Instagram: how to have the pink hair filter

Instagram filters are now revolutionizing the well-known social network with the Polaroid icon, through increasingly creative and engaging stories for your audience. Today we will see together how to have and use the pink hair filter on Instagram .

In the past we have already seen several of these filters together. I taught you to turn your Instagram story into a real Quentin Tarantino set, we saw how to stretch your nose making it like Pinocchio’s or, again, how to turn your story into a fun Japanese manga.

Today, however, we will see this new filter, colorful and fun, which will help you entertain your followers in a really simple way. You can enjoy coloring your or your friends’ hair pink.

Surely you’ve seen other friends of yours use it in the past and have always wondered how they did it. Today this secret will be revealed to you. Make yourself comfortable and read on, in the blink of an eye you will be able to master this filter to perfection!

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What is the pink hair Instagram filter

Before seeing how to use it, it is good that I briefly explain to you what this filter is . This effect will allow you in a very simple way to change the color of your hair which will then take on a pink shade .

To use it, just download it on your Instagram and use it by pointing the camera towards you. You can create simple photos, but also shoot real videos. The filter will continue to work and, for the duration of the recording, your hair will be pink.

Instagram colorare i capelli di rosa

Definitely an easy way to change your features and impress your followers who will think you’ve really chosen to go to the hairdresser for a new look. The filter, in fact, is highly realistic and, I’m sure, you too will be surprised by the result!

How to insert the pink hair filter on Instagram

Now let’s move on to practical part and let’s get to the heart of this short guide. I start by telling you that you can use this filter on both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone, it changes little. The way to use the filter is almost identical.

The funny thing is that you can also use photos that you already have in the memory of your smartphone. In this way, you can also apply the effect to photos of your friends or famous people.

Here are the operations you will need to perform to use the Instagram pink hair filter. The instructions, as I told you, are valid for both Android and iOS devices:

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone
  • Go tap on your profile image , located at the top left
  • From the bottom menu, scroll right until you reach the item Search effects
  • Click on the search lens at the top right
  • In the search bar type Pink Hair
  • Tap on the first filter at the top left Pink Hair by Irun2.0
  • Tap on Try to start using it
  • If you like the filter, download it to your camera
  • Publish your story


As you have seen, changing the hair color thanks to an Instagram filter is really very simple and you can do this as many times as you want i.

Use this filter to amaze your friends and have fun with them, I’m sure they will all be amazed to see your virtual “new look”.

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