Is Buying Play and Spotify Followers Effective?

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It sounds great, but sadly it’s never as straightforward as this.
Think of it like this: When you were in school, if someone said to you, “I pay you to be my friend”, what would you have thought of them? Sad and a little desperate, right?
On the contrary, would you ever pay people to be your friend or pay someone to go out with you? Probably not.

Would you have paid real people to listen to your music? Would you go to someone on the street and offer to pay him to listen to your song or would you rather listen to your latest song on the street, in a club, in a local pub or on the radio and then pay you for the pleasure of listening to your music?

So why would you want to buy listeners , followers or increase the frequency of your shows?

OK, there’s an easy answer to that, of course; to get people noticed and listen to my music FAST!

Sure, buying plays on Spotify absolutely can. But is this how you want to build your fan base and reputation?

Do you want recognition based on fake play and fake fans, or do you prefer to go a little slower and find real Spotify fans, who truly appreciate your music and are long-term ambassadors for you?

Do you want true love, or a quick and meaningless adventure?
Don’t get me wrong, buying play is nothing new. In the old days, probably before you were born, when people bought vinyl records, there were “fake games”.

There are many cases where wealthy artists, managers and families of aspiring superstars are literally came out and bought thousands of copies of a song, only to make it into the Top Ten of the charts. And during the first week of sales, you can discount the release up to 70% off the regular price – just to get into the leaderboard.

It’s just that in this digital age of play and download, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to buy those thousand records, but it’s still not real anymore and it doesn’t mean you have a clue if these listeners really think yours. music is good.

You have no idea what they think. You can produce a completely junk song, launch it, and buy 10,000 unique Spotify listeners, but it will still be a junk song. It has been done and tried.

This does not mean that buying plays on Spotify is wrong, in fact you can do it today as you did in the past. We describe a slightly more complex alternative to buying play.

First, your music must be on Spotify.
Any music submitted to Spotify for consideration must be unpublished. This must be delivered by a record label or distributor.

Your record label will receive your music on Spotify, or if you have not signed up then you will need to work with a digital distributor commonly known as DSP ( digital service provider), who will take care of licensing, distribution and royalties.

You will most likely pay a fixed fee or fee for this service, so search every company first.

Once you have a song on Spotify, or once you have music that is about to be released on Spotify through a distributor, you can claim and promote your Spotify Artist Profile.

Spotify for Artists is for everyone and you can create your Spotify artist profile and have it show you in your best light, promoting you and your music the way you want to be seen. It’s not that easy to get a Spotify Artist Profile unless you already have music on Spotify.

If you already have music on Spotify, you can go to Spotify’s promotion for the artist’s home page and “claim your profile”. If you want to access your Spotify Artist Profile (other than that of a user / listener) before you have released some music on Spotify, work with a distributor to get your music on Spotify, we can help you as we work with many official curators by Spotify.

Advertise on Spotify. Spotify Ad Studio lets you create audio ads of 30 seconds or less, heard by users of the free Spotify app.

Ads appear during commercial breaks between songs on both desktop and mobile platforms. You can easily create an ad by creating an account and selecting “Promote an artist’s music on Spotify” as the campaign goal. You have control over your budget and targeting.

The Spotify Organic play and playlist promotional campaign. This is a great way to get your music heard and you can try to make it appear on playlists yourself, but there is a lot of competition and curators tend to work with reputable sources.

If you want to skip this whole step you just need to visit the Social Raise site to buy Spotify Play or Spotify Follower, so as to quickly grow your visibility and notoriety.

If you have any doubts contact us and we will be at your disposal.

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