Instagram link in bio: how to make the most of it

On Instagram , the expression “link in bio” is now in common use ( means “take a look at the link on the bio of my profile “), but what is not clear to everyone is the extreme importance that that single link has for our profile.

Instagram is the social network dedicated to photography par excellence and, as you well know, does not allow the sharing of any link except in three cases:

  • through the biography (in fact)
  • through the Stories (in this case it is called “Swipe up” because the gesture to “click” on the link is to slide the finger from bottom to top) only if you have a number of followers equal to or greater than 10k
  • through an advertising campaign

the fact remains, however, that organically and for most of the profiles, the only link available is the one in the Instagram biography , which is why it will be very important to make the most of it.

Instagram link in bio: where to redirect your followers?

Actually, even before asking ourselves where to bring our followers via the link in bio, we should have very clear the strategy to be adopted on this social network.

Why did we choose to be on Instagram? Maybe we want to increase our brand awareness or we want to sell our products, or we want to increase the number of newsletter subscribers or visitors to our site . Depending on our purpose, therefore, we will choose the link to be included in our bio.

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In case your aim was to increase your brand awareness and the number of newsletter subscribers, perhaps by downloading a freebie, the link to be included in the Instagram bio is undoubtedly the one that will bring the user to the newsletter subscription form.

In case your aim was to increase traffic to your blog, it goes without saying that the link you are going to insert will be that of your blog or the individual articles you publish.

How to insert more links in the Instagram bio : the tools

Yes, it’s true, until now we have said that Instagram allows us to insert only one link in the bio, but there is a way to get around this limitation: use a tool that lets us insert more links!

There are several online tools, including free ones, that help us in this regard, let’s go and see some of them.


The most famous tool to insert multiple links in the Instagram bio is definitely Linktree. I myself use this tool for its practicality and simplicity, in this way I can lead my followers to perform different actions, from subscribing to the newsletter to buying my courses onlin e.

You can access Linktree using your Instagram login data, without the need to create a new account from scratch. Once logged in, you can start setting up your page with the different links you need.

You can also choose a custom background from those made available for free. In its free version, Linktree also allows you to access some statistics , such as the number of clicks registered on each of the links inserted, but nothing more.

In the paid version, however, at $ 6 per hour there are many other features such as link programming, the ability to embed a youtube video or your newsletter form.


Very similar to Linktree in how it works, but much more versatile in its paid version (as well as cheaper, we are talking about only $ 2 per month).

Here too, once you have created your profile using your Instagram credentials, you can start insert the list of links you want to share via the Instagram bio , but if choose to use the paid version, you can create a real “mini landing page” and your user will feel like visiting a page of your site.


This is a tool is actually an app (available for both Android and iOS) that allows you to create a sort of small site, to be linked to the link in the Instagram bio . A nice solution for those who do not have a site and do not even intend to do so, but that my nature as a Seo Copywriter induces me not to recommend, knowing well the value of a site and above all of the traffic within it.

By creating a site through this app, in fact, we will not be able to monitor incoming traffic either with Google Analytics or through the Facebook Pixel, ergo, we will never be able to exploit that traffic for retargeting campaigns.

I thought I’d mention it for your knowledge anyway.

Some more tips for your Instagram link in bio

Before concluding this article, I want to leave you with some extra advice or rather some small strategy that you can apply immediately to increase the clicks to the link in the Instagram biography.

  1. When you need to promote something specific (eg: subscribing to the newsletter, reading a blog article, purchasing a service) always insert the direct link , in this way your followers will not get lost among the different options presented in the mini landing page created with one of the aforementioned tools, but will go straight to where you want
  2. Always state why users should click on the link in your Instagram bio , it may seem trivial, but it makes a huge difference to write “click on the link in bio to subscribe to the newsletter and receive all the news on the world of social media” rather than “link in bio” and that’s enough. Seeing is believing!
  3. Always remind your followers to click on the bio link in the texts accompanying your posts. ProTip: also enter your profile name, to facilitate the user to reach the link in this way :

“ Click on the link in bio to read my new article ➡️ @elisa_pasqualetto “

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