Instagram Stats: The 10 Metrics to Monitor to Blow Up Your Profile

I want to confess something. Instagram stats contain everything you need to grow your followers and collaborate with brands.

And I’m not kidding.

Think about it.

From the outside, all accounts are more or less comparable in terms of numbers.

We only have two metrics to understand how they are moving . Unless you want to do dirty things and use external tools like Ninjalitics.

Do it, I love spying on other people’s profiles, as well as being a great source of inspiration. ♥ ️

I’ll tell you about how to use the Instagram stats of other accounts to improve your profile in the last paragraph.

I want to tell you that, were it not for the number of followers and comments under the posts, now that even the likes have been removed, there is no way to distinguish the goodness of one profile from the other.

We need to go deeper.

Follow me, in this article I want to explain the 10 Instagram insights that you absolutely must not neglect to grow your profile.

It’s going to be fun!

If you’ve never used Instagram Stats, you can’t get your profile off the ground!

“Hi Monica! I would like to grow my profile, could you help me? ”

Over the past few months I have found more and more such messages in my inbox.

I don’t have the magic formula and when I write that in reality they find everything I know on my blog they are also a little disappointed.

The truth is that growing an account essentially takes two steps. The first is what everyone thinks about, the second is ignored by 99.9% of the world population.

Now I’ll explain what these two steps are.


Using techniques (more or less legal) to grow the account, apply a publishing strategy, interaction, editorial plan and blah blah blah.


Analyze the results, the so-called statistics or insights , try to understand what worked and what didn’t, modify the strategy based on this data.

I don’t think you can apply the same set of rules to all accounts and shout to the sky that Instagram is useless if you haven’t tried at least 4/5 different things.

I change my strategy on my profile every 2/3 months.

Partly because I like to test new things and partly because the algorithm always changes and growth slows down.

Today I’m talking about step 2, that is data analysis, but if you want to learn more about the techniques to blow up your profile in 2020 or the classic techniques to increase Instagram followers, I’ve already written some stuff in past.

But now part…

Wait a second! I was forgetting to tell you that to see your Instagram stats directly from the app you must have a Company or Creator profile .

Here are the 10 most important Instagram Stats that can help you both improve your account and collaborate with brands !.

5 Instagram statistics to rate the content you post.

Not all Insights are created equal. Depending on what we need we will go:

  1. To click on the Insight button under the post to find out some more info on the photo you posted.
  2. On Insight in settings to learn more about who our followers are.

If you have any doubts about where to find your profile statistics, you can write me in the comments, I’m here every day so you won’t have to worry about waiting times!

To assess whether your content has performed well (or not XD) there are five metrics you absolutely need to look at.

Insight post InstagramInsight post Instagram


How many comments did the post have? But above all, what is their quality?

There are accounts with tens of thousands of followers that don’t even reach 10 comments and others that have a few thousand and take many more.

Expecting at least a few dozen comments under a post seems to me the minimum to judge an active account and is one of the first things brands look at before even contacting for a collaboration.

If there are very few comments or if they are all comments containing emojis or Nice picture! you can’t expect to get a lot of requests.

To increase the comments below the photos, an interesting thing I tested is comment bombing. I recommend you try it!

2. Repost in the Stories

Starting from the left we find the number of likes, the comments and then immediately the arrow of the shares in the stories.

This metric is super important for two reasons:

  1. The Instagram algorithm considers interactions of this type greater value ;
  2. Getting into other people’s stories will allow you to reach out to new people .

For this you must try to encourage sharing as much as possible, either by thinking about content made ad hoc , such as quotes, or by explicitly inviting your followers in the stories to reshare!

3. Saved in Archive

A somewhat invisible metric, but which has a lot of value in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm. Due to the fact that it is a rather private method of interaction, it carries a lot of weight.

People who click on Save to Archive are really your true fans, so much so that they put your photo on their private list.

The higher the number, the more super positive the signal.

You can think about launching a digital product if you notice that there are a lot of people saving your posts, I’m sure you will get crazy results!

4. Actions Performed by the Post

The queen of all your content metrics. Because basically we don’t care much about likes, little more than comments. All we want is for people to interact deeply with us.

What exactly do we want?

  1. Let the people from the post we published visit our profile (and maybe follow us);
  2. They click on the link in bio , which is super cool because we may have a newsletter signup form or even sell products.

The more interactions users make from your post, the better your content performs.

And … guess what? This metric can sell very well to brands and can even be used as leverage to request monetary compensation.

In essence, this shows that if you put a link in your bio, not only will users go to your profile but they will also click on the link itself.

A certain percentage of clicks will turn into sales for the brand which will therefore have made an excellent investment in choosing you!

5. Reach and Impression del Post

The Reach indicates how many unique people you reached in total, while the Impressions how many people saw your post. Impressions count even if someone has seen the post multiple times.

So, there are two ways to use Reach.

The closer Reach gets to the number of Impressions, the more positive it is because most people have only seen your post once.

Now, if the Reach comes as close as possible to the number of likes, it means that those people have only seen it once because they interacted and therefore Instagram does not consider it important to show the same post again.

If the opposite happens, it means that there is something in your post that didn’t work. For example, it was of poor quality or your users didn’t like it.

At the bottom of the post stats, you’ll also find where the people who saw your post come from. Usually, most have seen it on your Home .

It may happen that the Hashtag entry may be important. This means that you have chosen the right ones. Or that there are many views in Other . This is super because it means your post ended up in the coveted Explore section!

5 Instagram statistics to understand the quality and behaviors of your followers.

If something goes wrong or your profile is struggling to grow, it’s not necessarily the fault of your posts.

This is how it works. You must try to deliver the right content, at the right time and to the right people.

A little while ago I told you about the metrics that allow you to understand only part of the pie, which is the quality of your content.

Now I want to give you more tools to analyze your audience and their behaviors, so that you always give them what they are looking for at the right time.

The last two are super important for planning your publishing strategy.

Insight follower InstagramInsight follower Instagram

1. What nationality am I?

If you write in Italian and you are interested in addressing a niche of people living in Italy, you need to make sure that your users come from this country.

Otherwise the fault is not your content but you are simply addressing people who do not understand your language!

It may seem trivial but above all with giveaways and Instagram BOTs you acquire many foreign followers who are not interested in what we publish.

The result is a profile with many followers but who don’t interact because they just don’t understand what we’re saying!

A little gem that you can understand only by looking at the Insights of the profile!

2. What city do they live in?

Already having an audience that is 20% from the same country is a good asset , but it might interest you that your followers come from a specific city.

Next to the countries you can then access the Instagram statistics of the main cities of origin of your followers.

Why might you care?

Mainly to profiles of local businesses such as hotels and restaurants but also if you are talking about topics that only concern your area, such as the enhancement of the territory.

In this case, you wouldn’t be interested in being followed by people from the other side of Italy!

3. Gender and age.

Knowing some info on how our followers are actually made can be interesting.

What do we need to know how old they are and if they are male or female?

The way you talk and communicate with them depends a lot on all of this. We want to feel close to our favorite Instagrammer, communication must be as personalized as possible .

Only in this way will our words have even more strength and we will forge indissoluble bonds.

Not only that.

Knowing these characteristics of your audience will allow you to find brands to collaborate with and make a successful deal.

The more the product you want to sponsor is relevant to the people who follow you, the more likely you are to accept them!

4. Which days of the week are they most active?

One of the techniques I’ve used in the past to grow on Instagram is what I’ve called 365 .

No, no tricks or stuff. I did the simplest thing in the world. Publish one photo a day throughout the year, no day excluded!

Now, the algorithm was super different and Instagram rewarded quantity a lot. For some time now, however, I am testing the publication 3 times a week and it is giving me positive results.

How do I choose the days to post?

Simply by looking at which days of the week our followers are most active.

In this way, we will launch a new post in the feed when they are connected, we will receive more likes in the famous 15 minutes following the publication and we will have a greater chance of being promoted organically by the social network.

In a nutshell, your post ends up in hashtags, on the Explore page and higher in your users’ feed. All this means more followers and many new people discovering your account!

5. Best hours of the day.

The right time to post has to be hit right.

Not only the day … but the hour also counts a lot!

Same as above, look for the dark blue bars in the chart to see the hours your followers are most active and post at that time.

If you want to know more tips for growing on Instagram, I’ve written a free guide with 8 techniques to increase your Instagram followers and build a following worth thousands of dollars.

You can enter your email below to download it now!

Others’ Instagram Stats are a gold mine of information!

You know, just looking at ourselves… is not enough!

But how ?! With all the hard work there is to do on my private profile, do I also have to be accountable to others?

You MUST do this, and I’ll explain why.

Instagram is a social network that aims to unite and connect people. We cannot think of being disconnected. That would be absurd!

What others do, the techniques they use, the results they get are closely linked to us.

Not only by interacting with other accounts and networking we can get some crazy results but also by spying on their stats.

Where to find them?

Here are all the tools to see the Instagram stats of other accounts.

Okay, you don’t need to be a super hacker to spy on other accounts’ stats. Just find an online tool, enter the nickname of the person you are interested in and that’s it.

The free tool I use most often is Ninjalitics which gives you some general information on account engagement, which hashtags you use most often, the growth trend and if it has used follow / unfollow .

Other interesting free tools are Social Bakers and Union Metrics.

For a fee there are some crazy tools like HypeAuditor and Iconsquare that I recommend only if you need them for work or if you need to hire an influencer for an advertising campaign.

How can you use all this data from other profiles?

Simply to chart their strategy!

Instagram is constantly changing and it is often difficult to understand which path to take when things are no longer going well with the strategy we have adopted in recent times.

If we see an account that works, grows and is performing well, why not try to figure out what it’s doing right?

In this way, we can understand, for example, what hashtag he is using, what kind of audiance he has and some numbers on the strategies he has implemented.

Maybe you may find that many accounts that have been copying each other lately are adopting strategies that don’t actually work or … the opposite!

Make a list of interesting accounts and put their Instagram stats in an excel file to compare them.

You may discover some really unexpected things!

statistiche instagram

How did Instagram Stats help you improve your profile?

I’d like to know how these stats have helped you improve on Instagram.

Which are the most useful? Which ones do you not quite understand and would you like more explanations?

I always use them, perhaps even too often, and they are very useful for finding interesting information not only about my followers and the quality of my posts but also about changes in the Instagram algorithm.

I have tried to write you the best info, which I have experienced myself. If you like you can spread this piece of knowledge on Instagram with the social points below.

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That’s it.

See you next time!



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