Instagram Stories: 5 + 2 tips to make the most of them

The Instagram Stories are a tool that since it was born has taken hold more and more in the field of social media marketing .

The graph below shows the number of searches on Google over time for the keyword “instagram stories” for the Italian panorama. As we can easily see, interest in the topic is constantly growing, especially in recent months when they have become a very important element to be included in a social media marketing strategy.

Why are Instagram stories more popular than photos in the feed?

If until a couple of years ago the success of an Instagram profile was determined by the engagement on the feed posts, today things are no longer like this, so much so that the social network itself has communicated an imminent obscuring of likes from posts , towards those who do not interact with the content.

The stories, compared to the photos of the feed, show moments of real life, thus breaking down the barrier between the user who observes and the owner of the profile, who strips himself in front of his audience .

Stories are synonymous with authenticity and the need to get out of this fictional world, made up of perfect lives, perfect photos, with exaggerated or unlikely colors is so strong that users are almost looking for the ‘imperfection.
Being yourself is the winning formula for any brand awareness strategy , both for individual influencers or aspiring influencers, and for companies.

People want the truth (even if it is a bit paradoxical to look for it on social networks), they want to feel part of something real and not something constructed and this has the power to really involve them and, then, make sure that the ‘Instagram algorithm you notice us and give us more visibility.

Below are my tips to truly leverage Instagram Stories for your business.

Tip 1: use stickers in Instagram stories

Instagram offers us a large amount of stickers that can be applied to our stories, but not just pure and simple decorative elements – not all of them at least – in fact some can really make a difference and increase the notoriety of our profile.

To really understand their importance, I suggest you take my free course dedicated to Instagram Stickers , in my online Social Academy.

Instagram Stickers

Tip 2: put your face on it

I know, it’s the hardest thing, but as I said in the introduction to this article, users need to feel that what they are seeing is something authentic, true and happening right then (or at the latest within the 24 hours in which the stories are available).

Try, slowly, to show yourself a little more or if you are a company, use the stories to show that part of your most hidden activity, perhaps purely operational, that you would never show on the feed precisely because “not very instagrammable “.

Do you want some examples? You are satisfied.

What to publish in Instagram stories if you have an activity

  • If you have a bar: the opening of the restaurant in the morning, the preparation of sandwiches,
  • If you are a restaurant: the presentation of the menu by the chef
  • If you are a hairdresser: recover while giving some tips on hair care
  • If you are a dentist: do prevention with one stories a day
  • If you are a psychologist: spread small tips to live well every day
  • If you have a hotel: give little tips on what to see in the city from the reception guys, they are the first to get in touch with your guests

These are just a few suggestions, if you need some ideas tailored for you, I invite you to contact me for advice!

Tip 3: take advantage of the featured stories

Instagram gives us the possibility to make our stories visible forever through the featured stories, small folders arranged between the feed and the Instagram bio , which we can use to collect the most important stories that we realize, subdivided by theme.

I’ll show you some examples of how you can use them:

contenuti in evidenza su instagramcontenuti in evidenza su instagramcontenuti in evidenza su instagram

Tip 4: Share other users’ stories

A bit like the repost on the feed of user content, you can use the power of interaction to invite your followers to create content that you will then share in your stories.

In this regard, I invite you to read my case study on the Vase of Value , which I created on Instagrame which grew my profile of 500 followers in 3-4 days.

Tip 5: Share your stories feed posts with the airplane

Have you ever noticed that under each photo in the feed there is a small airplane? Here, this symbol is used to send posts via direct messages or to share them in your stories.

But why share a post in the stories? Simple, to increase the visibility of the post , mainly affecting the people who look at your stories rather than those who scroll through the feed and risk losing your post among the millions of content available.

Extra Tip 1: no to too long stories

Last tip: try not to exceed 4 stories in length, when you have to make a complex speech. For long videos there is youtube , but the stories each last 15 seconds and it is physiological that the views decrease as they become long.

I understand that the gift of synthesis is not for everyone, but we must try to keep the attention of our users high. If you really can’t, try to indicate the duration of your speech at the beginning of the first story , in such a way as to warn the user about the time it will take to hear what you have to say and leave the choice is up to him.

Extra Tip 2: insert subtitles

Inserting subtitles under each story encourages users to follow your stories even if at that moment they do not have the opportunity to listen to you, moreover, they are a great way to summarize the concepts you expose verbally .

I know, writing subtitles takes a lot of time, but trust me it really makes a difference!

We have reached the end of our article full of tips, now, if you found it useful, you can leave me a comment to let me know, so I can write more articles of this type in the future!

Istagram stories consigli: come sfruttarle al meglio

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