Instagram Sponsorships: Here’s Why You Should NOT Use Them!

If you have a newly opened Instagram profile, don’t dare to buy Instagram sponsorships!

At least not before reading this article.

I have a friend with a profile close to 10k. She was annoyed by the fact that Instagram is reducing the visibility of her posts more and more and she thought of trying to grow using sponsorships on Instagram.


she told me about her experience of her, how no new followers arrived on the profile but only likes to the photo.

I hope you don’t want to find yourself in this situation, so I wanted to talk to you about this topic.

To explain how many ways there are to sponsor content on Instagram and how to best use it to get results.

Take a look below before clicking on Sponsor Post !

sponsorizzazioni Instagram

Instagram sponsorships, you have two alternatives

The great thing about sponsorships on Instagram is that they’re accessible to everyone and super easy to use. But it can also be a double-edged sword.

Advertisements are not a tool to be taken lightly, because you invest money in them.

Whether it’s the small budget you set for your business or your parents’ pocket money isn’t that important. The aim is to have a return on that investment , however small it may be.

Instagram has come up with a solution for every need. If you’ve tried to sponsor something on Instagram, you may have noticed that there are ads that you can’t play from the app or that some profiles send advertisements that you can’t find on their feed.

Now I’ll explain what are the two main ways to do sponsorship on Instagram.

1/2) You can use the Instagram app

The easiest and most accessible way to everyone is to do it directly through the app. If you have a company profile connected to a Facebook page, you can easily promote everything that Instagram gives you by simply clicking the blue button Promote that you find around the platform.

A very convenient way, if you have something to show or say to your followers, new potential accounts and want to do everything on-the-go .

Many think that with this method it is possible to get many followers. In reality, what happens and that your photo or your story gets greater visibility, is also shown to your followers. which is usually hidden and you can reach new accounts.

But they don’t necessarily start following you, on the contrary, from personal experience and thanks to the testimonies of some of my friends, usually only a few followers arrive by spending a few tens of euros in promoting a post.

Nothing more.

But let’s see what else we can do.

2/2) Go to Ads Manager

The real advertising platform is on Facebook not Instagram, so the first thing you’ll need to do is log into your personal account and create an ad account.

At this point, you will have your Ads Management account where you can launch advertisements on all placements owned by the Facebook company .

A placement is simply a place where your advertisement will be shown. For example, Instagram Stories are a possible placement for your ad. But there are so many others that we cannot access through the Instagram app, not to mention the ability to send advertisements on Facebook and Messenger as well.

From here, you can create special ads, which will not be shown in your Instagram stories or on your wall but will be independent Instagram sponsorship .

You can set a lot of parameters such as the audience you want it to be shown to, the daily budget, you can upload different photos and videos for each placement, do tests … in short, everything is designed for those who know about advertising.

This tool is the most powerful of all and it is thanks to it that many on the web claim to have made a thousand thousand euros in 24 hours.

We need to study how to launch advertisements from the Facebook Ads Manager in order to optimize the advertising budget.

>> If you need support and a precise strategy to use Instagram and Facebook sponsorship to the fullest, you can book a personalized consultation with me at this link. Otherwise, continue reading.

Why not use Instagram sponsorships if you want to grow your profile

I know this sounds crazy, but if you use sponsorships the wrong way you will only waste time and money. The first thing you need to ask yourself is this.

What is the purpose of my campaign?

Yes, a lot of sponsors just to be cool and have lots of followers, or get a few more likes. You need to know that these are not well-defined goals.

When money is at stake, you always have to think in terms of investment . What you are doing by giving money to Instagram is investing money that I hope you have honorably earned to achieve a certain result.

And hopefully that result involves some economic return from that expense.

Okay, you might as well set your goal to increase followers to your profile or likes under posts. This makes sense if brands then pay you more for collaborations. If you’re just starting out and brands aren’t paying you, it shouldn’t be the wisest goal.

At the very least, I recommend that you get help from a professional who combines sponsorships with a good growth strategy on Instagram.

The main goals of advertisements are to generate a financial return. And that’s what the whole Facebook Advertising discipline is based on.

The trick is to maximize the budget you spend in order to get the maximum return in terms of sales and money.

And that assumes you have products to sell.

So why shouldn’t you use sponsorships?

If you want to enter the world of micro-influencers quickly, you are annoyed with growing your Instagram profile slowly and you want a shortcut to success, you do not recommend promoting self-taught posts .

It doesn’t work, or rather, you can get a lot of followers if you really take CRAZY photos and spend a little money on them. For a little money I mean hundreds if not thousands of euros per month .

Otherwise, you would find yourself having only a few likes under your photos, which are now also disappearing from Instagram.

What does all this mean?

You won’t have anything to show your followers because they don’t see the likes, but you can only send the stats to the companies that want to work with you. If your profile is small, you risk not being able to partner with companies that require a payment.

I mean, you spend money but nothing fits in your pocket. This is not a business, it does not bring you any financial gain and it is just a pastime.

Of course you can always do this if you want to spend that kind of money, if you still want to have a cool profile as a whim, but that won’t get you anywhere on a business level.

What to do then?

Apart from contacting an expert, if you have some money to invest and a specific goal, I recommend that you do not sponsor your profile, but your products.

For example, you create an e-book that you sell on KDP Amazon, the kindle self-publishing service. This book has to answer a problem of your followers, so you will have people who are already potentially interested.

If you want to know how to publish a book on Amazon in 24 hours, I’ve written everything in here.

Not only that.

Using Amazon as an intermediary allows you to sell your products without having a blog or website, as I do in my Courses section here on the blog.

I always recommend that you consider opening your own blog if you have an idea to pursue, because it allows you to express yourself 100% not only in terms of text but also in terms of graphics and you can also sell your products without intermediaries (read also because it still makes sense to start a blog).

To sell an e-book on your site you only need to give a small percentage, 2-7% , to the payment manager (like Paypal). On Amazon or other sites, however, the minimum percentages you have to give to the site start at 30% and this kills your earnings.

So, back to us.

Once you’ve created digital products, use sponsorships to promote those. Obviously this is only possible from the Ads Manager panel in your Facebook account settings.

So you can work on optimizing your ads so that every euro spent generates more than one euro (hopefully!) in return.

Not only that!

This will allow you to broaden your audience and create a community of loyal users.

Those who end up on your profile before or after using your product appreciate what you do and are much more likely to follow you.

In all of this, you will have a budget that you can start investing in sponsoring posts and growing your profile even more.

Not bad, huh?

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Have you ever tried to use sponsorships on Instagram?

I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below! Do you end up with what I said? Have you tried growing your profile with Instagram sponsorships?

If you have a really good idea and you want to grow your profile with a specific purpose, I always recommend that, in addition to taking a look at the 20 techniques to increase your Instagram followers, you ask for advice from a professional, who will be able to help you in the best possible way to handle all technical matters.

Don’t think it’s easy, there’s a whole discipline behind Instagram ads and there are people who have built millionaire businesses. I also explained it to you when I talked about how much an influencer earns.

If you want to continue as self-taught and, why not, also sell the skills you will acquire to someone else, you can learn more by reading the e-book How to Become an Influencer on Instagram. Download it for free by activating the trial free at Kindle Unlimited.

See you next time.

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