Instagram engagement groups: how to enter and increase engagement

Are you ready to improve your instagram account, using engagement groups to increase likes, comments and followers? In this case, keep reading because you’ll see some good ones!

Instagram engagement groups are on Telegram, and they are very fashionable among influencers, the hard part is finding a good one and get an invitation . If you want to join the best engagement groups, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll show you in detail how an Instagram engagement group works and so you can choose which group type is ideal for you.

Engagement groups can help you increase your engagement exponentially, highlight your posts on the instagram explore page, go viral, and gain hundreds to thousands of new followers. But it takes time, patience and a lot of dedication to see the results.

The two main types of engagement instagram groups

gruppi engagement instagram

Groups to list

The first type of engagement groups is the “list” one, its operation is very simple in the chat of the telegram group each member who wants to participate in the round will have to like or comment or in some cases both based on the number of “DX” these can be Dx30 (list of 30 posts), Dx10 (list of 10 posts)

So, the chat is controlled by a bot that will take care of responding to commands and checking if the interactions have been performed, to participate in groups you will need to activate the bot within the chat, always within the chat you will have to send the command / list at this point the bot will send you a list of the latest posts you need to interact with in private chat.

Once you have liked and / or comments on all posts you will need to go back to the group chat and send the link of your post, writing Dx (group number) (the link must be clean, then delete from the link everything that goes from the? onwards example:

Wrong : Dx30

Right : Dx30

After sending your link the bot will check if you actually interacted with the posts, and only if you have performed all the interactions your link will be approved and included in the list, and you will receive the next 30 likes and / or comments to your post

here are some list groups to which you can enter:

Time-based groups

The basic operation of time-based groups is the same as for list groups, the the only difference is that the list that the bot will send this time will not be composed of the last few posts, but rather from the posts sent in a certain amount of time, they can be the last 3 hours, 12 hours or even the last 24 hours

here are some timed groups you can join:

Why Telegram engagement groups are indispensable

You are not the first to discover how these groups work, in fact they have been influencers use them to be where they are, which is why you can’t help but increase your engagement if you want to have an account as big as theirs

The higher the engagement in a post and the faster you get it, the more likely the post is to be highlighted by the instagram algorithm, You will get more organic interactions, the reach of your post will increase and you will have more followers

So, the bigger the group, the better the results, but don’t forget about the instagram limits, in fact you can only put 50-60 likes and comments per hour, so I recommend using multiple accounts to bring likes to yours main posts, but how do you do it?

when you participate in an engagement group on telegram, the bot assumes that the account with which you interacted with the posts on the list is the same one you want to receive interactions with, but if would you like to bypass the algorithm and participate in multiple groups at the same time?

In this case you will need to enter the name of the account with which you like and / or comments before the link like this:

Dx30 @ account2

By doing this the bot will understand that you have interacted with account2 but you want to receive interactions in account1

PS: not all groups allow it, first read the rules of each one

in this way you can get 2-3 or 10 times the engagement that you would get using only one account at a time, and greatly increase the chances of entering the explore page,

but what happens when your posts end up on the explore page? well you might get results like these:

telegram pods

… plus a huge spike in views, likes and comments! These large increases in engagement can cause spikes in follower growth like these:

gruppi like instagram

But first, it’s important to clarify the basics of Instagram’s growth. Without having a good foundation to build on, it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve these results.

How does viral growth like this happen?

Once one of your posts lands on instagram’s explore page, this post will be seen by a much larger audience than before, but that’s not all!

You’ll also need to make sure to post on schedule. better for your audience, if you know what time your followers are most active, it will be very likely that your next followers are online too when you go and intercept them on the explore page.

if you only participate in a few groups it will be difficult to have the necessary boost to send you in the explorer, so my advice, if you really want to grow your page quickly (100k-200k followers already in the first year) you will have to participate in at least 6 rounds of likes and 4 rounds of comments every 3 hours for 4-5 times for each new post

which means 700-900 likes and 150-200 more comments on each single post.

the last factor that will literally make your account splash on the explore page is to use the best hashtags to attract rre new followers, with these 3 factors your account will have no more rivals.

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