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Instagram is currently one of the most used social networks in the world. Today we will see together what I believe to be the best Italian Instagram proxies . It is estimated, in fact, that as many as one billion people use it every day. The reasons for its success are manifold. Suffice it to say that this social network was acquired some time ago by Facebook and this, clearly, has allowed the platform to grow exponentially.

Unlike Facebook, IG is used by a younger audience, who loves interesting and short visual content such as stories. Through this platform, moreover, new professions have been born, such as the very famous Fashion Bloggers, but not only. Becoming an influencer is, nowadays, the dream of many. On the other hand, those who would not want to earn through their shots, perhaps traveling around the world by sponsoring beautiful places. To get new followers, as we have already seen in several articles on my site, there are many strategies. At the base of all, however, there is great perseverance and constancy in creating quality content.

Content alone, nowadays, is not enough. It is no coincidence that we have often talked about instagram bots that allow you to increase followers in a completely, or almost, automatic way. The social network, however, sets up new tricks every day to avoid “illegal” practices. But you know, as long as there is demand, there will also be supply. That’s why new proxies are born every day that allow you to stem the controls imposed by the famous social network.

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What is an Instagram proxy?

To fully understand what an Instagram proxy is it is good that you know the meaning of the word proxy when it is used in the IT field. A proxy is nothing more than a filter, a sort of shield that stands between a server and the end user.

Its use is very wide in computer science. Proxies usually serve to ensure security for the end user and are widely used within corporate networks. The proxy, therefore, prevents the final web server from sending unwanted information to the PC of the user who is browsing the web pages.

Come funziona un proxy
How a proxy works – Hacker Journal credits

The uses are truly diverse. But what does it have to do with Instagram? In this case, the proxy is used to “shield” the connection between the instagram bot and the instagram app. In fact, the proxy will simulate a normal 4G connection of a normal user, thus avoiding temporary or permanent blocks of your profile and the bot you use.

To do this proxy does nothing but change the IP addresses cyclically, thus allowing you to use services such as bots in complete tranquility that allow you to automate the operations you perform on instagram. You will basically avoid blocks and you can continue to use Instagram in complete peace of mind, without stopping the growth guaranteed by the bot.

In fact, Instagram is not able to block or ban the IP, believing that it is a user who uses Instagram from mobile. The difference with respect to the datacenters is that in the latter Instagram knows that they are devices used to make automations and can block / report / ban the IP, causing blocks by reducing the actions that can be done, causing blocks of likes etc.

Why use an instagram proxy

Now that you understand what we’re talking about, you’ll wonder why you should use an instagram proxy. Clearly no one forces you to do it, it simply allows you to fully exploit the potential of a bot. The policies of Instagram, in fact, are becoming more and more stringent and it is clear that a proxy can make your life easier by going around the imposed limits.

To this, in reality, there are also other limits, a lot uncomfortable for those who use Instagram professionally. Social media managers, for example, are used to using different IG accounts of their clients. However, the platform allows you to use only 5 accounts simultaneously.

Clearly using an instagram bot on 5 profiles drastically increases the danger of encountering a block on the IP address . Using a proxy the problem does not exist because the IP address changes cyclically and for Instagram it will result as a new connection, clean and reliable.


Probably now you will be curious about what I believe to be the best proxies for Instagram. I have tested several, one of the most popular is undoubtedly AirProxy , but there are several and many of them do their job very well.

Among the many tried, the one that convinced me more it’s called FrogProxy. It is a very reliable, easy to use and highly intuitive instagram proxy. Unlike others, it uses 4G mobile and allows you to make subscriptions even on a daily basis starting from $ 2.99. The interesting thing is that the proxy is located in Italy and is therefore great for Italian instagram accounts.

Pricing FrogProxy
Pricing FrogProxy

The bandwidth is unlimited and you can test the product for free for 24 hours. Furthermore, there is no account limit for a single proxy used, although it is suggested not to exceed 15 accounts.

The pricing is highly competitive since, as I said, they offer the possibility to renew the subscription daily basis. This way you can switch off whenever you want. If you prefer a monthly subscription, however, the costs are further reduced since it drops to $ 65.

For more information, you can take a look at the site’s page dedicated to the proxy FAQ. Finally, the support is fast and when I had a problem they were always kind and reliable.

Shared 4G Proxies

Interesting on FrogProxy are also the plans of Shared 4G, called FrogShared, which allow anyone who uses an Instagram Bot to use an Italian 4G proxy at a cost of only € 4 / month at a very affordable price compared to the normal cost of a dedicated 4G.

Other instagram proxies

FrogProxy is clearly not the only product on the market. There are several proxies that do the same job, for better or worse. Of the several that I tested, this one seemed to me the most complete, intuitive and easy to use, even for those without great IT skills.

Blazing SEO, AirProxy and HighProxies are some of these services, just to name a few.


As we have seen, increasing followers on our instagram profile is still possible, despite the fact that the market is now almost saturated. At the base of everything there is constant and dedication and the desire to create high-impact content, engaging for our specific target of users and virals.

Tenacity alone is not enough, and using a bot can be a good strategy to get better results in the short term. Unfortunately Instagram, every day, tries to hinder these practices and all this can be frustrating for those who work in this sector and are forced to manage several accounts.

Fortunately, there are still methods that allow us to simplify our life, like proxies. Choosing an Instagram proxy is not easy and it is always good to rely on those who have already tried some and can recommend the best. If you know of other reputable proxies, feel free to write me and I’ll be happy to add them to this list.

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