Instarazzo: a simple and effective instagram bot

As we have already seen, there are several bots for instagram that allow you to easily increase followers and likes. Today we will analyze in detail the Bot Instagram Instarazzo , which many have told me about and which I decided to test personally.

As usual, however, I make a necessary premise. A bot is nothing more than an automaton, the real success of your Instagram account lies in the quality of the content you have to offer. Do not make the mistake of leaving everything to the bot, you are the protagonist on Instagram and it is your responsibility to create creative, engaging and quality content.

The bot works as a help, but there are several methods to increase followers naturally and you should definitely follow those too.

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Instarazzo: the strengths

How we know, there are several bots for instagram, but not all of them can do for you and, surely, you can’t even try them all. This is why it is right to rely on reviews and word of mouth. And it is thanks to word of mouth that I came across this software, which I decided to personally test with my Instagram account.

I was able to do it thanks to a very useful 3-day free trial and, I must say, at the end of the test I decided to renew it because the results were satisfactory and above all because it has very advanced features that allow me to do many operations: how to program my posts.

This software, in fact, provides a complete automation tool that ranges from scheduled posts, to simple and effective targeting that allows you to easily reach the famous market niche.

One thing that happens to me, in fact, is that I don’t have time to publish my posts. Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer, as Facebook does, the possibility of scheduling posts. Fortunately, Instarazzo offers this valuable feature and I have decided to take full advantage of it. Greater presence on social networks, or more posts, lead to greater interaction and consequently to an organic increase in followers on our profile.

Another point in favor of this service is certainly the excellent dedicated assistance in Italian . In fact, I tried to contact them for clarification and the operator was quick, attentive and impeccable. This seems like a trivial point, but I assure you that many bots do not have a language support service and, if they do, many times it leaves something to be desired.

Getting started with Instarazzo is really simple . Just register with a valid email address to get started. Now we just have to connect our instagram account and immediately start the 3 free trial days.

How the Instarazzo Instagram Bot works

Now you can set your target audience, ie places, posts and profiles with which you intend to interact. To do this, just go to the “+ Configure the Target” box .

Configura il target

Here you will have four tabs: Followers, Places, Hashtag and Target .

The first tab, followers , allows you to reach out to followers of an instagram account. Clearly you should set up an instagram account that does not differ much from your interests. If you have an instagram profile with which you publish cooking recipes, you should look for profiles similar to yours, which deal with the same theme as you and which are quite successful. However, my advice is not to enter accounts with millions of followers in tow, keep low, by entering profiles with a number of followers in the thousands.

A really interesting option is the one you can activate by ticking Only targeted interaction . By activating the option, the bot will avoid interacting with fake, inactive or spam profiles. Doing so will increase your conversion rate.

Configurazione del target

Through the Places tab you will be able to tighten the field of action of the bot. This option is very useful when operating locally. If you manage the profile of a restaurant in Milan, for example, you will not be interested in the Sardinian or Sicilian public.

The hashtag tab is certainly one of the most important and must be set with care. You should try to include all the tags you usually use when publishing your posts. Here you will find two sub-categories: your posts and posts you like .

By setting these options you will target people who usually interact with posts that contain exactly these hashtags. Here, too, I advise you not to use too popular hashtags, it could be counterproductive.

Now that you have set the target audience, the bot will continue to operate for you in the back, leaving like and follow as set. However, I advise you to set a rest period, for example at night, to avoid being blocked by instagram in some way. To do this you can use the tab Night break

The bot, in summary, allows you to perform the following actions

  • Management of comments
  • Post scheduling
  • Auto Direct Message to send private messages to your contacts through advanced management of themselves
  • Establish the speed of the actions to be performed

How much does Instarazzo cost

Now that you have discovered the features, you will surely be interested in knowing the price of Instarazzo. Well, I can reassure you, the pricing is accessible to all budgets, it starts from 15 euros per month.

Unlike others, in fact, the price varies according to the features you want to add to your bot . With the basic plan you will have the following options available

  • Auto Like
  • Automatic Follow
  • Automatic Comments
  • Auto Story Views
  • Automatic Unfollow
  • Mass Unfollow

A very affordable price and remember that you can always count on the free trial for 3 days.

There are also some additional packages that allow you to buy likes for specific posts. But when can they be useful? Surely a post that gets a lot of likes within a few minutes of its publication is more likely to appear in the featured section of a particular hashtag.

This certainly leads to greater interaction from users and consequently more followers on your profile. However, I would advise you not to abuse these packages too much.

For the complete pricing, however, I refer you to the dedicated page.


The Bot Instagram Instarazzo is certainly among the most promising at the moment on the market. I can’t give you an exact estimate of how many followers it will bring you per month and I can’t even tell you if it’s the right bot for you.

As explained several times, using a bot is really a lot subjective and depends on an infinite series of variables.

I can assure you that it is simple to use and I had a positive experience, especially for being able to program my posts: one works that I love and use very often. For more details on the service, I refer you to the dedicated page of the bot’s website.

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