Italian travel influencers: some profiles to follow

How fascinating is the work of the travel influencer ? Getting paid to travel. Who wouldn’t like it? There is no doubt that the work of the travel influencer should be included in the ranking of the ten best jobs that exist in the world. With this I am not saying that it is not tiring or that it is an easy job, far from it, but it is certainly a dream job, at least for me, that I have always dreamed of traveling, always discovering new places, exploring. Every time I open Instagram and come across one of these profiles, I can only spend hours on it. In this way, I too, can venture with them and arrive in distant lands with an exotic and fascinating taste. After all, this is the purpose of the travel influencer, to make us dream with their way of doing storytelling and to make us want to reach places near and far.

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For this reason the profiles to follow must be chosen carefully . We are not talking about scrolling through trivial travel photos, but about travel stories, adventures, inspiration, stories that make us fall in love again with places already seen. No, it is not enough to reach a beautiful place and take two photos to be considered a travel influencer. It is necessary to combine image and story in an inspirational spiral that will drag the user into a pleasant world of daydreams.

Sara Melotti . If you want to dream in an adventurous way, Sara’s profile is the right place. The photos of her are soft and delicate and the feed very neat. She also travels alone in places that have earned her the adjective of courageous. Comfort is not something she seeks during her travels. Her work and her passion for photographic reports have led her to work for many humanitarian projects and with some NGOs. Each photo of her witnesses a real adventure.

Claudia Tavani , you can find her on Ig with the profile My adventures across the world. She is a full time travel blogger. Her travels around the world are interspersed with glimpses of the beautiful island she comes from and with which she is completely in love. And among the palaces of large and majestic cities, there is never a shortage of glimpses of a deep blue like the sea of ​​Sardinia.

Giacinta Ruspoli she leaves from Rome, of which she gives us beautiful testimonies. The rest is an uninterrupted journey that takes us to beautiful places. Islands with white beaches and palm trees that touch the shore, crystal clear water. Each photo is a new journey that makes you want to do.

If you love the mountains, you cannot fail to follow Fringe In Travel , the profile of Simona Scacheri, Fringe in Travel on Instagram, travel influencer and expert in mountain, trekking and free camping. Her stories are stories of experiences, made of beautiful landscapes, of snow, of mountain woods. Recommended for those looking for a little peace and want to disconnect from the hectic city life, even if only with their eyes and mind.

Manuela Vitulli , born in Puglia, traveler by profession. Her beloved land of hers never fails in her photos, she tells it in a special way, with affection and passion. What she shows is a beautiful everyday life, interspersed with the many journeys that often take her around the world.

Sara Izzi ‘s profile is one of those beautiful and pleasant to look at. It makes you want to travel with her, scroll back in time, to the origin of her adventure to witness everything she has visited and told.

Francesca Barbieri, known in the world of Instagram and travel blogs as Misintesa, has been around the world. An unexpected event, a secret dream, the desire to live life in one breath and so her journey began. To finance her adventure she launched a crowdfunding and it was a real success. About her He told her story, her travels and her endless adventure that still takes us with her around the world.

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