Italian YouTuber ranking, here is the ranking of the top 10!

In this article we will talk about the ranking of Italian youtubers or youtubers from 2019 to 2020.

More and more often we have heard about Youtubers; but who are they and what do they do?

You must know that the term YouTuber refers to all those content creators, ie creators of content who, however, have positioned themselves on Youtube. By positioned we mean that most of their fans and followers derive from that platform.

YouTube, in fact, is a full-fledged social network, even if many consider it as a simple place to watch videos. Actually, within this you can comment on content, like, share, save it, create playlists and much more.

So, in your opinion, what is the difference with any other social network? Virtually none. That’s why, in the same way that influencers on Instagram were born, YouTube has created a real generation of YouTubers.

Each of them is characterized by uniqueness, inventiveness and desire to do, even if some are objectively better than others. Everything, logically, depends not only on talent, but also on the market niche they want to reach, on the type of content and above all…

on the confidence they have with the cameras! Already! You can be as good as you want, but if you don’t know how to talk in front of a camera it’s almost impossible to be a YouTuber !

In the world there are millions of Youtubers, each with a dedicated channel populated by fans. And in Italy? Yes, there are also here of course. And we decided to draw up a ranking dedicated to the 10 most famous Italian youtubers of 2020!

We will start from the top positions and then gradually go down to minor Italian youtubers, but who still have a good following. Let’s assume that we have excluded from the list the youtube channels in foreign languages, dedicating ourselves entirely to the Italian youtubers or ranking Italian youtubers 2019 – 2020 that they followed here in Italy.

Italian list: Davie504

Before Davie504, whose real name is Davide Biale, it was a woman who led the Italian YouTuber rankings. Her name is Marzia Bisognin, and the channel inside the platform was the very famous CutiePieMariza, a channel dedicated to teaching the English language.

A very popular topic, certainly, by most of the young people who, in one way or another, had difficulty learning foreign languages. On the other hand, English is now the second most spoken language in the world, very useful not only for traveling, but also for one’s professional future.

However, the scepter is passed into the hands of Davie504 when the queen of YouTube suddenly decided to leave the social network. The very young YouTuber therefore ranks at the top of the classic Italian YouTuber with 6.87 million subscribers to the channel!

In his videos he brings to the fore an often underestimated tool, or the electric bass, with which he works in truly interesting and even ironic performances. The secret of his success lies precisely in offering the public intelligent and not boring videos, in which he puts all his passion for music .

The boy, born in ’94, also speaks English, and therefore this also allowed him to expand his catchment area, not only in Italy, but also abroad .

And the crowning glory of his fame comes from abroad, when in 2017 an English Lutherie offered him a collaboration to create an electric bass that today bears his name: Chowny EVO Davie504 Signature .

He is the king of Italian youtubers.

Ranking Italian Youtubers: FavijTV

Who is in second place in our ranking of the best Italian Youtubers? None other than Favij, with its FavijTV channel. All you need to know is that the channel has over 5.7 million subscribers.

The real name of the very young YouTuber is Lorenzo Ostuni, a 25-year-old enthusiast of videogames and online gaming who has really depopulated around of a very short time. The story of him? Well, not so different from those of the best Italian YouTubers!

He started from scratch, like all self-respecting characters, starting to publish, almost for fun, videos in which he resumed during his games. This, however, immediately caught people’s attention, after some time, because his strategies proved to be really useful.

On the other hand, no matter how good you are in a video game, not all gamers know how to pass a certain level or a certain mission. Here, then, that FavijTV is very useful as a channel. Looking at Lorenzo’s moves, it is possible to complete some steps in which there was too much difficulty.

In 2014 his channel exceeds the million subscribers and Google rewards it with the Youtube Golden Button Award . Despite his young age he has already written an autobiographical book – Under the Headphones – and even a novel, The cage .

He was even called by Disney to lend his voice to a character in the Italian version of the animated film Ralph Breaks the Internet. What distinguishes him?

Favij has focused on the quality of his contents, capable of entertaining even without vulgarity or provocation. Today he has developed his career becoming a real creator with which he can satisfy brands and followers .

Italian Youtuber list: iPantellas

Anyone who has never stumbled upon an iPantellas video raise your hand. And shame on you.

We are talking about a very famous duo not only in Italy, but also internationally! On the other hand, how can you not laugh in front of their videos which, in addition to entertaining, give a smile at the beginning of the day?

The duo made up of Daniel Marangiolo and Jacopo Malnati is well known to the people of the internet for their irreverent and funny videos. Their channel now has well over 5 million subscribers and continues to grow despite being created in 2009, 11 years ago.

Impossible not to know their miniseries “Mamma Satana” with which they have depopulated on the web and beyond.

They managed to also land on the small screen by participating in the MTV Loveline program and the MTV Italian Music Awards, and then see them again on La3 in the Web Night Show, and on Italia 1 in Colorado.

They are also the authors of the book iPantellas – Crazy School, published by Mondatori, released in 2013 and which was very popular among teenagers.

In a nutshell, two very young people who rode the crest of the wave the right way, getting more than they bargained for. Not surprisingly, they are considered as two of the best Italian YouTubers, so much so that as we have just seen they have earned a place in the Italian Youtuber rankings.

List of Italian Youtubers: Me against You

classifica youtuber italiani

Italian youtuber ranking 2019 – 2020. If you have children, you will surely have heard of the couple that created Me against You.

Of Sicilian origin, the two boys have achieved enormous success without even realizing it. How? Thanks to their perseverance and their dedication to creating valuable videos.

But that’s not all. Everything is born, as you can easily see from their contents, from the pure love they have for children and for their teaching. In fact, showing their videos to the little ones can only make them have fun learning at the same time.

The duo made up of Luigi Calagna and Sofia Scalia has literally depopulated on the net in recent times, even attacking giants like the iPantellas; according to estimates they should even exceed them by May .

Their Youtube channel, which has 5 million subscribers, is entirely dedicated to children; their videos are always very funny and have educational purposes. Sofì and Luì, as the two call themselves, put into practice many experiments of various kinds, entertaining and amusing the little ones.

Their film, released in theaters in January 2020, “Me against you – the revenge of Mr. S” competed with Checco Zalone’s Tolo Tolo, winning the title of most watched film.

In addition to writing various children’s books, lines of clothing, toys and figurines have been made under their own brand .

A stellar success that brings them right into this ranking of the most famous Italian youtubers 2019.

List of Italian Youtubers: St3pNy

Let’s continue with the fifth place in this ranking of the most famous Italian Youtubers: here we find St3pny, stage name of Stefano Lepri with his Youtube channel with 4.15 million subscribers.

He too is a gamer, or a fan of videogames , in particular of milestones such as Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Fortnite and many others . The boy is much appreciated for his sympathy and spontaneity, with which he manages to transmit passion to his followers.

Since 2014 he is part of the “Mates” a Youtube group formed by him, Anima, Vegas and Surry, other Italian youtuber gamers like him. Together they have also published a book entitled “Veri Amici”.

List of Italian Youtubers: Anima

Already mentioned in the previous paragraph, Anima is part of the group “Mates”, friends of Youtube gamers.

Sascha Burci is inspired by a character from the videogame series Final Fantasy for the name of his channel, which today has 3.42 million of subscribers.

In his channel there are hundreds of videos about videogames but not only that, we also find the stories of his travels and jokes. In 2016 he will win the Golden Button of Google, crowning an exceptional career as a youtuber, started for fun.

Today he lives in Milan with LaSabriGamer , another youtube webstar , his current girlfriend.

Italian list: theShow

In seventh place we find the ranking of the best Italian youtubers theShow, duo composed by Alessandro Tenace and Alessio Stigliano, with their Youtube channel followed by more than 3 million people.

The peculiarity of theShow is the implementation of social experiments and jokes which have already depopulated in the United States, but are not very widespread in Italy. Putting people in certain conditions and seeing how they react can have results that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes that can really make you think.

So much so that in 2014 they were awarded at the Web Show Awards as a revelation, and in 2016 they got the Golden Button award from Youtube.

On the small screen we saw them winners of the 2016 edition of the Beijing Express reality show on Rai Due.

Italian Youtuber list: ilvostrocaroDexter

Another champion present in our Italian youtubers ranking 2019 to 2020.

The ilvostrocaroDexter channel, owned by gamer Luca Denaro, has just exceeded 3 million subscribers. It places eighth in our ranking of the most popular Italian youtubers. Most famous of 2020.

Luca, born in ’86, first started in 2006, with a channel called “Bananone”, but which met with very little success.

With the opening of the new, however, it literally exploded, dedicating itself not only to videogames of the caliber of FIFA and Call of Duty , but also to many challenges that have revived the channel.

Helped by Violetta, his girlfriend, in his videos he always appears very spontaneous and funny and this is a factor that his subscribers liked, especially when he proposes his hilarious challenges, such as Try not to laugh challenge.

Guaranteed fun!

Italian Youtuber ranking: CiccioGamer89

Italian youtuber ranking 2019 – 2020. And it cannot be missing in this ranking of m Best Italian youtubers or youtubers the legendary CiccioGamer89, stage name of Mirko Alessandrini.

He too is a gamer, with his channel he has recently exceeded 3 million subscribers .

Mirko is a huge passionate of videogames and he brings all this passion to his channel, putting his subscribers first, to whom he also dedicates a space reserved for their questions, Ciccio’s mail.

In 2017 he published his first book, “Me, me and myself” , and in the 2018 a book dedicated to Fortnite , in which he reveals the tricks, secrets and strategies of the game produced by EpicGames.

In addition, he made the rounds of theaters of Italy with its Live Show , in which he brought matches between different players to the stage.

In 2014 he won the Drago D’Oro and today he is still in ninth place among the best Italian youtubers and in the Italian youtuber ranking 2019.

Italian list: Surry

To conclude, we find Surry in tenth place in this ranking. , with 2.78 million subscribers.

Salvatore Cinquegrana, aka Surry, is part of the “Mates” already mentioned above, and he too is a gamer who pays close attention to his followers. In particular, he is an expert on the MineCraft game.

He even appeared on tv as a judge on All Together Now, a program hosted by Michelle Hunziker and J-Ax.

Ultimately we have therefore compiled the ranking of the best Italian youtubers or youtubers. What is your favorite?

For today it’s all Italian youtubers ranking 2019 – 2020, to the next article!

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Youtuber Italiani, ecco la classifica dei migliori 10!

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Italian Youtubers, here is the ranking of the top 10!


In this article we will talk about the ranking of Italian youtubers or youtubers since 2019. More and more often we have heard about …


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