Instagram logo, this is how it is born and evolves!

Logo instagram png the story. Instagram is becoming the most popular social network.

Update after update is taking over the good old Facebook which until recently was the favorite of users, only to leave space to the social of the photos.

Instagram likes for its ability to evolve, to change every time, exactly as it did with its logo. Time has passed since it was launched in 2010 and the logo was a small camera.

Just to indicate the purpose of this platform, to share images.

But along the way, not only has the Instagram logo evolved, but it has also been possible to create your own logo to be used on the Instagram page, created to advertise your brand.

Do you want to know how the Instagram logo evolved and how to create your own? There is nothing left to do but proceed with the reading.

The first Instagram logo

The very first logo of the popular social network was created by one of the co-founders. Basically a small polaroid that has had the pretense of tracing in a very faithful way the old instant cameras.

Logo Instagram 1

The new image has been studied in detail, a large flash , the lens, the keys with even the shadows that are reflected on the body of the camera itself and a central rainbow. Remember that colors will be the central focus of Instagram and of every single publication that users have gradually created, forming the history of the social network.

The effect of the logo was not only particularly realistic, but also three-dimensional, just to give users the impression of being able to almost twist the Instagram Logo really studied in detail.

Despite the peculiarity of this very first logo, today would be unthinkable, in a world where it aims to give a certain immediacy and surreal to the images.

A more iconic Instagram logo

Instagram changes started in not far from its release on the net, we are talking about 2010 which, thinking about it, is not so far away but it already seems a lifetime ago.

logo instagram png 4

In the autumn of 2013 designer and photographer Cole Rise elaborates what was the second Instagram logo, the one most users remember. Also in this case the icon represents a camera, although this time it is not inspired by the Polaroid, but rather by the Bell & Howell model that was very popular in the 1950s.

A square logo, but rounded in the corners, with the flash on the right side, the large central lens and the inevitable rainbow on the left side above the Insta lettering. A captivating logo and probably much more similar to those we are used to seeing today. in the other social networks.

The logo was developed by Rise in just under an hour, or at least, that’s what the insiders say and it liked it so much that in 2011 it became the new instagram logo. A curiosity: He laughed just for fun, he also designed the back of the logo, but it was never used.

​​ The minimalist style of 2016

For about 5 years, the social network kept the logo designed by Rise, so much was the satisfaction for that job that no one had wanted to modify it. But over time, their Instagram had to adapt to what were the graphic trends of the time.

Here then appears a much more minimalist logo and above all close to that that we still know today and are used to seeing on the screen of our smartphone.

instagram logo png 3

The change of the logo was only the mirror of the evolution of the social network itself and this was also admitted by those who founded it. The dads of Instagram in 2016 said that when it was born it was only a social network on which to share photos and images, and edit them thanks to a series of filters.

But already only 5 years later, thanks to tools such as Boomerang and Layout, Instagram has turned into a real community for sharing.

In a nutshell, the logo, in its evolution, has done nothing else than to follow in the footsteps of the platform itself.

The features

The new logo has therefore become a real turning point, not only for the graphics used, but for Instagram in general. To some users this new image has turned up their noses, just because it is completely different from those previously used.

Many criticisms fell upon the fathers of this image, the first was for the absence of the rainbow, an element that until then had been iconic for Instagram and had accompanied it since its first appearance in the world of applications.

But whoever made this criticism maybe I don’t show much attention, considering that the rainbow exists and how, but in an undefined way. It is found in the coloring that is given to the icon with the gradient of 3 colors that fade into the image to emphasize a camera just mentioned, with a stylized drawing in white.

The minimal design does nothing but trace the new trends in graphics, but in appearance the logo does nothing but trace the image that everyone already knew, only making it more abstract.

A reduced size, a flat image, these are the winning features of this logo, which winks at the most futuristic users, who are not discouraged by the changes.

In retrospect it is still possible to say that with the conception of this new logo a great leap into the future had been made, even if there was no lack of criticism and irony of the web.

The reactions

As happens with every change, the new Instagram logo has not failed to split the audience into 2 factions: those who love it and those who hate it, or rather, those who did not really appreciate it immediately, but then learned how to live with it, confident that sooner or later everything will change and therefore the much discussed logo will be replaced by another one that will not fail to stimulate other opinions and criticisms.

Among those who are mad with joy in seeing the new and coloratis simo logo Instagram and those who did not appreciate it at all, certainly did not lack irony and fun.

On the web, users gave free rein to their imagination with gifs that made fun of the ‘I wait.

Between the boy who, working with the computer, chose colors at home and a small washing machine operating in the lens of the small camera of the logo, the notoriety of the new Instagram image has hit the mark.

Basically we know that the general rule is always the same: for better or for worse, as long as we talk about it. Instagram has also won its battle in this case.

Instagram logo: create your own

Suppose that you have decided to use Instagram to advertise your brand or to start your new business, you need something that can identify you, that allows you to have something that at first sight directly links to your products.

Precisely for this reason you should create your own Instagram logo and we, after having described how the one of the social network you love so much and on which you spend a lot of time was born, we would like to give you some tips to create your own logo that it is really winning.

There are several solutions that are presented to you to do this, you will see that you will find many interesting ideas.

The apps to create an Instagram logo

Let’s not get lost in chatter, and let’s get to the point, exactly what interests you most. Below you will find some apps to create a logo for your Instagram page . In particular, we will focus on all the solutions that are completely free and above all simple to use.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

A suitable application is to Android and iOS and is perfect for creating quality logos. Many graphic designers and desinerà appreciate it, but don’t think it is difficult to use, indeed, it is extremely intuitive.

You can find Adobe Illustrator Draw in the official stores of your devices and you can get it completely free. What are you waiting for to download it? You can register or log in via Google or your Facebook account.

On the main screen you will find a (+) that will allow you to select the format you want to give to your logo. From now on you can create your logo, completely customized, choosing the shape but also the colors for the writings and any images to add.

As for the format we would recommend you to choose an Instagram png logo, whose dimensions allow you to upload it on social networks.

Adobe Illustrator Draw allows you to use one of the images you have already saved in the gallery and after completing the work on your logo. You will be able to preview your logo, to decide if it is appropriate to proceed with other changes.

Funny create your own Instagram logo right? It is also extremely simple. Now save your image or decide to share it immediately so as to start giving a face to your brand and attractive graphics to attract new followers.

The other apps

Adobe Illustrator Draw is only the first among the possibilities that the application stores. They make available to be able to carry out works of this kind to create logo instagram png .

The other possibilities that will present themselves are:

  • Create logo: certainly among the best apps of the genre. Easy to use, it allows you to create your own work starting from existing templates. 2 versions, one free and the other Pro paid;
  • Logo Maker Plus: only for Android to pre-set graphic elements allows you to add icons and different elements;
  • Logo Foundry : for iOS technology, it is an app with a clean interface that makes it intuitive and fun to use. Thanks to the application, logos can be created starting from pre-set templates or starting completely from scratch. Its basic version is free, to access all the features you need to subscribe.

Create your own instagram logo png from computer

For graphic work, such as creating a logo , it is far more pleasant and simple. Proceed thanks to the computer, which allows you to see the images in a complete way.

So if the apps to use from mobile did not help you, consider the possibility of using the following opportunities:

  • Adobe Illustrator: with a free 7-day test, it can be installed on both Windows and macOS;
  • GIMP : open source graphics program;
  • Launchaco Logo Maker : for which there is no need to download software, but it is sufficient to use it directly from the web.

But we would like to focus on one resource in particular: Inkscape.


A great software to create logos, which fits Windows computer.

A free program with a very easy to use interface. With the menu items translated into Italian to make it easy for everyone to use. Even for those who do not work with graphics on a daily basis.

By accessing the official Inkscape website you can download the software that will allow you to use it. Then download the package of files and proceed with the installation accepting the license terms.

Now start Inkscape and use all the drawing tools it provides you to create the your Instagram Logo. The image that will distinguish you from all the others and will allow you to always be recognized.

Once your logo is finished, save the file. As we previously recommended, the Instagram logos in png are the best and also the simplest to use.

Now set your instagram logo png

You have finally brought your logo to life instagram png is your own creation and you have been able to do it yourself. Simply by following our little tips. So what are you waiting for to use it?

It’s time to set the logo as your profile picture and doing it is extremely simple. We know that you already know this.

How do you want to act? From pc or smartphone? The choice is yours.

From smartphone

Access the Instagram app, the same one you usually use, tap the edit profile button> change profile picture> new profile picture / choose from the library> preview> next > next> ✓.

That’s it, you now have your logo as your profile picture.

From PC

This time you can log in via the web version of Instagram and enter your profile> edit profile> change profile picture> upload photo> save.

Again, the route is extremely simple and immediate. Find out more on our blog, or visit our social channels!


Logo Instagram, ecco come nasce e si evolve!

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Instagram logo, here’s how it is born and evolves!


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