It’s easy to say selfies. To be a true influencer you have to use photo editing

The summer hit isn’t reggaeton music or an Alvaro Soler song. No, the summer catchphrase is the phrase that I am sure you will hear at least 50 times a day, especially on vacation. The phrase that now all women, men, young and old say: take a selfie?

Let’s face it is on the verge of acceptable, but for heaven’s sake, at least don’t ask: can you take me a selfie? Why not. By its very nature the selfie is a photo that you take yourself , with the internal camera of smartphones, with the arm stretched to the extreme to let all the possible panorama into the photo and at the most with the use of selfie sticks .

selfie fotoritocco

Even if the new selfie trend, which is very popular among influencers, is the use of the drone, which follows you like Fido and immortalizes you in the most beautiful moments of your day and in the most intriguing poses, all with the only with the help of a convenient remote control.

But to have a beautiful image, worthy of being posted and shared on social media, taking a nice photo is not enough . Between the actual shot and the publication there are a whole series of steps, now almost mandatory, which are used to retouch the colors, the brightness and even wear out one’s figure. Everything to get as much likes as possible. In short, a photo to be instagrammable, must first go to the surgeon for a retouch.

In the beginning there were Instagram filters. The famous image sharing social network owes part of its success to having included photo filters among its options. Now the ability to retouch photos is present in any smartphone . But for a meticulous job, done well and that looks professional, numerous applications have been born, which make photos beautiful with a few simple steps.

The true influencer is certainly familiar with the computer programs used for photo editing. We cannot fail to mention the two most famous. They are professional programs and to use them you need to have some basic knowledge. Let’s talk about Photoshop and Lightroom . They are both useful for post production, but while the first is more aimed at graphic processing, the second is more focused on the correction of exposure, temperature, white balance. They are two complementary tools, which certainly cannot be missing in the computer of those involved in photo editing. Of these two programs there are also App versions for mobile phones, for quick retouching.

The best apps to edit selfies

Alongside the two giants of photographic post production there are many applications, which can be used simply from the mobile phone and give satisfactory results.

Snapseed : is a very famous photo-editing application, it allows you to act on individual elements of color, brightness or intensity, or to modify a photo automatically, using filter functions always adjustable. Allows you to act in detail on the elements of the photo with different tools. It is very intuitive and easy to use and a little practice is enough to get excellent results. It also has a series of settings, designed exclusively for close-ups, which allow you to change the skin tone, the color of the iris, change the shape of the smile, thin out the contours of the face, enlarge the eyes.

Retouch: it’s a very nice paid application, but it’s really worth it. It is a photo editing tool, useful for eliminating the disturbing elements of photos. Removing items is his specialty. It is possible to eliminate cars from the background, for example, or people from the beach, perfect for taking a desert island-style selfie. Its use is very simple, just highlight the part of the object to be removed with a simple gesture and that’s it.

Facetune : is the application designed specifically for selfies. And in fact it is simply perfect. Inside there are all the useful tools to make a perfect portrait. It is possible to whiten the teeth, warm the skin tone, change the shape of the face, challenging it or enlarging it. In short, this application with a few gestures makes everyone more beautiful and instagrammable, seeing is believing.

YouCam Perfect : This app is also perfect for close-up photo editing. Its strong point is the Smoothener function, a touch and the skin of the face immediately becomes smoother, goodbye wrinkles and imperfections. But the tweaks that can be done are endless, starting from the modification of the shape of the face, to that of the nose. It is also possible to make up the face, whiten the teeth, enlarge the shape of the eyes and brighten them. With this app, the influencer-proof selfie is guaranteed.

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