Instagram Insider: the first Instagram magazine is online

“If you’ve ever spent an indulgent weekend afternoon scrolling through your feed, Explore or Shop tab, liking and saving posts, then this’ zine is for you! ‘ Instagram Insider ‘ is about inspiration and discovery – not just of the trends, but the people behind them. “

So said Instagram at the launch of its first online magazine.

Instagram Insider is a magazine that in just a few pages updates users not only on the trends of the platform but above all on the people behind those trends. Those who read this online magazine will be able to avoid hours and hours of empty scrolling and be directly inspired by the most influential creators of the social network.

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Inside Instagram Insider

The first issue of Instagram Insider was released on April 29, 2021 with this cover:

h2 instagram-insider-immagine-di-copertina

On the visual side, a certain propensity for minimalism is evident. Note the purple color that recalls the chromatic component of the logo of Instagram and represents creativity according to the psychology of colors in marketing.

On the first page we find the index, the Welcome section with the mission of the project and the presentation of the contributors.

h2 instagram-insider-indice

Pages 3-6 are the heart of the magazine: #Trending is the section dedicated to trends and the best creators to follow on Instagram, whose profiles can be reached by opening the clickable link on each photograph.

h2 instagram-insider-trending

Chapter that deserves a separate discussion is Ask Elisa. In this section Elisa Benson, strategic partner manager for Instagram, answers the most frequent questions of users. It is a sort of column dedicated to FAQs on the world of Instagram.

Here is a report on the issues raised in Ask Elisa:

  • Profile Verification : Currently only available for profiles that represent “a well known and highly sought after person or brand”.
  • Link in stories : Instagram is working on a new option for links in stories that could make this type of link available to all users.
  • Issue hashtag : Hashtags are “the primary way” in which people search and discover content on Instagram. But how are they used and in what number? Elisa Benson recommends inserting 3 to 5 hashtags relevant to your sector of reference in each post. In short, better not to abound and stay relevant.
  • Counting of likes : Instagram is testing a function that allows users to view (or not view) the total counts of Mi likes on their posts.

potential of Instagram magazine

As Instagram put it, “Instagram Insider is about inspiration and discovery”. But the purpose of the project goes beyond inspiration and discovery.

Instagram’s goal is to attract users, especially those who are guided by social trends in their purchases.

But there is also another side of the coin, and it is the one that touches marketers closely: the online magazine of a social network that summarizes the main trends of the moment and indicates which are the top influencer by trend it is bread for the teeth of advertisers and communicators. Thanks to Instagram Insider, anyone involved in marketing will be able to (re) develop their Social media strategy with a precious guide in hand.

Haven’t heard of Instagram Insider yet?

Well, it’s only 9 pages long and it’s free!

You can download it from here in PDF version.

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