Job opportunities on Linkedin: career interests

opportunità di lavoro su Linkedin

most of the users registered on Linkedin are constant
search for new job opportunities.

these opportunities arise from the classic networking activities but,
in some cases, collaborations can also be generated through
the use of the various tools on the social network of

with the various services made available by Linkedin, each
user can:

  • View the job advertisements published on the American platform;
  • Forward your curriculum vitae to all recruiters registered on Linkedin;
  • Activate career interests;

the latter case every user, exploiting all the potential
of the Linkedin algorithms, you will be able to search for new jobs using
a state-of-the-art technological system.

What are Linkedin career interests?

already highlighted above, the section “ interests

Linkedin is one of the most interesting tools on the
social network dedicated to the world of work.

this service, each user will be able to share:

  • The
    professional goals to be achieved (the role from
    to cover);
  • The area
    territorial where you are looking for work;
  • There
    type of contract that you want to sign;
  • Possibility
    to work remotely (remotely);

career interests are nothing more than a service of
sharing of professional information by which each
user can highlight – completely free of charge – the
your profile for any new collaboration opportunities.

How to activate career interests on Linkedin

To activate this service, each user enrolled in the social network must access their account and click on the box located within the dashboard.

once the screen is open, simply move the cursor towards
right to activate this option, but obviously activation
should only be done after completing the section with
all the professional information to show to the recruiters of

Linkedin career interests: what to enter?

the first section to be completed is that relating to the search for

By clicking
on the drop-down menu, each user can indicate to the recruiters if it is
looking for new professional opportunities.

moment, each user can choose from the following options:

  1. I’m
    actively seeking work;
  2. I watch
    occasionally job offers;
  3. Not
    I am looking for, but I am interested in new opportunities;
  4. Not
    I am interested in new opportunities;

once the job search status has been indicated, each user must
report all professional qualifications essential for
sign a new contract as well as the geographical area where
looking for the future job.

the sections can be completed by inserting the
terms saved in the Linkedin archives and each
section may contain multiple preference options.

the location section can be combined with your address
of residence or with the smart working option.

In the
first case, the user must indicate the home-work path and the
any means of transport that will be used during the new ones
professional experience, while in the second case it will be enough
move the activation cursor to be able to aspire to a job from

two options, close to home and remote work, must be completed only
by those who live in big cities – where it is easier
looking for work in the neighboring neighborhoods – while in other cases it is
it is advisable not to enter any information.

each user can indicate the type of contract he wants

in this case the options are:

  • TO
    full time;
  • Contract;
  • Part time;
  • Internship;
  • Volunteer;
  • Temporary;

the section “ interests has been completed

with all the information to show to the selection staff of the
personal, we can activate this tool to find new ones
job opportunities.

Career interests on Linkedin: how long does the activation last?

career interests on Linkedin have a “limited” duration
over time.

after six months (180 days editor’s note), the option will be disabled in
automatic way (don’t worry, Linkedin will notify you with
an email) but can be reactivated at any time with the
procedure just described.

actually the information entered during the first configuration
they will be automatically saved by the social network and therefore every
user will only have to move the activation cursor to guarantee himself
another six months of new opportunities.


Career interests are, at the moment, one of the more tools
innovative Linkedin that allows each user to “exploit”
all the potential of Microsoft’s algorithms to search
new professional opportunities.

service can be activated for free on each account e
will allow each subscriber to bring out more data
relevant to the job application.

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