Instagram stats: 37 Instagram stats for 2020

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As you plan your Instagram marketing strategy for 2020, it’s important to know the latest stats from this hugely popular social network . To make sure you’re working with the right information, we’ve gathered all the most important Instagram stats you need to know about this year.

General Instagram stats

1. Instagram is the second most downloaded free app in the Apple App Store

Only YouTube had more downloads in 2018 ( 2019 stats are not yet available ) . This is a good indication that Instagram is continuing to attract new users, as verified by the Instagram user stats you will see later in this post.

2. Instagram is the 10th most popular query on Google

About half of the top 10 searches are generic terms such as weather, news and video. But Facebook, Google, YouTube and Amazon are also in the top 10, all ahead of Instagram.

However, since Instagram isn’t primarily used through a desktop interface , the high level of app download is a more relevant figure.

3. Instagram currently hides like counts in 7 countries.

Instagram started hiding like counts in Canada in April 2019 and in six other countries in July of the same year.

These countries are:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand

However, that doesn’t mean likes don’t matter anymore. In fact, as 41% of Canadian content creators said engagement dropped after the like count was hidden, it means it’s more important than ever to create quality content. that attract interactions beyond numbers.

Statistics of Instagram users

Who is using Instagram? This Instagram user stats reveal Instagram audience details right now.

4. 1 billion people use Instagram every month

This makes Instagram the second largest social network in terms of active users, behind Facebook. If you consider all social platforms, Instagram is in fifth place – behind Facebook , YouTube , Whatsapp , FB Messenger and WeChat.

5. 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day

In the four years since launch, Instagram Stories have become a huge part of what makes Instagram so popular.

With half a billion people using stories every day, it’s clear that stories have become a very important communication channel for brands.

6. 89% of users are outside the United States

Of the 1 billion Instagram users, only 130 million are in the United States . Americans are the largest audience on Instagram, but they are a long way from the majority. Rounding out the top five countries for Instagram users are:

  • India: 100 million users
  • Brazil : 91 million users
  • Indonesia : 73 million users
  • Russia : 51 million users

This is very important information when defining your target audience and on Instagram and what kind of content to create.

7. Instagram will reach 140 million users in the United States by 2023

This is an estimate calculated by eMarketer , which predicts that the number of active users monthly residents in the united states will reach 140 million by 2023.

8. Instagram is Canada’s fastest growing social media platform

Instagram’s growth numbers in Canada are even more impressive. in 2018 the social network saw growth of 20.4% and growth of 7.3% in 2019. eMarketer expects a further growth of 6.1% in 2020.

9. The country with the highest percentage of Instagram users is Brunei

Brunei may not have the largest number of Instagram users, but is the country with the largest percentage of users on Instagram: 60% of the population, to be precise . Compared to 37% of people in the US.

Rounding out the top five countries with the highest percentage of users on Instagram are:

  • Iceland : 57%.
  • Turkey : 56%
  • Sweden: 55%
  • Kuwait : 55%

If you’re marketing to people in these countries, Instagram could be a particularly effective platform for both organic content and paid posts .

10. 37% of American adults use Instagram

This is a slight increase from 35% in 2018 . Keep in mind that the percentage of people using Instagram varies substantially by age group, as the social network is much more popular with younger users:

  • 18– 29 years : 67%
  • 30–49 years : 47%
  • 50–64 years : 23 %
  • 65+ : 8%

11. Instagram is the most popular mainstream social network among US teenagers

Only YouTube is more popular with teenagers, and there is debate on whether to simply classify the site as a video sharing platform or as a social network . 72% of US teenagers say they use Instagram , compared to 69% for Snapchat and 51% for Facebook .

However, teens claim to use Snapchat more often.

statistiche instagram
statistical data instagram

12. The gender mix on Instagram is fairly uniform: 52% female and 48% male

However, in the United States, the percentage of women is substantially higher ( 56, 4% ) than men ( 43.6% ).

This discrepancy shows that you cannot make assumptions about the demographics on Instagram or any other social network. And you definitely can’t make assumptions about the demographics of your followers. Instead, use social media analytics tools to get insights into your audience for better content strategy and ad targeting.

Instagram usage statistics

Now that you know who is using Instagram, let’s take a look at some Instagram usage statistics to find out how they are using this social network and how often .

13. 63% of Instagram users log in at least once a day

And 42% check their account several times a day . Only 16% log in less than once a week.

You will need to run several tests to figure out exactly when it is most likely to your specific audience is online, so you can find out what the best times are to post.

14. Instagram users will spend an average of 28 minutes per day on the platform in 2020

eMarketer expects this slight increase from 27 minutes in 2019 . By comparison, time spent on Facebook is down slightly. Instagram had more time spent per day than Snapchat for the first time in 2019.

15. 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day

So what are Instagram users doing in those 27 minutes? Most of them visit company profiles. Could they visit yours as well?

16. 62% of people say they became more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories

If you’re not using Stories yet, this is one of those Instagram stats that strongly suggest that you should start doing this. Not sure what to post in Stories? We wrote an article on the best ideas for your instagram stories.

17. 11% of US users shop on Instagram

Unsurprisingly, Instagram is primarily used for viewing photos and videos. But, more than one in ten users uses the platform specifically to shop or find new products.

18 . 130 million Instagram users click on shopping posts every month

Like the statistic above, this shows that people are actually interested in buying products and services directly from Instagram.

Post shopping is still a relatively new feature on Instagram, and the even newer checkout feature allows you to purchase products without even leaving the Instagram interface. If you are not yet using post shopping, take a look at our article on how to sell on Instagram.

19. More than 50% of Instagram accounts use the Explore tab every month

The Explore tab is the section where Instagram users can discover new content and new accounts to follow. Putting your content in the foreground on Explore is a fundamental way to expose your brand to new followers.

Why should marketers care? True, this is a fairly random Instagram statistic. But it shows that even small differences can affect how people interact with something.

There is no logical reason why people should prefer red apple emojis. to those of the green apple, but that’s the way it is. Could this extend to their preference for apple color in Instagram posts or ads ? Only by testing will you know for sure, just as testing is the only way to know for sure which colors, words and types of content connect best with your audience.

21. The heart sticker is the most popular in stories

And the most used face filter is “ heart eyes “. Meanwhile, the red heart emoji was used 14 billion times in 2018.

22. 14% of US adults use Instagram as a news source

It’s nowhere near the percentage of people who use Facebook as a news source ( 52%), but still worth considering when considering when you want to launch new products or announce making other announcements about your brand. Women represent the majority (62%) of news consumers on Instagram.

Statistics of advertising on Instagram

Some statistical data on the potential of Instagram ads and influencer marketing on instagram

23. Instagram’s potential ad reach is 849.3 million users

That’s 14% of people aged 13 and over. This represents a 5.9% increase on a quarterly basis in ad coverage in Q3 2019.

24. Instagram advertisers can reach a young audience of 52.9 million

To be precise, this Instagram statistic refers to users aged 13-17 . This makes Instagram third in terms of youth ad coverage , behind Facebook ( 113.3 million ) and Snapchat ( 66.9 million ) .

25. Brands pay Instagram influencers between $ 100 and $ 2,085 per post

On average, of course. For videos, brands pay between $ 114 and $ 3,138 on average and for Stories they pay between $ 43 and $ 721.

instagram statistiche
instagram statistics, instagram statistics

Of course, this information is just a starting point to consider when thinking about how much to pay Instagram influencers for their campaigns.

26. US marketers spend 69% of their budget on influencer marketing on Instagram

That’s a lot more than on any other platform. YouTube comes in second place with only 11% . If you are planning to integrate influencer marketing into your strategy, Instagram is the best choice.

Why do brands work with influencers? And how effective is this strategy ? Get more details in our article on how to make the most of influencer marketing

27. US marketers spend 31% of Instagram’s advertising budget on Stories

They spend the other 69% on news feed. This is a mix of about ⅓ Stories and ⅔ news feed . It’s a good balance to keep in mind when planning your Instagram advertising strategy.

28. Instagram will earn $ 12.32 billion in ad revenue in 2020

According to eMarketer forecasts . That’s a big leap from $ 9.08 billion in 2019 to $ 6.18 billion in 2018. Instagram’s ad revenue growth is outpacing that of its parent company. , Facebook. This indicates that brands feel more confident in Instagam’s conversion capability.

29. 73% of US teens say Instagram is the best platform brands can use to inform them about new products or promotions

It’s significantly superior to the other best options, Snapchat (49%) and email (37%) . If your target is teenagers and young adults, Instagram is the ideal platform

Statistics of publication on Instagram

Here are some data statistics regarding the publications of the brands on Instagram.

30. In 2020 Instagram will be used by 75.3% of US companies

This is eMarketer’s prediction. They suggest that only Facebook will beat Instagram , with 87.1% of US marketers featured on that platform.

If your business isn’t yet on Instagram, you should know that probably your competition is already using this powerful tool.

31. A third of the most viewed stories come from businesses

Stories are a more relaxed and intimate form of creating content on Instagram, but they can be very powerful for companies.

33. 60% of businesses on Instagram Stories use an interactive element every month

This includes location tags, mentions, poll stickers, and so on.

They are using these interactive functions for good reason. The poll sticker increased the average time spent in stories by about three seconds in 90% of campaigns.

34. Brand Stories have an 85% completion rate

This is a big leap forward from the previous year in which they registered 69% . This may be due to brands now using shorter stories, averaging 5.2 frames in 2019 compared to 6.9 in 2018.

However, longer stories have a greater reach . This means that the ideal length of a story depends on your specific goal.

35. Instagram accounts for 10.7% of the social shares of e-commerce sites

This is much less than the 80.4% of Facebook , but more than any other social network.

Stats of Instagram videos

However, in image-based stories, using two stickers reduces performance. Instagram’s parent company, Facebook , recommends using stickers when they “ help communicate key information about your brand or product “, but avoid them if “ contribute to clutter visual “.

37. Tutorials are the most popular form of Instagram video content

Followed by behind-the-scenes posts, interviews and news.

Sources: Hootsuite, Statinsta, Emarketer

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