Instagram Shoutout: Everything that matters to be successful on Instagram DESPITE EVERYTHING!

The only way to survive online is to build relationships. That’s why I want to tell you about Instagram shoutouts!

There are people who are looking for the latest trick, an easy way to increase followers or simply some advice.

The truth, as I have already explained in the article in which I tell 8 techniques that work on Instagram in 2020, there are only two things that matter and will continue to count … despite everything:

  1. The relationships
  2. The community

We are not disconnected from the world and we do not live alone on a desert island. The purpose of social networks is precisely to connect and communicate.

And we absolutely have to do it diligently if we really want to build something on Instagram.

But let’s go in order. What do I mean by relationships and communities?

By community I mean the ability to create a group of people who are willing to follow us and start conversations with us. People who are interested in the content we publish and who interact sincerely.

Creating a community is not easy but certainly the choice of the theme you decide to talk about, our niche and comment bombing, a strategy I told you about earlier, can help us.

What about relationships?

This is exactly what I want to tell you about now.

shooting a Milano

There is nothing more beautiful than collaborating with other people like you.

Feeling part of something and finding other people who are fighting for success just like YOU is priceless.

You will find yourself exchanging opinions, opinions and concerns and everything will seem lighter.

The people we meet around on social media, precisely because they share the same situation as us, are super inclined to help us and reciprocate a nice gesture.

And that’s where I thought the Instagram shoutout might come in handy.

Follow me !

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Shouting out on Instagram is the solution to all your problems!

And I’m not joking at all!

In recent months I have left my Instagram account adrift a bit, I wanted to focus more on the blog and create valuable content. And what happened?

Everything goes down, people don’t follow me anymore and it’s hard to grow.

It is useless now to resort to the many Instagram BOTs that are ceasing to work or to last-minute tricks. Instagram blocks are becoming more and more stringent and here we need something that lasts over time.

Something that detaches itself as much as possible from the algorithm and that can be used whatever happens.

A shoutout sounds perfect!

This is simply about having another account repost a photo of you either in the feed or in the stories.

From now on I will only refer to Instagram shoutouts in stories.

You know how important it is to me to create a smooth Instagram grid. How much I believe is essential to give life to your distinctive image.

I could never let you spoil it with someone else’s picture! Not because others take pictures of shit but because you have to be the one yourself to take care of and choose the photos .

If you are trying to create a homogeneous Instagram profile but all you can get are many disconnected photos, download the free extract of my guide below!

Well, now I’ll explain how this world of Instagram shoutouts works and all the possibilities you have.

Choose wisely!

If you pay, you can always get everything! Buy Shoutout Instagram.

I think it was one of the first ways to make money with an Instagram account. Selling posts and stories on your profile.

In this case we are not interested in selling them, because otherwise we will ruin our image, the community that we are building our nice homogeneous profile and throw everything into the fire.

Here we want to find someone to sell us a post or a story so that we can be known by other accounts, so we are the ones who want to buy.

There are a lot of profiles that offer such a service and the easiest way to find them is to search the hashtags.

Usually, the profiles willing to do this are the ones that are very generic, anonymous and post a lot of repost photos.

How do you recognize them?

You will simply find written bio that are available for shoutout or even for collaborations. In this case, all that remains is to contact!

Why don’t I like using this medium?

First of all because they are paid and if I really have to pay someone it’s better to go to advertisements.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, these accounts are often generic, don’t have a particularly loyal audience, and it’s hard to get really close followers.

The result is that we will find ourselves spending tens if not hundreds of euros to acquire some followers who are not even 100% involved in what we talk about on the profile.

I mean, maybe you should try once to see how it goes, but I wouldn’t use it as a long-term strategy!

Networking is the winning move. Shoutout4Shoutout.

Finding collaboration and building relationships with other accounts can really be the revolution for you.

First, because helping yourself and helping other accounts like us grow is really rewarding. Second… it can actually be much more effective for 2 reasons.

1. You will receive a mention in the stories of an account with really active, engaged followers who could potentially be interested in your content.

2. It’s free and if something goes wrong you won’t have thrown anything away!

So how does a shoutout4shoutout work?

This is an exchange.

You publish a post from one account in your stories and the other does the same. In this way, you will be able to increase the visibility of your profile and reach many new people within 24 hours.

But wait a minute, not all that glitters is gold and you always have to find a criterion to maximize the results.

I’ll tell you about that shortly. First, I want to tell you a little trick I discovered some time ago!

There are always some little tricks, but you have to commit yourself. Spontaneous Shoutout.

As usual, I’m always looking for new and quick ways to interact and get results quickly.

It can sometimes be a long process to get a shoutout4shoutout .

You have to contact the accounts, explain what you want, decide on a day, etc. when it would be enough to publish a profile photo that you like in your stories and that’s it!

Don’t forget to tag the owner so they’ll be notified via DM, see your repost, and in some cases be willing to reciprocate.

I assure you it works, especially if you choose accounts that are very similar to yours and that you really like .

I’ve tried it. Every day I posted 5 to 10 pictures in my stories that were teased by other profiles.

They were posts that I really liked and that I was really interested in sharing and it often happened that the other account decided to reciprocate and thank me for the favor!

Incredible, no?

Shooting durante la Milano Fashion Week

How to find accounts to make an Instagram ShoutOut?

Sometimes it can feel like an impossible thing to deal with people on Instagram. Write a nice preset message, copy and paste it left and right. When two things happen at some point:

1. Some people begin to insult you or not quite understand what you want. You get angry, you have to waste time explaining to them how it works.

2. Your account is done by a nice temporary Instagram block because you went too far with sending private messages.

This really is all that can happen, so I’ve prepared a small checklist of things to do for you to find and contact potentially interested accounts.

1. Make a list of potential accounts.

Having everything nice and tidy on hand is a big plus.

Not only that!

Building a list allows you to keep in mind which accounts are good for making this trade and repeat it over time.

So get a pen and paper.

Start going under your photos to take a look at the accounts that have commented, go to the likes under your latest posts and the people who have viewed your stories.

They are all accounts definitely interested in you, and if they have the right features, they may very well join your white list !

But don’t stop at your profile, go further.

On the Explore page, you will find all profiles that have topics similar to yours or that you find interesting. Choose some of these, look at the profiles that have commented or liked under their latest post.

Likes are a gold mine where you can find many very well-kept accounts that have been active recently.

Remember that these profiles should not be chosen randomly but you must select them based on very specific criteria that will allow you to get the best out of them.

What characteristics should these profiles have?

  • Have a similar number of followers .
  • Be active accounts. To find out, just check the comments below the photos to see the number and quality.
  • Talk about a topic very similar to yours .

Only in this way will you be sure not to waste time and find people on the other side who may be willing to follow you and become attached to you.

2. Contact the lucky ones.

At this point, you have an interesting list of people. What are we going to do with it? Let’s go write them all a nice private message copied and pasted.

I wouldn’t do that and I’ll tell you why.

First, we risk ending up in unread messages and they will never open our message. Second, Instagram could see it as spam due to the many private messages sent we could be the victim of a temporary block.

How can we avoid this?

Contacting people by email.

In this way, not only will we avoid using Instagram and being blocked but we will also have a quick and direct channel to reach the owner of the account.

Not bad, true?

At this point, write a nice pre-set email explaining who you are, what your profile mission is, the contact points with the person you are contacting and the description of what you would like to do.

Submit and wait for answers!

3. Put everything on the calendar!

At this point, all you have to do is schedule all your appointments.

Please also choose the time to exchange stories wisely. The best times are when people are most active and you can see them from your profile’s Instagram stats.

Usually one and nine in the evening are never wrong. But testing many different times and comparing the results can make a real difference!

What do you think? Did you like this article?

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shoutout Instagram

Have you ever tried to do an Instagram ShoutOut?

I’d be really happy if you shared how you did it and how it went in the comments below. We could all take a cue from your experience.

Well, I hope this technique has enlightened you but above all that it has opened your eyes a little to the fact that now building relationships has become essential in any corner of the web .

If you want to keep going solo, you’ll never get anything. If you only want to rely on BOTs, then you will run into quite a few problems.

Like all things, this one also requires a bit of effort.

You have to research accounts, plan and have the material time to carry out these exchanges. But I assure you it’s a really powerful technique.

And I’m not ruling out that all these collaborations also lead to friendships, as happened to me.

That’s all for today, we’ll hear from you soon.



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