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You came this far because you would like to know if there is a way to save the stories of the profiles you follow, to take inspiration from them. In this article you will discover Instagram story download or how Instagram download stories works, download stories Instagrame how to download Instagram stories online.

You like being followed on Instagram, you liked it create your following, but in each of your publications you are probably inspired by someone you follow yourself and who publishes really interesting and captivating stories every day. You would like to do them too and make people smile, just like they do with you.

There are many solutions you have to download stories and what we will do will simply show you the best ones, the ones that other users, exactly like you, have preferred and continue to use every day.

Instagram story download: use Instagram


Or better still a, the first of the tools you can use to download Instagram stories is to open the social app, the one you use every day. Didn’t you know that you could do such a thing? Yes, you can do it very easily without the need to download any other applications or software whatsoever.

To save your stories

So what are you waiting for? Start the application and if you have not done so automatically, log in to your profile. At the bottom left or in any case on your home screen, you will find the symbol of a small house> profile photo> locate the content you want to download> swipe up> down arrow. That’s it , the content you have chosen is saved in the gallery of your device and you will finally be able to see it whenever you want.

But if you have activated the Save to archive option instead. you can also save the stories that have been present for more than 24 hours, which, as you well know, are automatically deleted. If, on the other hand, you don’t forget to turn on the lever that tells you Save to Camera Roll, the stories will be saved on your device automatically.

In this way you can draw inspiration from your own stories , because you know how difficult it is to produce always new and interesting contents. Alternatively you can always propose something that has aroused great interest in your followers.

How to download Instagram stories with music

You know well, sometimes the images of the Instagram stories are accompanied by captivating music, some songs that sometimes you ask where they got them from. Ok, we have shown you how it is possible to download Instagram stories online, we have given you many tips and many indications. Hopefully this will at least partially change the way you live social.

But how are you supposed to download Instagram Stories that have music? We must first give you some bad news, if your story was created with the Music app, you won’t be able to make a single download, so put your soul in peace and be content to have it for the following 24 hours.

No, that’s not quite the case, but rather you can use a trick and then proceed with the registration of all the stories and among them also the one you wanted.

You can do the following operation, whatever the device you use. Then start the Instagram app> little man icon or profile thumbnail> locate the story> swipe down> arrow in the circle.

On your device you will have all the stories you have published in the last 24 hours, including the one containing the music you were interested in. Once here you can decide whether to keep everything as you got it or modify them, cutting the video in the part that interests you and throwing away the rest.

If the story you have published simply has background music , then you can download the single story, the mode is the same as we described above and that you would have used for the stories created with the Music app.

Alternatively you can always decide to proceed with the recording of the screen, which we have already mentioned and which seems immediate as a method, also considering that you can decide at what point to start the recording and when to stop it simply by starting and ending the recording.

The stories of your favorites

If the stories you want to download are not yours, but profiles that you follow, but that you really appreciate, you can’t Of course, proceed with a screenshot, as you would for a photo, but you can start recording the screen from your device, as long as it is equipped with this feature.

This is an easy way to keep the stories of others on your smartphone, without considering that the subject in question will never know, because there is no notification for this.

But we will see that the alternative are free apps that have nothing to do with Instagram but that allow you to download stories. This is a rather convenient and also quick solution to use. In addition, these apps also allow you to save stories completely for free.

Do we want to find fault with this? Well you can download the videos only on public profiles, as to be able to view the private ones you will need to be a follower.

N.B. Without the permission of the person concerned, you cannot publish the stories you save, neither on Instagram, nor on other platforms and social networks.

Why it’s useful to download Instagram stories

download instagram stories online 4

If at least once you have wondered how to make an Instagram story download, then it means that you recognize its usefulness. As for the your stories, downloading them means having them on your device, in case you need to bring it back later or show it to people who do not have Instagram.

But you can also want to save your Instagram story to use it on other social networks, such as Facebook or TikTok, even if you surely know you can connect your accounts and publish simultaneously on all your pages.

As for the stories of others, the purpose of the download can be either to draw inspiration for your publications or to repost, if it is an account that collaborates with you in an activity. In any case, never forget to ask the account owner for permission to repost on your page.

Instagram story download: Android devices

The eternal struggle between Android and iOS technology does not end in this case either.

We have previously mentioned how it is possible to download the stories of others or yours, using very simple apps, which you can usually find directly on the Play Store, without having to rely on external sites.

If your device is Android then you can download the Save Stories app, which in its basic version is free, but has the inconvenience of presenting advertising banners, which are eliminated with the pro version for a fee.

Download the app> accept the terms of the privacy policy> log in with Instagram> accept> log in to your social profile> magnifying glass> search for the account you are interested in downloading stories> Stories> download.

In this way you can download Instagram stories online and keep track of them to your device.

Instagram story download: iOS

If you are a lover of Apple technology we could recommend you, for the Instagram download of stories, to use Storized for Instagram, whose operation is still very simple.

Again, there are 2 versions, one free with the usual annoying banner ads and one with a weekly subscription. The choice lies in the amount of times you use the application.

In any case, whatever your choice, the path you will have to take will be the same that our dear Androidians did. So first download the application on your device and start it> write the username of the profile you are interested in> stories> preview> (…)> save> allow the app to save the contents on your device.

This way your iPhone will create a special folder where the stories you downloaded from Instagram will be saved.

Instagram story download: from PC

download stories instagram 3

It looks always strange, so used to using the smartphone that those who use Instagram from a PC, are sometimes seen with a bit of doubt, almost as if they were an alien . But guys relax, yes, they are white flies, but there are people who use Instagram from PC and also want to save your Instagram stories online.

This time it comes to the rescue of all those who want download Instagram stories, the good old Google Chrome. This is possible using Story Saver , an extension that can be purchased on the appropriate Google store.

To use it you must first log in to Instagram via the browser> account of the user whose story you want to download> open story> tap the button in the shape of a puzzle piece for StorySaver Stories for Instagram.

In this way the story that interested you. will be saved. on the PC, if you have not changed the destination, you will find it in the Downloads.

Download Instagram online

We are always the same, you want to use some Instagram features but you don’t want to install new software on your pc or mobile app. Rather than weighing down your device, you prefer to do everything via the internet.

You are therefore looking for the solution to download Instagram stories online. Also in this case we have a solution that can perfectly adapt to your particular need.

You could decide to use Insta-Stories, whose operation is extremely simple and intuitive. So all you have to do is connect to the site in question and search for the Instagram account you are interested in downloading the stories.

Nothing difficult, actually, it may seem even simpler than the applications we have described to you so far.

Download story Instagram incognito

Spy on life of others is what is done daily thanks to social media, even if all in all, those who publish on these sites know well that their contents are then usable by everyone. But this is almost obvious.

Remember what we told you earlier, you can’t download the stories of private profiles that you don’t follow. So in this case you can’t do anything else that becoming a follower, even if probably, if you are not already, it could mean that you have no interest in being one and therefore you do not want to have the stories saved on your devices.

Anyway, if the profile is public or you are a follower, you can always download the Instagram stories and remain incognito. There will be no real-time notification that will warn the account owner of this.

Downloading stories without having an Instagram profile

instagram download stories 2

As you have surely noticed, not all the means we have described to you for downloading Instagram stories require you to log in to your profile.

This means that even if you don’t have an Instagram account you will be able to download stories that interest you. What you will need to know will be only the user name you will have to search for, nothing more. Very simple right? You don’t even have to sign up for Instagram.

Repost of Instagram stories

Among the reasons for downloading Instagram stories we have mentioned how it is possible to repost the story that is yours or that of other users you are interested in or who collaborate with you for advertising messages of a brand for example.

But do you know how to repost Instagram stories? If you don’t know, we certainly won’t leave you before giving you some useful pointers that will surely come in handy.

In case you receive a notification indicating that you have been mentioned in a Instagram story reposting it is absolutely not difficult. In fact, what you will need to do is open the messages in Direct by clicking on the plane at the top right. Exactly where you would find the classic messages coming to you from other profiles.

In the conversation that appears on your screen, you will see the content in which your account was mentioned. There is nothing left to do but click on it> add this content to your story> story editor> edit with gif and stickers, music> publish.

A real breeze.


Instagram story download

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