related to the slowness of your connection.

If everything works in the right way, then the problem is not in your connection. Let’s go ahead and analyze the next steps you can follow.

Try logging out

The second thing you can do, is to try log out from the user with whom you are registered and connected to Instagram. In fact, it happens that problems related to users occur, in this case it may be necessary to use the logout / login procedure.

To disconnect from Instagram just go to your profile icon, your profile picture so to speak. Once you have entered your profile, you will find, at the top left (at least in this version), a wheel icon. Click on it and a menu will open. The last entry is Exit

Sloggati da Instagram
Log out of Instagram

By clicking on Log out you will be logged out of your account, you just have to log in again and cross your fingers. How do you say? nothing has been resolved? Okay, don’t worry. Let’s continue and analyze other possible scenarios.

Access from PC or Mac

Many times, the problem could be related to your smartphone, or to the Instagram application, be it for Android or iOS. An attempt could be to access instagram and use it from a different device, such as your PC or Mac.

Doing it is very simple, just open the browser and go to Now all you have to do is log in normally with your account.

The version of Instagram for PC, of ​​course, has some peculiarities. First of all, you will not be able to publish content, but only view it. Don’t worry though, there is a trick to remedy this situation.

If you are on Chrome you just need to access the developer tools , reachable using the F12 key , through the context menu that opens with the right mouse button, or through the options of Google Chrome.

From here you have the possibility to test as if you were on a smartphone. Select from the top menu a phone model , for example iPhone X, and you will have all, or almost all, of the Instagram app features available. I have already shown you this functionality in detail, when we saw how to publish content on Instagram using a PC or Mac.

Come accedere ad Instagram da PC
How to access Instagram from PC

Try it from another smartphone

It may seem trivial, but in debugging the possible problems, the first thing you can do is to try to log in with another smartphone, or ask your friend if you have the same problems as you.

So, at the very least, you will be able to understand if the problem is limited to your user, or if it is a widespread problem. As they say… common sickness, half joy!

So ask a friend of yours to access the well-known social network and check if they have any problems connecting. A simple, perhaps trivial, but always effective method to test the functioning of social networks and websites.

Make sure it is not a collective problem

Continuing with the previous point, as I told you, there are often times when Instagram does not work for one reason or another and it is important to understand if it is a problem restricted to your user or it is a down worldwide.

In addition to asking your friends, as I advised you above, you could also search Google for the keyword “ Instagram down ” followed by the current date or verify directly on specific sites such as DownDetector.

When these events occur, in fact, the web starts to be full of articles that report anomalies. It is above all the newspapers that carry them out. If it is a worldwide down, you can be sure that someone will talk about it and spread it on the net in a very short time.

Please wait

How do you say? have you tried all the steps in the guide, but Instagram isn’t working yet and doesn’t really want to know to recover? Are you dying to see your friends’ stories, but they just don’t load?

My dear, you just have to wait . After all, even the developers of Instagram are human and some problems can always happen. Take this opportunity to really socialize with the people you love, read a book, play outdoors. I am convinced that nothing irreparable will happen if you don’t use Instagram for a few hours.

It is sad, in fact, to read about how many people panic about an application malfunction. Life is out there, not on a screen and we should always remember that.

Sit back and wait, you will see that Instagram will work by itself again , without any action on your part.


As we have seen, there are several methods to try to use Instagram even when he does not want to know and understand what are the causes of the malfunction and if they depend in some way on us.

There are, however, events that are beyond our control . In that case we just have to wait and wait trivially for everything to return to normal.

If you have any doubts about this guide or any step is unclear, do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help you and understand together why you can’t get the well-known social network to work on your device.

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