Instagram: how to do the Quentin Tarantino effect

If you want to understand how you can get the Tarantino effect on Instagram then you’ve come to the right place. If you came here it is because, most likely, you saw a story from one of your friends on Instagram with a great filter that immediately caught your attention.

For a moment, you saw your friend catapulted , as if by magic, in a film by the great Hollywood director and now you want to understand how to replicate that filter with your smartphone.

Today I will explain how to create stories using the filter created to pay homage to the director of Italian origins, Hollywood genius and mind of numerous successful films such as “Le Iene”, “Django”, “Pulp Fiction” and many others.

But let’s go in order and , before moving on to the technical side, let’s try to understand what you can achieve with this filter and why use it in your photos to amaze your followers.

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What is the Tarantino effect of Instagram

Before understanding how to get this filter, it is good that I explain meg lio what it consists of. In fact, you may not know at all what it is or you may have an idea that is too vague. That’s why I will try to briefly explain what it is and why you should include it in your next stories.

For sure, at least once in your life, you will have had the pleasure of enjoying a film directed by director Quentin Tarantino. This director usually gives his films a truly unique touch, through calligraphic fonts, impact music and surreal colors.

The influence that Tarantino has on popular culture is truly immense, enough to push some of his fans to create several filters in his honor. There are several, but currently the most used is the one created by the user suemicriscuolo. This filter allows you to create a story with the intro of the well-known film Pulp Fiction in the background.

At first glance, perhaps, you would not know how to identify it, but I assure you that listening to the first notes the memories will emerge in your mind. If you don’t believe us, I’ll leave you the link to the Youtube video of the theme.

The filter, in addition to giving your photos a particular contrast and, as mentioned, insert in the background the soundtrack of one of the most famous films of the director, it also allows you to insert the words “Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino” .

really cult.

After this short introduction, you should be pretty clear. If not, you can find below a screenshot of the final result you will get.

filtro instagram tarantino nelle storie

How to get the Tarantino filter

Let’s move on now to the practical part. Unfortunately, this filter is not included by default within Instagram. You will therefore have to search for it through the menu located at the bottom of the stories section.

Let’s proceed calmly and see together all the steps you will need to perform to get the Tarantino filter in your stories of Instagram. Here are all the operations you will need to carry out.

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone
  • Tap your profile image , located at the top left
  • From the bottom menu, scroll to the right until you reach the item Search effects
  • First on the search lens at the top right
  • In the search bar type Tarantino Movie
  • Tap the first filter top left Tarantino Movie by suemicriscuolo
  • Tap Try to start using it
  • Publish your story

Tarantino movie

Easy right? In a few simple steps you were able to apply a truly stunning filter to your story. From now on the filter is installed on your Instagram, which means that you can easily find it next time, without having to search for it again.


As we have seen , adding a filter to your photos on Instagram is really simple and allows you to amaze your followers. Obviously, Tarantino’s is just one of the many filters that are created every day by users of the well-known social network. So you just have to look for new ones and free your imagination.

Filters help you embellish your photos and are great for getting more interactions from your friends. A quick and easy way to get new followers and keep the attention of your loyal ones.

This is just one of the many filters available. I invite you to browse them all and have fun trying them. In another guide, for example, I talked about the filter that allows you to insert a huge nose on your face. I think you may like it!

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