Instagram statistics: how to make the most of data

Studying the Instagram Stats (also called Instagram Insights , in English) is the only way we have to understand if our profile is growing or not and, therefore, whether we are achieving the goals we have set for ourselves in our social media marketing strategy.

First of all, I would like to say that the statistics of your Instagram profile are available only if you have a Business or Creator account , if you have a personal profile you will not be able to access them. This is because, usually, those with a personal account do not use Instagram to sell products or services, but simply for entertainment.

Having said that, also know that access to Instagram Insights is free , but there are also a series of external tools that allow a more in-depth analysis and that in part they are paid, but we will talk about them calmly, later in this article.

First, let’s see what Instagram statistics makes available to us and which we can access thanks to our Business profile.

How to see statistical data on Instagram, directly from the app

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, to access Instagram Insights you must necessarily have a Business (or Creator) profile, otherwise the statistics symbol will not appear at all.

By clicking on the three horizontal lines at the top right of your profile, you access a menu, the second item of which is “Statistical Data”, once entered, the screen will be divided into 3 sections:

  • content
  • activity
  • public

Let’s see these sections one by one.

Contents section

In the section dedicated to contents, as you can easily guess from the name, you will have an overview of the contents you have published so far and a little below a detail on the feed posts and stories.

The order in which the last 30 contents of the week are shown (including posts and stories) is based on their coverage, i.e. the number of people reached. This is the default setting, but by clicking on “view all” you can then choose the parameter with which to order them.

Instagram Insights: content section

For example, your interest might be to see which post it generated the highest number of engagements , or calls to the number linked to your profile or emails sent. The options are really a lot and correspond to all the ways a user has of interacting with you via your Instagram account.

You can also choose to filter the results by selecting the time frame of your interest, from a maximum of 2 years to a minimum of 7 days.

Activity section

In the second section of Instagram statistics, we are shown data relating to our activity. Let’s see what it means.

The first data that is shown to us concern the Coverage and Impressions on our content, showing us the trend over the last week.

Thanks to these statistics, Instagram shows us in which days we reached the greatest number of people , this can make us think about the type of content proposed and possibly re-propose it in the future to replicate the result.

Instagram Insights: activity section

Scrolling down we reach the part dedicated to Interactions and also in this case Instagram shows us day by day how many interactions we have received on our posts, in terms of visits to the profile, clicks on the website, requests for directions roads etc. Here the same reasoning applies: which post has registered the most interactions? Why? Is that something I can replicate?

Public section

The last section of Instagram statistics is dedicated to the public, here we can get an overview of who are the people who follow us and check if they are in line with the target we expect to reach.

The first figure is an overview of the followers acquired and / or lost during the week: a colorful and easy to read graph shows us very clearly how it is going and allows us to make some considerations:

  • how many followers have I acquired this week? Did I adopt any particular strategy that made me grow?
  • how many followers have I lost? Is it a physiological or substantial loss? What could have caused it?

In the second part Instagram tells us where our followers come from: if our profile is aimed at Italians but has a large amount of foreign followers, perhaps it is the case of wondering if the strategy adopted is the right one or, if not, it could be a positive sign, indicating that our product has a market elsewhere as well.

Instagram Insights: public section

Let’s go down again and another interesting fact about our audience is revealed: age and gender.

Also in this case, the data are important to make me understand if I am using the right tone of voice or to find out if I have identified the market I am targeting correctly or not. If my product is designed for the female gender, but I notice that my audience is also made up largely of men, perhaps it is time to do a more in-depth market survey and find out why.

Last figure on this screen: a graph that shows us when our followers are most online. Why do we need this information? To increase the organic reach and impressions of our content, of course!

By finding out when our followers are online, we can schedule our content to be published at a certain time and thus reach as many people as possible without the aid of an advertising campaign.

Instagram statistics: apps and external tools to deepen the data

So far we have seen the Instagram Insights to which we have access directly through the app, but as anticipated at the beginning of this article, there are several other tools that you can rely on to receive often more accurate statistics. Here are some examples.


Ninjalitics is certainly one of the best known tools in Italy for analyzing Instagram profiles. It offers a free version and several paid options, I use it very often to analyze my customers’ profiles, in particular I really love the calculation window relating to the engagement rate (interaction rate).


Very similar to Ninjalitics in some respects, FollowerStat also has a free and paid version. The data relating to the monetary value per single post is nice, especially if you work with influencers and need to make an estimate of expenditure for a possible influence marketing campaign.


Iconsquare is actually a tool that allows you to manage social media at 360 degrees, including post scheduling, and has a section dedicated to data analysis.

Surely it is a tool that I recommend in its paid version, for the completeness of the data, but you can take advantage of the audit tool which is free to get an overview of the health of your Instagram profile.

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