Instagram: how to delete received messages

In the age of social media, privacy seems to be more and more of a utopia, but in the end it is up to us to choose what to show and what not. Maintaining privacy is also (and above all) very important in real life. Nowadays on social networks there are many users who share their lives making Stories, recording brief moments of their day.

Commenting on a Story means sending a real message in Direct to the person who posted the Story. Maybe you didn’t even know, that’s why today I’m going to try to show you how to delete messages received on Instagram

If you fear that some friend who is a little too intrusive may poke their nose among the messages that you have exchanged with other Instagram users and would like to delete these conversations you have come to the right place.

Fortunately, everything is remedied and technology, once again, is on our side. In this article I will explain how to do it from Android and iOS devices.

Make yourself comfortable and dedicate a few minutes of your time to me and I will show you how to delete the direct received on the well-known social network to protect your privacy. We all have at least one nosy friend who, as soon as the perfect opportunity presents itself, can’t wait to browse our social chats.

By following my advice you will no longer have problems, you will be able to delete in a very simple way all messages received. Your “spy” friend, or your partner, will have to resign! Ready?

Follow me in the next paragraphs and implement the simple tips that I am about to suggest to you to remove the direct messages you received on Instagram forever and quickly. Let’s go!

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What are messages on Instagram?

Let’s start from the basics. I messages on Instagram are an important feature of this very popular social network. Although it is mainly used for posting photos by tagging them with the now famous hashtags, videos and recently Stories, the amazing platform with the colored Polaroid icon also offers a feature called Instagram Direct .

Thanks to this particular function you can exchange private messages among other users registered on the social network. As I told you before, in the era of Instagram Stories, starting a conversation on Instagram is very fast and very intuitive.

Just comment with a reaction a Story and it opens automatically a conversation. If you have ever received an uncomfortable message or that you do not want to share with other people who might read it by mistake by taking your smartphone, keep following me and I will explain how to delete it in simple steps.

Instagram gives you the ability to delete a single sent message or the entire conversation. In short, you don’t have to worry in the least: removing unwanted messages is really a breeze.

Why you should want to delete a message on Instagram

There are several reasons for which you should want to make a message received or sent on Instagram disappear. It can happen to everyone to accidentally send a not very nice message, misspell a word and not want to look bad or even not be able to express a concept as we would like.

If you see yourself in these examples, most likely you thought more than once of wanting to retrace your steps and have the opportunity to rethink that message to send to a friend or a possible customer but you have not succeeded.

Then there are those who hate receiving continuously messages from users who use bots and therefore go to clog the Instagram chat and the only alternative to regain free space in the “inbox” is to delete messages received .

Also, among the many reasons why you should you could evaluate the importance of removing a message on Instagram there is certainly the privacy factor to be reckoned with. If in your circle of friends there is the snoop on duty who is waiting for nothing but browsing through the messages of your social chats, the option to delete messages on Instagram is absolutely not to be ignored.

Last , but not least. there is the jealousy factor . If your partner is extremely jealous and obsessed with your social life to avoid unnecessary discussions, deleting Instagram conversations that may appear “uncomfortable” is definitely the best choice you can make.

What deleting a message on Instagram entails

If you decide to delete a message received on Instagram, after carrying out the operation following the advice I am about to suggest, I warn you that the user you are chatting with will no longer see the message or the content you deleted.

Your message will vanish into thin air, as if it never existed. Puff! Obviously this is only valid if the user has not previously viewed your message, otherwise it will not be useless to delete it.

Furthermore, I remind you that it is not possible to cancel the sending of a message of others . You cannot delete the single message that another user sent in Direct on Instagram. The only viable alternative in this case is to delete the entire conversation.

In summary: if you want to delete a received message, an awkward or private message that you don’t want anyone to read the only thing you want to to do is to delete the conversation with the user in question.

Delete a message on Instagram from Android

If you want to delete Instagram conversations directly from the app on your Android device, follow these simple and quick steps:

  • Launch the app on your smartphone
  • Log in your account (if required)
  • Tap on the house symbol located at the bottom left
  • Pigia on the red dot with the number corresponding to the new messages received
  • Locate the conversation you want to delete

  • Long press on the conversation to delete
  • Press on the voice Delete from the menu that opens
  • Confirm the operation by pressing once again on the Delete
  • item

    Delete a message on Instagram from iOS on iPhone and iPAD

    To delete a message with “inconvenient” pouring on Instagram directly from iOS on your iPhone or IPAD, the steps to perform are similar to those I have listed for Android devices. Here’s what you need to do:

    • Launch the app on your smartphone
    • Log in to your account (if required)
    • Tap on the house symbol located at the bottom left
    • Then press on the airplane icon top right
    • After identifying the conversation you want to delete swipe from right to left on it
    • Now press the button Delete
    • In the menu that opens, select the Delete item again to confirm the deletion of the chat


    As you may have seen, deleting a conversation on Instagram is really very simple and intuitive. At the moment it is not possible to delete a single message received , so the operations I have recommended for both Android and iOS are the only ones able to come to your rescue if you want to delete messages received in Direct.

    I remind you that once you have deleted the entire conversation, it will no longer be visible in your mail but will continue to be visible to the other user.

    Protecting privacy has never been like this as important as today and with this little guide you will surely be able to keep it from prying eyes.

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