Instagram Shadowban: what it is and how to avoid it

For some time now, on the web, we have been hearing about Instagram Shadowban , an operation implemented by the photographic social network and which affects the coverage of the posts of our account.

If before we had Facebook with breath on our necks, now it is the turn of Mark’s godson, who has seen fit to punish all those crafty ones desperate for followers and who, sometimes, succumb to temptation to buy a few hundred.

But what what is Instagram Shadowban? Let’s see it together and find out if we need to worry about it!

What is Instagram Shadowban

The Instagram Shadowban is an obscuring of the posts of an account, implemented by Instagram itself, towards people other than its followers. In other words, it means that Instagram will prevent the posts from our (banned) account from appearing to people who are not yet our followers, resulting in a decrease in reach and the possibility of acquiring new organic followers.


Your friends will still see what you post, but it all comes down to that.

If you’ve noticed a drop in interactions on your Instagram posts, then you may have been banned, but how do you find out?

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With what criteria does Instagram apply the Shadowban?

It seems that some parameters have been identified, which clarify the reasons why you can run into a Shadowban , some of which are closely related to the use of social media in an incorrect way.

1. Acquisition of paid followers

If the acquisition of followers is in itself something that I do not recommend doing, due to the fact that they are not selected based on the interests of our target, but only in terms of quantity, even Instagram itself discourages this practice (a unless you acquire them through a sponsorship through the Facebook platform, ehehe, of course).

In short, if from one day to the next your account increases its followers exponentially, Instagram notices it and, feeling a little teased, makes you pay, banning you.

It’s definitely not a nice thing, but if you’re using your Instagram profile without playing dirty, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

2. Account automation and use of bots

This is unlikely to be the case, but it’s good to know anyway. Instagram doesn’t like automations, so, for example, if you use bots that automatically reply to comments on your posts, you could risk being banned.

3. Abuse of hashtags

Instagram imposes a maximum of 30 hashtags within the post, but for some time now there has been a habit of adding them in comments, just after posting. I used this technique myself for some time, until I discovered that the Shadowban would activate in this case too.


4. Continuous use of the same hashtags

We all have favorite hashtags, but you know that for each post you should research the most appropriate hashtags for the photo you post. If you just copy and paste groups of hashtags, Instagram will notice and turn up their noses.

5. How to interact with other posts or accounts

The way you interact with the posts in your feed can also be a reason to fall victim to the Shadowban, particularly if your activities are concentrated in a few minutes and appear mechanical. So a lot of likes , a lot of comments, concentrated in a very short period of time, will raise the antennas to Instagram, which will associate your behavior with that of a spammer.

How to avoid falling victim to the Shadowban?

The only answer? Work well.

Looking for shortcuts has never been a great idea and it isn’t in social media either.

Do a general check of your account, delete comments that add hashtags to the ones you have already chosen for your post, don’t buy followers from anyone who offers you this service and don’t use the same hashtags too often.

These are the precautions I recommend you have, but if you’re working well, without tricks, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

How to tell if you are a victim of the Instagram Shadowban

If you have noticed that in the last period the engagement on your Instagram posts has decreased and if you see that your posts do not appear in the “recent posts” section (but you have to verify this through an account that does not follow yours profile), then you may have been banned.

To test the pudding, you can also check it out via this site .

Do you want to learn more about the Instagram Shadowban?

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