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There are several methods to get followers and likes on your instagram profile. . In fact, in a recent article I tried to summarize all the organic strategies that can be used to reach a targeted target of users. We have also seen that another very effective methodology is to get help from a bot: a sort of automaton that will make our life much easier.

There are several bots on the market, but not all they are organic growth services, today we are going to closely analyze one that I certainly consider worthy of note, both in terms of functions and pricing. It is a software created by our compatriots and bears the name of Instagrow . Not a real Bot in this case, as these are real people who take care of our Instagram profile.

How? analyzing our target audience and thus understanding our target audience. Instagrow, therefore, unlike others it is not an automaton.

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Why use a bot

First to use a bot for instagram, it is good that you have in mind what it is for and why you should use it. In fact, it is not necessarily necessary in your marketing strategy. Much depends on your goals, on how you intend to pursue them and above all on the deadlines you want to respect.

A bot, in fact, is able to greatly accelerate your organic activities, as a result will be able to get you new followers in no time. Do not fool yourself though, a bot does nothing but automate certain practices, but the burden of posting quality content remains, keeping the dialogue and contact with your community alive, interacting with your followers and much more.

A bot is nothing more than a robot that responds to your commands. It is very useful on instagram because it allows you to set a strategic reference target thus creating interaction according to your specific guidelines. You can then direct it to certain hashtags, profiles, places and it will help you increase your interactions by leaving comments, likes and follows in your place.

As I said, however, keep in mind that this is a valid help , but to get good results it is right that you also put yours in, constantly publishing high-level content, interacting personally with the posts you like and trying to better understand your market niche.

In summary, therefore, with a bot you can basically automate the following operations:

  • Follow / Unfollow
  • Like
  • Comments
  • Direct message
  • Post scheduling

Difference between using a bot and buying followers

Many are skeptical about using of a bot, they compare this practice to the same way as buying followers.
Here, I can assure you that the two methodologies are very different. Never, ever buy followers because you would spend your money!

When you buy followers, in fact, all you do is hire real zombies who do nothing but start following your profile. These are people, assuming they are really people and not fake profiles, with an international target, not interested at all in your content.

This creates a significant discrepancy between the number of followers and the interactions to a post. You could have a 10k follower profile and generate about ten likes per post. Such a large discrepancy will sink your profile because everyone will understand that you have obviously cheated!

Not only that, there are now several software that allow you to test the genuineness of your followers, in addition to the fact that, if you intend to sponsor a content through instagram ads, you will also be forced to pay to show it to your zombies!

In short, these are some of the reasons why you should never do this. Using a bot, on the other hand, is definitely different. The bot, in fact, will not force anyone to like your posts or to follow you. The end user will decide independently to do so, the bot will only make your content known to a wider audience.

This is why the two practices are diametrically opposed and you should never confuse them, nor believe that they buy a bot you will have put the turbo to your business because, in fact, the idea behind it is the most important thing and immediately afterwards the contents you propose come, only at the end comes the way in which you propose and sponsor them. / p>

How Instagrow works

Having made this brief but necessary premise, we can move on to analyze in detail one of the most organic growth systems used on the market, which has been getting a lot of positive feedback in recent times: I’m talking about Instagrow.

Based on the positive reviews I found online, I decided to buy a package so I can test it for myself. In this article we will take a closer look at some of the features and what I believe are the strengths of this software.

A bot with a human footprint

The first thing I have very appreciated of this service, is that you are never left alone. Many similar services, in fact, although well translated, are not actually made by Italians and the support is very minimal. With Instagrow, however, the music changes. In fact, there is a telephone number available to chat and an email address.

Managers are present, but not only in the assistance phase. Unlike other bots, in fact, Instagrow also has manual management of the instagram profile. By purchasing one of the packages, in fact, the profile will be analyzed by experts to understand which is the best target.

Instagrow, in a nutshell, is the only one in not being a real bot , I would rather call it a system to accelerate the organic growth of a profile.

The difference, compared to the others in the category, is that Instagrow is able to analyze your profile, thus identifying the best target to follow. Furthermore, by purchasing the package on a monthly basis, you will have the possibility to target your followers even on a specific geographical area, thus obtaining a highly definitive audience. This function is very useful for those who work locally. If, for example, you have a restaurant in Cagliari, you will probably be interested in having followers from your city, don’t you think?

The monthly package, the substantially recommended one, as well as the most purchased, includes:

  • Promises real follower growth, estimated from 2500 to 9000 users on a monthly basis
  • Allows you to carry out automatic tasks 24/7 without interruption
  • It provides you with detailed statistics and growth reports
  • It gives you the possibility to activate the geolocation in order to obtain followers in a specific geographical area of ​​your interest
  • It offers you an e- free book on Instant Marketing
  • Unfortunately the service does not provide a free trial, but it allows you to choose a weekly plan, so as not to make a commitment that may be too expensive for you.
  • Furthermore, during the quote stage, you can choose a series of very useful accessory services: such as viewing the stories, additional Italian and real likes for each post you publish and decide the growth yourself (in case you prefer slow growth and gradual, to an exponential).

    The like purchase service is another very interesting feature. Know, in fact, that the posts that receive many likes in a short time from publication, have a real possibility of appearing in the “featured” section of Instagram. This will allow you to get numerous followers and new likes, showing your content to a wide audience of people.

    How much does Instagrow cost

    We talked about features, not we just have to analyze the costs of the platform. Well, I predict that they are just above average, but I think it is absolutely worth it for the service offered.

    Let’s remember, in fact, that this bot offers profile analysis by a team of experts. A service that, individually, would cost you much more than a few euros a month!

    The first package we are going to present is the Basic one, as the name suggests is an entry level package that provides for a monthly cost of 69 euros / month. It guarantees constant and organic growth of up to 4000 followers per month. Within your private area, you can constantly monitor the statistics.

    The second package guarantees average growth, up to 8000 new real and active followers. The cost is 199 euros per month and allows you to take advantage of the innovative growth method linked to the display of stories. You will also have access to the PDF on how to increase interactions with your profile.

    The third and most comprehensive package guarantees growth of up to 10,000 followers per month. You can choose to be followed only by Italian followers, you will have up to 1000 likes for each post you publish on your profile and the possibility to download the PDF for free on how to increase interactions and an additional PDF that will explain the strategies to earn with Instagram. This package bears the name of platinum and, although more expensive, it is the one that currently guarantees the best results on the market.


    As we have seen, Instagrow currently represents one of the best alternatives for those looking for a reliable instagram bot, which brings concrete results in a short time.

    The software is developed by an Italian company , with a story that starts in 2015. It is a constantly updated algorithm, which makes the most of the logic of instagram.

    Remember, however, that a bot alone is not enough. Use the bot as a helper and never lose sight of your content!

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