Instagram: how to repost and reshare content

Instagram is by right one of the most used social networks in the world. The statistics speak of over a billion active users. Being on Instagram is undoubtedly fun: you can scroll through the feed and watch the content of your friends and, in general, your favorite influencers .

As creative as you may be, However, there will always come a time when you want to re-share content from third parties. I think it’s natural for this to happen. You are there to scroll down your feed and a single shot passes before your eyes and you can’t wait to insert it in your profile to share it with your friends (mentioning the original author of course ).

Too bad you can’t find the share button. Why? No need to search, that button does not exist. It will seem strange to you, in fact, that a social network as such does not allow the sharing of content, but Instagram aims to stimulate the creativity of the individual has therefore never frowned upon the practice of repost.

Fortunately, there are other ways to do this. In today’s article I will try to explain them all, in the end you will be the one to choose the best method to repost on Instagram .

PLEASE NOTE: Being to the terms of use of Instagram, the practice of reposting is allowed, but it is always better to contact the author in advance to inform him of your intentions.

Nobody, in fact, likes to see their photo on the wall of one unknown: don’t you think? Regardless of Instagram’s rules, it is a good rule , which should always be respected. If you can also tag the original author of the post, he will be delighted.

Table of contents

Reposting a post

The content you can post on Instagram are basically of two types: posts to be included in the feed and stories. In the first part of the guide, we will see together how to repost a post . The post is purely static content that will show off on your wall until you remove it, unlike the stories that disappear within 24 hours, unless you save them.

Content, therefore, non-volatile and that will end up on your profile. Think carefully about what to post in the feed as it will remain visible to all your friends and not only: it all depends on the privacy you have set.

Reposting a post, as mentioned, is a practice allowed by Instagram within the terms of use, however it is good practice always to quote the original author of the shot and warn him of your intentions through a comment or a direct message .

To repost a post on your profile, all you have to do is take a screenshot or use a third-party application that takes care of this. In the following chapters we will analyze both possibilities, then you will be the one to choose the one that’s right for you.

I usually don’t use external apps, I just take a screenshot, but I also understand that it all depends on the how often you repost on your wall. If it is an operation you do often, it is good that you start thinking about using a special tool that will allow you to do it in the shortest possible time.


The first option I am about to offer you is to simply take a screenshot of the post you want to share and then cut out the part you are interested in.

This is undoubtedly the simpler method that can be used on both iOS and Android without the need to download additional applications for this purpose.

The steps you will need to take are as follows:

As you have seen, it’s a really simple operation. How do you say? Not sure how to take a screenshot? Don’t worry, I’ll briefly explain how to do it on both Android and iOS.

To take a screenshot on Android:

  • Go to the screen you want to take
  • Simultaneously press the Volume down and Power key
  • A kind of flash
  • will appear on the screen

  • Look for the screenshot in the Gallery of the phone

To take a screenshot on iOS:

  • Go to the screen you want to shoot
  • Simultaneously press the Center button and Power button
  • A sort of flash and a thumbnail will appear at the bottom left
  • Look for the screenshot in the Gallery of your phone

Using Repost for Instagram

The first app that I am going to introduce you and that you will need to make a repost on Instagram, is called Repost for Instagram and is available both for iOS and Android.

Repost for Instagram makes it easy to repost your photos and videos on Instagram by giving credits directly to the original author of the post, without you doing anything. It is a very intuitive app, with excellent reviews in the iOS version, a little less on the Android version.

The operation is very simple: when you find something you want to post on Instagram, it is enough copy the share URL while you have Repost for Instagram open. Then, in the Repost, you can place the attribution mark.

Let’s see in detail what are the steps to take to use the app:

  • Download the ‘app from Play Store or App Store by clicking on the relevant links
  • Open the Repost for Instagram application
  • Open Instagram
  • Reach the content you want to share
  • Tap on the three dots at the top right
  • Copy the URL of the post
    copia l'url
  • Return to the Repost for Instagram app
  • Share the content on your profile

Using DownloadGram

Another simple way to repost is to download content from Instagram and then recharge it. To do this you can use this site: DownloadGram which allows you to download photos and videos from Instagram simply by entering the URL in the central input that you find on the website.

This is a very simple method , especially useful if you usually use your PC to enjoy Instagram content. Please note that the site contains some invasive advertising, so be careful where you click and, if possible, use extensions such as AdBlocker.

Here are the steps you will need to take to download from DownloadGram and reshare:

  • Open your browser
  • Type in the address bar or click on the link
  • Copy the URL of the content you want to reshare
  • Paste the URL into the main bar
  • Click on the Download
  • button

  • Click on the Download Image button
    downloadgram download image
  • Open Instagram
  • Share the post quoting the original author

Reposting a Story

Now that we’ve seen how easy it is to repost another user’s post to our profile, let’s move on to Stories. As I told you, the stories are short contents that can be photos, videos and direct and have a duration of 24 hours. In these 24 hours, we have the opportunity to share the content on Instagram if we have been tagged by the original author.

If we take a photo with a friend of ours, for example, when he decides to post a story he will definitely tag us and we will be able to share the story natively through Instagram. So below I’ll show you how to repost an Instagram story whether you have been tagged or not within it.

Reposting a story in which you are tagged

Reposting a story in which you are tagged is very simple and it is Instagram itself that gives us the possibility. Specifically, when you are tagged within a story, we will receive a notification, a sort of direct message that warns us that someone has posted a content by tagging us.

At this point we just have to open direct messages, by clicking on the airplane-shaped icon located at the top right, go to the conversation chat with the person who tagged us, view the message and tap on “Add this content to your story”.

That’s it, in no time, you will be able to repost the story to your profile.

Reposting a story you are not tagged in

But what if the original author hasn’t tagged us? is it still possible to share the story on our profile? Of course yes. Here, too, the handy screenshot tool on our phone comes in handy.

All we have to do is look at the story and take a screenshot of it. Let’s cut out the part that interests us and insert it in our profile as a new story or as a post. The stories, as I told you, can also be video or direct.

In this case the screenshot is not enough. The screenshot functionality, in fact, is used exclusively to immortalize a shot. If it’s a video, however, you’ll need to record the screen .

Luckily on iOS the screen recording tool is native in the latest versions, on Android you can download a simple application that will allow you to do this. Then record your joke and possibly cut too many clips.

You just have to save the video and review it on your profile always mentioning the original author.


As you may have seen, it’s very easy to share both posts and stories on Instagram. You can do this without downloading any third-party applications, using Repost for Instagram or by downloading and reloading the content with a website such as DownloadGram.

However, I advise you not to abuse the repost. Instagram is beautiful precisely because it allows you to give life to your creativity and therefore you shouldn’t limit yourself to posting other people’s content. Please also respect the rules and always mention the original author of the shot. It is never nice to steal other content fraudulently and it is a practice to condemn.

Always ask permission before using content that is not yours and try to limit the practice of reposting. If you know other ways to repost on Instagram, feel free to write them to me and I’ll be happy to add them to my list.

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