Instalova: a revolutionary instagram bot

Who hasn’t dreamed of becoming an influencer at least once in their life? Today the dream is closer thanks to Instalova the instagram bot which is among the most popular of the moment. Earn money with your shots, make your passion a profession. Who wouldn’t like it?

And well, while the idea is undoubtedly tempting, know that the road is decidedly difficult and, however much you may try to create innovative and viral content, IG has now become enough saturated. We are no longer in 2012, the year in which the first influencers such as Chiara Ferragni began to appear on the scene. Seven years later, things have changed radically.

But I don’t want to discourage you. As the old adage goes: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” So let’s not lose heart and see together how to complete our climb to success. In a previous article, we have already seen how it is still possible, with some effort, to increase our followers on instagram. We haven’t limited ourselves to just that. We also saw how there are several bots in Italy that make our life much easier and how to combine them with the best proxies available on the market.

Today, however, I want to tell you about a new instagram bot that really surprised me . I already knew this bot, which bears the name of Instalova and actually, I have already told you about it in the past. However, the new GoViral package, recently launched on the market, deserves an honorable mention because it promises a rapid and safe growth that I have had the opportunity to personally test with the profile of one of my clients.

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Why use an instagram bot

Not everyone is inclined to use bots. On the other hand, the advertising that is often made towards these automatisms is misleading. Like everything, if used in the right way and sparingly, it can be a real panacea for your account.

A bot is nothing more than an automatism that works according to you precise directives. Your success will continue to depend on the content you will be able to offer to your market niche, on the interaction you will be able to generate, on your skill in knowing how to keep followers active (as well as acquiring them), on your ability to cultivate your own. community of reference and much more.

Especially with Instalova all you have to do is continue to create quality content and the bot will take care of the rest. Unlike others, in fact, it does not allow you to “fiddle” with complex settings. Your profile will be analyzed and the target will be set directly by the Instalova team. You will therefore not have the big burden of having to choose for yourself what is best for you. This is an important advantage, because it is precisely the lack of experience on the part of users that can make a strategy based on the help of a bot fail.

The Instalova GoViral package

The packages offered by Instalova are basically three. Influencer Pack, GoViral 50% and GoViral 100%. We will focus on pricing later. All three packages, however, allow you to get a 7-day trial.

The Influencer Pack is a level entry which still allows you to obtain a detailed analysis of your profile by a team of experts and to obtain results immediately, guaranteeing you an organic growth of a certain depth.

Much more interesting, in my opinion, are the two GoViral packages that fully exploit the potential of the bot and guarantee a decidedly sharper growth. Unlike other bots, Instalova, with these packages, uses the story view , an innovative technique that allows you to get much more visibility. The tool often used by other bots, in fact, does nothing but follow and unfollow accounts. This technique, in the long run, is deleterious. If at the beginning, in fact, there is rapid growth, in the long term growth is increasingly tapering off.

With the story view, however, growth is constant and guaranteed over the long term. It is no coincidence that this method is used more and more by VIPs and these days several authoritative websites are talking about it. I myself had the opportunity to try it, noting a good organic growth even after a few weeks of use.

In summary, the GoViral package offers the following features:

  • Target analysis
  • Organic growth 24/24, 7/7
  • Significant increase in stories views
  • Increase in likes for posts
  • Greater visibility and consequent growth of followers
  • No Followblock

To make the most of the potential of the bot, however, it would be good practice to also support a proxy that will thus avoid possible blocks.

How much does Instalova cost

How much does Instalova cost? As I said, the basic package is called Influencer Pack and, at the moment, it is on promotion, on trial, for only € 9.50. Then there are the GoViral packages which are distinguished in turn in 50% and 100%. The packages are basically the same, only the speed of growth changes.

50% is currently on promotion at a price of 25 €, while 100% is on promotion at 45 €. For more details, you can consult the official page with the updated pricing.

The prices are in line with the bots of the same category, indeed with the promotions in progress they are also slightly lower than other similar services.

How many followers can I get every day?

This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on your niche, whether it is very narrow or broad. It depends on how much content you post and above all on their quality. The platform, however, speaks of a minimum of 30 followers up to a maximum of 600 per day.

In any case, it is an organic growth, of real followers. You will always have to be the one to capitalize on the results through engaging posts and targeting the right market niche. The bot alone, of course, cannot work miracles!


As we have seen, there are still few bots that do not use simple follow / unfollow , but they base their technique on the story view. Instalova is one of them, which is why it has been enjoying great success in recent weeks.

The instagram algorithm evolves very quickly and keeping up is not easy at all. The old techniques based on comments, likes to posts and follow / unfollow are becoming more and more obsolete. Instalova was the first bot to innovate, which is why I feel I can trust it.

If you know other bots that take advantage of the story view, write to me and I’ll be happy to expand my personal list.

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