Instagram tricks, the 12 that nobody knows

Today we will explain the 12 Instagram tricks that nobody knows. Recently, the change in the Instagram algorithm has had various consequences on accounts. Following this user discomfort, Instagram said that our news feed prioritizes content based on activity .

Here are some tips.

Have you ever noticed that there are some Instagram accounts that, after only a few weeks from their birth, manage to reach 20,000 followers? Would you like to achieve the same results? The answer is that these profiles know and use some very powerful tricks to be able to have more followers on Instagram very quickly. For Instagram tricks we simply talk about transparent techniques .

We are not talking, therefore, of something that could lead to penalties by Instagram or the closure of your profile. So what are the Instagram tricks you should know?

Before starting to put these tricks into practice, it is important to prepare an editorial strategy and the objectives to be achieved. Let’s start from the study of an editorial strategy that can be exploited, creating objectives to be achieved .

For editorial strategy, let’s talk about a series of contents that you plan to share on your profile . This is true whether you aspire to become a fashion blogger or a food blogger, or whether you want to show all your skills as a photographer or videomaker . For this you need to know all the Instaram tricks to be able to activate a strategy.

Organize your editorial calendar with Instagram tricks

Download the list of your followers and if you want also the following in an excel file. To do this, you need to download the Chrome extension (from a computer not a mobile) called Tools for Instagram . In this way you can keep track of your followers and analyze them on a monthly basis to see the progress of the profile.

To analyze the complete statistical data, use the Instagram insight tool. To do this you need to have a business account and not a personal one . If you have a personal Instagram account, just go to the settings item and click on the “switch to business account” item. In this way you will have access to the complete statistical data of your profile .

The Insight data concerns the statistics of the last week in terms of followers, engagement, published posts, views, interactions, origin of followers . They are very important data for drawing up your publication strategy through the editorial calendar.

You can also decide the best publication times thanks to this tool because it shows you the most frequent times on your accounts . An extraordinary tool if used in a conscious and professional way.

Drawing up an editorial strategy thanks to the editorial calendar is very important to have an organized management of your profile. Managing an Instagram account is a job and should be treated as such. Be as precise and detailed as you need to have an editorial calendar. Your professionalism will be rewarded over time .

How to prepare your strategy on Instagram?

It doesn’t take much, just a little organization. Open an Excel sheet and write on a vertical line every day of the month, from the first to the last. Then, instead, on a horizontal line, write the publication times . The times chosen can vary from a quantity of one per day, up to a maximum of 5 or 6 depending on the type of valid content to be published.

Instagram is now a social network within everyone’s reach. This allows us every day to share shots and information about our sight, our activities and our brand . Browsing the web we can find many guides that tell us some more or less useful instagram tricks to follow.

We have collected the best instagram tricks you do not know, skipping over the obvious ones, plus some bonuses. These operations are within everyone’s reach!

trucchi per instagram

Instagram tricks: Improve photo quality.

In Instagram the position among the best follower feeds it depends on the quality of the content. It is not clear the meaning of “quality content” for Instagram, but the photos that have a higher number of likes, comments, and those shared several times certainly for their visual peculiarities attract more attention .

The app can help. VSCO.

Learn how to sort instagram filters to your liking. If you have filters that you use more than others, all you have to do is simulate the publication of a photo and when the screen to select the chosen filter appears, all you have to do is swipe to the right. You will find, then the icon of a gear, you will have to click on it and in the screenshot that follows, you will be able to order the instagram filters as you prefer .

After completing this operation, you will have to just a little tap on the photo to see the change from the original. By releasing the tap, however, the forum will return to a preview with the changes made .

Stories are currently the most popular type of content in Instagram. They also convey real life and engage the audience.

Did you know that you can sort the filters to your liking? Just click on the gear icon when you go to choose the filter for the photo to post. A simple handy trick to have everything close at hand and well organized.

You can also customize the font to write on Instagram. Search the web for the app you like best and once you have chosen the one you like best, just write the text and copy and paste on the caption or bio . There are thousands of fonts at your disposal!

Are you looking for the blue check for your Instagram profile to be more professional? You are right. The blue checkmarks Instagram assigns them to verified profiles that meet certain requirements . It is usually assigned to famous people but also to professionals in the sector; try to apply through the account settings item and the “request verification” item .

The fateful swipe up is available for accounts with more than 10,000 followers so get busy and grow your account with the Instagram tricks I have listed so that you too can finally have the swipe up tool and send a link to your site or an affiliate link .

These are the Instagram tricks that not everyone knows and that are finally to your knowledge. Treasure them and put them into practice … the results will not be immediate but in a few months you will see that you have spent your time and money well .

Instagram tricks: Post multiple videos.

The priority between photos and videos in Instagram is not clear. However our goal is to work hard so that our fans spend as much time as possible in front of our publications .

Videos oblige viewers to watch and thus help in our intent. With Instagram Stories and IGTV you can make very interesting and engaging videos . Instagram live streams are notified to followers, ensuring a leading place in the Stories feed. Furthermore, the direct does not need editing.

Instagram trucchi

Instagram tricks: put captions on interesting photos.

The Instagram algorithm rewards l commitment, the more interaction a post has, the better position it will have. Encouraging followers to like and comment is essential, so mentioning a friend or writing captions asking questions are very effective strategies .

Running contests.

The publications that advertise contests are the most popular, in fact they receive a lot of likes and comments.

The potential of hashtags.

Proper use of hashtags can reach more interested people. To verify that the messages can be found, just add the hashtags to the footer .

Best time.

If yes access the statistics on Instagram you can see when followers are most connected and then interact in that peak time slot.

Publication frequency.

Publishing on a regular basis certainly guarantees to gain experience to make the product to be advertised to the public work at its best.

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The instagram tricks to put hidden hashtags in the stories

You can insert hidden hashtags on photos with a few simple tricks. Inserting hashtags in stories, as in photos, increases the pool of possible users who can view what you have published. Just click on the “Aa” symbol to be able to enter a text. Then, you will write your hashtags, once inserted you will make them smaller and give the same background color as where you choose to place them .

Not everyone knows and probably not even you, that you can make sure that a sticker or a hashtag can follow a person or an element while playing a story on Instagram. To be able to do this, all you have to do is follow this Instagram trick .

All you have to do is hold down for a few moments on the element you are going to apply, at that point you will see a timeline appear below the screen, select the point where you want the item to appear. Then you will have to place it on top of what you want it to follow and click on “fix at the top”, at which point you will see that the inserted element will try to best follow the underlying element for the duration of your video .

If you are a brand or an artist you can have your own personalized gifs on the instagram stories. How to do? We have written a guide for you!


Trucchi Instagram, i 12 che nessuno conosce

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