Irony and wawe: Giulia Valentina’s irresistible lifestyle

her Two big blue eyes, long dark hair that frames her face and two close friends from whom she never separates, her and her chihuahua her. She is Giulia Valentina , one of the Italian influencers with the most following in the magical world of Instagram. Her account boasts 727k followers and her gallery is clear, she is the protagonist. Her profile is completely focused on her person and on her professional and private life, but with a touch of irony and vivacity that sets her apart from all the others. That’s why we should all follow Giulia Valentina.

A slightly flustered air that actually hides a great irony is certainly what won her followers over. Hilarious, sparkling and beautiful are the three adjectives that best describe the sweet soul of Giulia Valentina, born in Turin and adopted by Milan. Fans of her on Instagram love her especially when they see her together with her two loves, the Wawe, her two dogs, really mini size, which she always carries with her, and who are the protagonists of countless gags . Irresistible and funny at the same time, Wawe and mistress together are a cocktail of tenderness and fun. Dogs are said to resemble their owners and there is no doubt that Guè and Chew , which stands for Chewbacca, are exactly like her, beautiful as hell and hilarious at the same. time. Her enormous love for animals is undeniable and she immediately understands it, as soon as she takes a quick peek at her profile.

Before becoming an influencer, Giulia Valentina attended the American school in Turin, studied in Paris and completed her studies in Milan with a degree in Economics and Business Management from the Catholic University. But her soul so explosive about her couldn’t stay in the cellar for too long. Some articles written for the magazine Grazia , some photo shoots and her fame begins to grow. The first advertising campaigns arrive and the opportunity to be a presenter for Italian singers at the Eurovision Song Contest . Her life is divided between Milan and Paris, between working as a model and all her other projects.

The fame grows and the followers too, the desire to do is great and the collaborations are not long in coming. Giulia puts all of herself on the field and opens a YouTube channel in which, during her TGIG ( Thank God It ‘s Giulia ), she dispenses pills of English. She often in her broadcast of her invites famous influencers with whom she entertains her audience. Recurring guests are Tess Masazza , an Italian-French actress and influencer, who also came to the fore thanks to social media, but also Cinica, the woman who made cellulite her workhorse. Following it is a pleasure and it is also very useful. Her pronunciation is impeccable, but the most interesting side of the whole project is that in these short videos Giulia teaches those English idioms, which are commonly used especially among children and young people, which are difficult to find in textbooks or in the canonical lessons.

her The trump card of her is definitely the irony. In a way made of appearance and, let’s face it, often a little artificial and superficial, she shows herself in all her simplicity. She is not afraid to say what she thinks, to show herself for who she is. Don’t miss her tutorial, featured on Instagram stories, where she shows everyone how to behave when dogs go to the streets. But what sends her followers into raptures are certainly the curtains with her great friend and colleague Paola Turani . If you haven’t seen their video made for Tik Tok yet, where they show up dressed as peas, run to fix it. Their friendship is actually one of the best things on the web. A true friendship, made up of teasing, affection and quarrels. This is demonstrated by the small squabbles and light discussions they share with their followers and which always end with a happy ending.

A positive and ironic person, beautiful and simple, that she is not afraid to show part of her life, even when she is not completely perfect and glossy . Following it is fun and relaxing. If you haven’t done it yet, go find Giulia Valentina on Instagram. You won’t leave it anymore.

Monica Curreli

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