Instagram: find out who visits your profile

If you are curious to know who spies your profile on the well-known social network, then you are in the right place. Instagram, which has recently joined the Facebook family, is one of the most used social networks in the world. Around one billion people use it every day via their smartphone. In the past we have already seen how to find out about the likes put on Instagram.

If you are looking in every way to find out who visits the Instagram profile , continue reading and we will see together what you can do to understand it. Many of us, in fact, would like at all costs to know if the person we like comes every now and then to visit our profile, or if that ex, who is still in our thoughts, feels nostalgia for us every now and then. / p>

This function, however, is also sought after by companies that invest in Instagram which, probably, will want to understand if they are in the sights of competitors .

Not only companies, but also influencers could be interested in this feature . So let’s see the strategies we can put in place to do it.

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Know who spies on Instagram

Let’s go from the million dollar question? Can you know who spies on your Instagram profile ? Unfortunately, the answer is no !

Instagram, in fact, does not allow you to have a precise detail of who has seen your post in the feed, or who has opened your profile.

This feature does not exist yet. However, if you have a business account, you will be aware of the number of visitors your post has gotten. It’s not much, but it’s still something. You will therefore only be able to know the number of users, but not find out their username.

Instagram, in reality, has that data available, but has decided not to share them with users, in order to preserve privacy . There are, however, other ways to tell if the person you like is interested in your content. Don’t be disheartened, then. Let’s go on and see how to do it together.

App to know who spies the Instagram profile

Nowadays there are applications for everything. Want to see that there is no app to find out who spies on Instagram ? Sorry to disappoint you, although you may find many apps on Google Play that promise to do this, none will actually bring you the expected benefits.

These are very often ad-filled apps > from which I advise you to stay away. All they do is display usernames randomly, making you believe that they are actually visitors to your profile. Don’t be fooled and, above all, don’t buy premium packages. Believe me, you would spend your money unnecessarily.

If Instagram has decided not to release this feature, there is no developer in the world who can get you into this secret, unshared data. Before wasting time on useless searches, therefore, I recommend that you give up this road now because it won’t lead you to anything good. At most you will be able to find some malware in your smartphone and I don’t think that’s your goal!

Create a business profile

How to said, the first method you have available, to know at least the number of people viewing your post, is to create an Instagram business account .

The account Business, among other things, allows you to obtain advanced statistics and is therefore ideal for this purpose. In addition, with the active Business account, you will also be able to sponsor your posts. It is certainly a great way to make yourself known on social media and increase your number of followers .

Creating a Business account is very simple, just follow these steps:

  • Open the app of Instagram
  • Go to your profile
  • Tap up right
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Account
  • Enter the switch by tapping on Switch to Professional Account
  • Tap on Business
  • Add your details like your business category and contact information
  • Perfect, now you just have to take advantage of the opportunities of Business account and view the statistics offered by the platform.

    dati statistici instagram business
    Instagram Business statistics

    Leverage stories

    Le Instagram stories are nothing more than moments you choose to share with your friends. This is highly interactive content, which will be visible to other users for a duration of 24 hours . After that they will disappear, unless you decide to save them.

    Stories are now the most used content by users and are slowly replacing the content of the feed. The good news this time around is that Instagram lets you know who viewed your story .

    Sure, they won’t be like visits to your account but trust me if a person always looks at your stories is very likely to have an interest in you!

    Making a story is very simple, just follow these steps:

    • Open the Instagram app
    • Click on + in top left in correspondence with your photo
    • Create content to be included in your story
    • Tap Save

    Now your story will be visible to your friends . Wait a few minutes and, returning to your story, you will be able to find out who viewed it. This operation is very simple.

    To know who viewed your story you will need to follow these steps:

    • Open the app of Instagram
    • Click on your photo in top left
    • View your story
    • Tap bottom left
    • View the list of people who have seen that particular story


    As you have seen, unfortunately Instagram does not allow you to know who spies your profile by default, however there are tricks that they can undoubtedly prove useful.

    My advice is to leverage stories to achieve your goal. It is undoubtedly the simplest method and allows you to save time looking for a solution that, believe me, does not currently exist.

    So don’t be duped by those who promise you more, because it is currently not possible take advantage of a native Instagram function, nor take advantage of external apps suitable for this purpose.

    If you are interested only in numbers, for mere statistical purposes, then I recommend you switch to the Instagram Business account. This type of account is totally free and will allow you to access this data quickly and easily.

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