Instagram marketing: how to behave?

Instagram marketing come fare

I have already spoken several times about Instagram and its relevance to the business world.

As you well remember, I have illustrated the steps necessary to promote a local company on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network (read here) and I have listed all the necessary procedures to enhance an ecommerce on this digital platform (read here) .

Today, however, I want to focus on the strategic part of business marketing and in particular on how to do marketing with this application that has revolutionized our lifestyles.

Marketing on Instagram: optimize your profile

To do marketing on Instagram, first of all it is necessary to optimize your personal profile or alternatively the company one.

In the first case it is advisable to upload a profile photo suitable for the project to be carried out, insert a detailed description of one’s abilities in the biography and possibly indicate the url of the website or blog on which the digital content is managed.

On the other hand, the optimization of a company profile also involves inserting the logo and contact information of the same company, i.e. email, telephone number and commercial office where to purchase the products or services offered.

Of course, a personal profile can be transformed into a business account in order to consult the statistical data offered free of charge by the social network and exploit all the potential of advertising.

Account transformation is completely free and you can convert your company profile into a personal one at any time.

The only constraint required by Instagram is to be the owner or administrator of a Facebook page (consistent with the profile editor’s note) and to connect the two social networks through the settings. Only in this way will it be possible to cultivate business strategies.

Marketing on Instagram: publishing content

The management of business strategies on Instagram will also depend on the choice of content to be published.

The editorial calendar must be drawn up based on the habits of your followers and must include:

– Number of publications per day;

– Times to post;

– Choice of content to publish;

– Choice of hashtags;

By content we mean photos or videos to be shared on your wall or alternatively on Instagram Stories. Here it will also be possible to disseminate direct videos in order to implement personal branding or customer care strategies.

The contents can be modified with the filters made available by the social network or by using one of the many editing apps available in the Google or Apple stores.

The photos and videos shared on the profile must be accompanied by hashtags, maximum thirty, and by a captivating description that can engage users and create engagement on the platform.

Marketing on Instagram: choice of hashtags

The choice of hashtags must be defined in a strategic phase. You can choose a certain number of fixed and one variable hashtags in order to alternate them during the publications.

Of course, the use of hashtags must be relevant and above all specific in order to avoid a penalty, in terms of visibility, by the social network.

It is also advisable to create one or more company hashtags in order to monitor interactions with an ad hoc tool.

Monitoring should include:

– Number of likes;

– Number of comments;

– Number of shares on other platforms;

Through this mechanism it will be possible to evaluate the company’s notoriety and reputation and correct any strategic errors.

Marketing on Instagram: mentioning other users

Digital marketing is also characterized by mentions or by quoting in a post by one or more users.

Even on Instagram it is possible to mention private or public profiles and this can be a winning weapon for those who want to do business marketing on this platform.

The citation can take place both during the publication of contents and during the management of comments.

Furthermore, it is also possible to mention a user in Instagram Stories in order to create a multidirectional and above all multimedia communication system.

Marketing on Instagram: integrating Instagram on other platforms

To do marketing on Instagram it is also necessary to integrate the personal or company profile to the other platforms where you are present.

We can integrate the feed on our WordPress blog using one of the many plugins present in the store of the Automattic company or create a custom tab to insert on our Facebook page.

The integration can also include the publication of content on Twitter or Pinterest. All this can be done through IFTTT which offers a series of automatic sharing software on the main digital platforms.

Marketing on Instagram: managing the account with external platforms

One of the weaknesses of Instagram is certainly the management of the account since at the moment the sharing of content can only take place on mobile and not from desk.

This represents a limit for all those companies that do not have a communications manager or for all those freelancers who do not have the ability to manage the account in real time.

To overcome this problem, we can leverage external platforms, such as Postpickr, which allow you to schedule posts and publish content in comfort.

Personal or corporate account management can also be done using statistical analysis tools.

On the web there are numerous free or paid tools that allow you to analyze in detail your profile and that of competitors.

The analysis should lead the marketing manager to outline new ideas and solutions to consolidate their presence on Instagram.

Marketing on Instagram: being innovative

The last requirement for marketing on Instagram is innovation.

Being innovative means proposing, on the social network, original and well-structured contents that differ from those of competitors.

This implies the creation of highly personalized contests or content or prize contests that are regulated according to the provisions of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Innovation can also affect the arrangement of photos inside the home. In this case we can have different types of publication:

– Random release. It is the most used publication that does not provide for any voluntary provision of photos or posted content;

– Horizontal publishing. This publication is handled horizontally or includes at least 3 consecutive photos.

– Vertical publishing. In this case the photographs are published vertically following a predetermined order.

– Rectangular publication. With this publication, at least 6 single photos are posted simultaneously, making up a single photograph.

– Cross publishing. This publication is very similar to the tic-tac-toe game where the contents are placed crosswise.

All these types of publications are often accompanied by custom filters, hashtags created ad hoc and super engaging descriptions.


Marketing on Instagram means optimizing your personal or company profile to the maximum, choosing the contents to be published and the related hashtags based on the objectives set, as well as interacting with other users of the platform through quotes, comments and private messages.

Doing Instagram marketing also means defining a cross-media strategy where Instagram contents are also disseminated on other web platforms with the help of third-party companies.

Finally, doing Instagram marketing means studying the target market, analyzing competitors and defining what content can help you achieve your business goals.

All this includes two fundamental principles of business marketing: innovation and originality.

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