INSTAGRAM ELIMINATES LIKES: How will we do without the red heart?

Instagram removes likes from photos.

This is what I read in the first line of @inthefrow’s caption when I decide to take a moment to relax and scroll through the Instagram feed.

Profilo Instagram Inthe frow

Panic assails me.

Oh yes, because when you don’t use the platform just for fun, you get a heart attack every time the social network changes something.

You know that anything could affect the visibility of your content and therefore everything related to it.

Not only that! Many fashion bloggers earn thanks to that little heart.

This blog,, began to exist and to have its first visits thanks to Instagram and the fact that it has chosen a very specific niche on Instagram.

When you have no experience of the dynamics of the web and want to make known what you do, there is nothing better than spreading everything on social media and starting to gain notoriety.

It’s a pity that Instagram often has a lot of tantrums and we’re always at the mercy of an algorithm that doesn’t work for us.

I already told you about how much we are victims of social media when I described the future of Instagram.

Today I want to talk to you about this news that has exploded on the web for a few weeks.

This is the news that Instagram deletes likes from the platform .

Will it all be fake? A click-bait news? Or there is some truth.

I started looking.

Now you’ll find out what’s really going to happen on the platform in a little while and what it all means for influencers and those who spend money on advertising.

In this video I tell you about 3 good things that could happen.

You can check it out right away before you start! 😀

Wait a minute!

I’ve also included another fantastic video in the article.

A US TV unveiled the new features and shows how Instagram will look at the end of these updates.

I can’t wait to show it to you.

Let’s go !

How did the news come out that Instagram deletes likes?

18 April 2019

Jane Manchun Wong .

Crazy girl from Honk Kong who enjoys discovering features not yet released by social networks just for fun , as she writes in her Twitter bio of her.

She openly declares that she does not work for Instagram and Facebook.

She’s the one who discovered it all.

she started probing the Instagram code and found this Beta version for developers only in which there was no trace of likes .

Here’s the tweet she posted right after her sensational discovery of her.

Incredible how news like this can suddenly increase a person’s notoriety.

And how in your free time something can be born that will bring you more success than your main job.

That’s how it went.

Wong discovered this feature that went around the world right away.

I couldn’t believe it when a friend of mine contacts me to send me one of the many articles floating around the web.

It almost seemed like fake news, so I wanted to clarify and write my own.

Everyone who works with social media is always taken by all the implications that every slightest change causes.

Follow me in the next paragraph and I’ll explain how things really are and how the platform will be modified (there is also the video of American TV!).

Why Instagram deletes likes

Instagram doesn’t delete likes!

As I originally thought.

What it will do, perhaps, is just hide the count .

What does this mean?

That it will no longer be possible for your followers to see how many likes she took a photo but only YOU will be able to see it.

The video below shows how the feed will look after this change.

But let’s keep reading what influencer @inthefrow, who works with Instagram, thinks about this probable change.

My feelings are very mixed, but first of all I feel it will be more liberating and regenerating for many people; especially children and teenagers , but also creators and those who use Instagram as part of their work.

There are so many creative and innovative people on this platform who produce content that is spectacular to watch, but which does not get the recognition they deserve . Without the like count to ‘validate’ what we do, everyone can create content they can be proud of without the pressure of having to have lots of likes.

About 18 months ago, I was feeling anxious every time I posted because I was worried that the algorithm was not on my side that day. And after posting, I felt disappointed if the photo didn’t get the performance of the previous days. It may sound weird, but that’s the pressure you feel when you want to get serious.

Fortunately I don’t feel the same thing right now but deleting the likes will remove that feeling of inadequacy for many people, including myself. So I look forward to it and feel that people will post the images they like rather than the ones that the algorithm will like. ❤️

What do you think? You can vote with the stars below!

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Anxiety, pressure, inadequacy.

These are all feelings that I have felt and feel firsthand every time I post a photo.

It may sound strange, but it may have happened to you too.

Even if you are not the influencer on duty and your work does not depend on Instagram.

The truth is that we need social acceptance. We are intimately insecure.

If you add to this that your career depends on red hearts, then the count of likes sends you instantly to the psychologist.

Why does Instagram want to remove likes?

App developers are always looking for new features that can improve the user experience more and more .

It is well known that they want us to spend as much time on the platform as possible, but what happens if we don’t feel comfortable or don’t get the desired results?

We leave her and that’s the end of the story.

Either we move to some other social network or, even better, go for a nice walk outdoors.

The official reason for this like test therefore seems to be “ focus on what you share, not how many likes you get “.

That is alleviate psychological disorders not only of teenagers but also of content creators who are linked to that damn number.

In England even the British government has intervened on the matter.

It seems that kids are increasingly tied to the number of likes as a social proof.

So, the developers have thought about hiding the number and leaving it private.

Only the account owner can actually see how many hearts the photo took.

There are rumors on the web that there will be a button that will allow you to show and hide the count at will.

But there is also another official reason.

It seems that the likes will also be hidden for privacy reasons.

Governments and organizations are now attacking these social platforms in all ways regarding privacy and data processing.

At the top of the company they announce that privacy will start from likes, up to touching deeper aspects of the platform.

This is just the beginning , they said.

It looks like there will be a turnaround.

Social was born as a place where everything was made public.

Now the Facebook / Instagram teams seem to want to turn them into something more private.

communities in which it is possible to exchange information with greater confidentiality and in which there will be much more space for privacy.

At the moment this future is still far away but I’m really curious to see how this will evolve.

These are the official reasons, but is there more?

Follow me in the next paragraph!

An unconventional opinion

I don’t think privacy is a good reason to justify such a radical change.

Perhaps the best user experience could be.

But the psychological implications and teen obsession are certainly not the main reason why such drastic changes are implemented.

Or not?

My views are always very materialistic, so I hope you can accept them.

But this is how the business world works .

There are a lot of shareholders involved behind these social networks and they can’t afford to make a bad move.

I think Instagram deletes likes for two main reasons .

First reason

Social interactions are decreasing.

People are liking less and less .

A bit for the natural development of the platform. Instagram itself is decreasing the visibility of posts more and more to push people to buy paid advertising.

Eliminating the number of likes will hopefully revive natural interactions .

This should work.

People focus more on the content and like because they really like the photo rather because it has already taken thousands of likes before.

This increases the value of sponsorship and they all lived happily ever after.

Second reason

Over time, many strategies have emerged to artificially increase the number of likes of posts. Also thanks to the use of automations and Instagram bots.

I’ll explain some of them when I talk about the 20 techniques to grow on Instagram.

By the way, if you want to increase your Instagram followers you can download the free guide in which I explain the 8 techniques to create a following worth thousands of €.

Just fill in the fields below!

Precisely because the number of red hearts is considered very important to evaluate the value of an account and often, even of a person, we focus a lot on post optimization from the point of view of likes .

My idea is that Instagram wants to destroy this phenomenon once and for all by making the number of likes less and less important.

As it is already happening!

Before, it was possible to make yourself known, be noticed and win new followers simply by liking photos of strangers.

Now, the most popular form of interaction is undoubtedly the comment .

We no longer pay attention to those who like us but prefer to interact directly with people.

But that’s not all! On Instagram there are people who work there and spend time and money trying to grow and activate the audience.

What happens to brands and influencers if Instagram deletes their likes?

Follow me to the next paragraph!

What will happen to brands and influencers

Instagram deletes likes , but not immediately!

You can relax.

This is something that will happen in the long run.

Did you see how it works in the video?

For brands and influencers, this could have a double effect.

Small introduction.

It is not certain that Instagram decides to activate this feature on all accounts, perhaps only on normal profiles.

Likes are important tokens of appreciation for brands and creators who need to measure their performance in some way.

There’s some money at stake.

In case it is implemented for everyone, doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing .

People often don’t like photos that have already taken a lot of hearts.

Therefore, eliminating the count could benefit those creators who publish crazy content.

Paradoxically, the likes could increase because the followers don’t have the prejudice of being liking a photo that has already received thousands.

Conversely, there may also be people who are liking just because the post already has so many.

We’ll see!

In any case the platform will be more authentic , allowing you to appreciate the contents not based on the number of hearts but on their real value.

This translates to: I like it regardless of what others do!

Do you agree with this statement? You can tell me with the stars below! 😀

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What do you think?

What do you think of the uncounted posts you saw in the video?

Write me in the comments below how you deal with posts with lots of likes.

Like immediately to support the work of influencers / creators or do you tend to like photos with few likes because they already have so many ?

Let’s open the discussions below!

See you soon.

Firma Monica Pirozzi

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