Instagram login. How does it work?

By now everyone knows that Instagram login web online is one of the pillars of the social media industry. However, the Instagram login process is not easy for everyone, especially when you lose your credentials or change your device.

This is because the platform implements some security systems that prevent access by strangers. In fact, just change the IP address to receive the notification that you are being accessed from another device.

So you need to confirm it from the original device.

Furthermore, you will surely have made a mistake in your password or username and, punctually, go into crisis. In fact, not all users know exactly the password recovery process which, at times, can be difficult.

In any case, Instagram has over 1 billion users, compared to the 500 million obtained. only two years ago.

Here, everyone can share photos, videos, gifs, funny pictures, captions and various forms of interesting content. Not surprisingly, it has become one of the leading platforms for advertising, advertising and digital marketing in general.

You will see many digital entrepreneurs promoting their services, their products and their consultancy, as well as companies that advertise any type of object or garment. Anyone can like, share or comment on other people’s content, stimulating interaction and virtual relationships.

But let’s try to understand together how to access the platform and how it works. ‘Instagram login!

Instagram login mobile. How do you log in?


By login we mean the process, or activity, of accessing a platform. Log, in fact, derives from English to access, to register, while in indicates the meaning of entering something. So, to make the Instagram login, you need to make sure you have clicked on the right button, and not on sign up.

With sign up, in fact, you will end up registering on the platform. Obviously, if you don’t have an account yet, that will be the right button to press, but once created you will only have to use the Login button. To get to this point, you will first have to download the Instagram app.

Then, go to your home store (Windows Store, Play Store or App Store) and, using the search button, type the word Instagram. You will be redirected immediately to the main app, then click the download or download button.

Once the download is complete, you will have to open the app, and you will find yourself in the page you see in the over-illustrated image. Then click on sign up to register your new account. If you already have one, just click on Login Instagram using your username and password.

Don’t remember your username exactly? It is possible to login Instagram using your phone number. If, however, you are performing the operation for the first time, you can also decide to save the credentials within the app.

In this way, you just click on the appropriate field next time, and the credentials will be inserted automatically! It is always good, however, to write the credentials somewhere safe, in case you change devices in the future!

This whole process, as we have indicated above, is valid if you are using the mobile app. To run Instagram loginc from a PC, however, the operations are very similar.

Instagram login from desktop, how do you do it?


You must know that on the desktop, if you do not intend to use the web version, that is the one available by accessing from Google, you can download the official Instagram app. You will then have to go to the Windows Store, available on all computers running Windows 10, and download the application .

To do this, the process is exactly the same as the one to do on the Play Store or App Store, that is, search for the name of the app and press the download button. Here, however, you will find a symbol reminiscent of shopping bags, with a Windows logo in the central part.

Wait, then, for the download and installation to run on the device. Once everything is complete, open the app to perform your Instagram login. The process is the same as the one we saw earlier.

Enter your username, email or phone number in the first field, while in the one below you will have to type your password chosen when you registered. If you want to register, instead, click on sign up and complete the whole wizard.

You can also decide to access via Facebook, if you have already done so with your device, so as to save time and link both accounts. To do this, you will find an entry that says “continue as”, which will allow you to continue as a Facebook user.

Alternatively, you can decide to run the Instagram login web, if you do not intend to occupy the memory of your computer. Here, however, the functions will be somewhat limited, as we will see below.

We said that if you don’t want to occupy the memory of your computer by downloading the Instagram app, you can always perform the Instagram login web, even if you will have limited functionality. In fact, it is not possible to show the trends section, where you can find all the viral videos of the moment.


This one, in fact, is only available on the mobile version or on the app for Windows 10. Also, you won’t even be able to see your stories or those posted by other users. The only thing you can do is view the feed posts of others, even if lately they are implementing new updates to optimize the platform.


Anyway, if you don’t need some features and prefer to do the Instagram login web, here’s how to do it: go to inside your browser, be it Chrome, Mozilla or Safari, and type the word Instagram login.

Be sure to click on the official Instagram page, through which you will be able to access. Here, as also happens in the Windows 10 app, you will be able to log in via Facebook, via your mobile number, email or your username.

Once you have entered your credentials, along with the password, you just have to press the login button to perform the Instagram login web. In a few seconds, you will find yourself inside the platform and you will be able to see all the content posted by others!

Remember, though , that access with Facebook will only be available if you registered through this social network at the beginning. If you are not registered yet, we advise you to do it this way in order to save a lot of time and have the two accounts linked.


However, if you want to fully enjoy the platform’s features, we suggest you download User Agent Switcher and connect it to your browser . This Chrome extension will ensure that you have not only the functions of the Instagram login web available, but also those available on the mobile version.

What happens if I want to login Instagram online but I don’t know the password anymore?

You know, forgetting your credentials can be very frustrating, especially if it happens when we urgently need to login. Maybe we need to contact a friend, a co-worker, or we need to post content urgently because we need to conduct our business online.

Any reason can be valid for needing Instagram but , just happened, the credentials are always lost in the most important moments. This is why we will briefly explain how to recover your data to perform the Instagram login online.

Just click on the “I forgot my password” button and follow the entire wizard. Alternatively, this can be done in the following way: click on “Do you have an account down? Log in “and then click” Get help with logging in “.

You will then be asked to enter your username, email or phone number, in order to let you recover your password. We recommend using your mobile number as it is perhaps the only data that many find it hard to forget, also because you can find it written on your SIM if you don’t remember it.

Then, press next, and you will be shown several options to recover the password. The first is to receive an email containing a link to reset it. In this sense, you should at least remember the procedures for accessing your email.

Alternatively, you can recover the account via an SMS sent to your mobile phone. Again, you will be offered to log in via Facebook.

In the case of SMS or email, then, simply click on the link that will be sent to you. You will find yourself on a page with two empty fields, where you will have to enter the new password you have chosen twice.

I don’t have an Instagram account. Is it possible to login?

Most likely you don’t intend to create an Instagram account because you don’t want people to see this that you do daily. This may be understandable, even though there is so much data we share online now that having a social media account won’t make that much difference.

In any case, we make sure that it is not possible to perform the Instagram login if you have not yet created an account. However, there is the possibility of seeing other people’s content even if we are not registered. This, however, will have limitations, as you will not be able to interact in any way with other people.

How do you do the Instagram web login without having an account? Very simple. Go to your browser and type the username of the person whose content you want to see. Accompany the username with the word Instagram, and among the first results you will find a link that will redirect you to the profile.

Only for public profiles

Obviously, if the profile is not public but private, you will be able to see only the thumbnail of the profile picture. However, if it is open, you will also have the possibility to save the images posted in the feed, although you could risk violating users’ privacy.

You can also use the Webstragam tool, to visit profiles even more easily without performing the Instagram login. In this case, you will have a homepage with a central search bar, which can be used from both desktop and mobile device.

Type the name of the person you are interested in “spying” inside the appropriate box and click on search. Then, in case you want to download content, you can take advantage of the download button, which will appear when you click on a post.

Then click on download and wait for the file to be saved in the your device! So, as you have seen, you don’t necessarily need an Instagram account to see other people’s content.

However, we always recommend creating one, as the user-side experience is much better than when using tools like Webstagram. In fact, you can at least interact, chat, post photos and videos and like, even if you are not passionate about social media.

Also, in case you feel like doing it , you will have the opportunity to sponsor all the products of your physical activity, if you own one.

Now you don’t just log in as you see fit!

And here we are at the end of this article on Instagram login online. You have seen all the best ways to do this: via the web version, via the app available for desktop and via the downloadable application on the most popular mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, we discovered how recover your password and credentials by contacting the Instagram support service directly, a very useful process if you don’t remember them. On the other hand, forgetting your login details can be very simple, especially if you live a busy life.

We have also seen, in the latter case, how to view the contents others without necessarily having to log in. This, as we have mentioned, is possible through tools such as Webstagram or simply through your browser.

Remember to always use social networks in the correct way, respecting the privacy of others and trying to maintain an attitude consistent with the rules of the various platforms. There are not a few cases of cyberbullying, Instagram stalking or illegal activities carried out within social networks.

Precisely for this reason, we always recommend reporting suspicious individuals, in order to improve the overall experience for all users. In addition, this could also safeguard your privacy and that of your loved ones.

Lastly, in case you want to find out more about social media procedures, growth methods and various curiosities of the online world, we strongly recommend you visit our blog, or visit our social channels.

There, you will find everything you need and not only you will discover and be always up to date on any news regarding social media!


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